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WSOP Main Event playing down to the final table tonight

This is it! The $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event is playing down tonight to a final table, we presume, at the Rio in Las Vegas. It is down to 18 players as I speak; the last nine survivors will then reconvene for the final table which happens, uh, later this week on Thursday and Friday, and not in November as was the case previously. Updates here.

As an aside, it has been totally frustrating trying to follow this freaking WSOP all freaking summer! First of all, instead of the WSOP providing free livestreams on their site for the fans as they did in the past, they consigned it to PokerGo which expects people to pay $10/month for their feed. No way am I paying for that waste of money, I’ll watch the non-WSOP poker feeds on Twitch instead! Second of all, I am mad at TSN because instead of showing the two hours of ESPN’s WSOP coverage that was scheduled for Saturday, they instead showed the same Wimbledon tennis match on four of their five channels. Canadian poker fans who had waited all year to watch the World Series of Poker Main Event on TV ended up with a grand total of 18 minutes of WSOP action on Saturday on TSN! 

So, once again, I’m furious at Canadian sports-television programming decisions, and mad at Canada for having to live here and put up with second-rate TV options, etc., etc. Even the Mexicans have it better than us, folks! There, that is my rant about that, now back to watching the WSOP coverage on TSN. At least they’re showing some of tonight’s coverage!

Update (Tuesday): the final table is now set!


WSOP Main Event November Nine is now, ahem, the July Nine.

So, you die-hard poker players/fans out there surely have heard the news by now about the big changes at the World Series of Poker.  

Poker Central has taken over rights to the World Series of Poker, which will continue to air on ESPN. As part of the changeover, the final table for the $10,000 Main Event, which for years had been nicknamed the “November Nine” because it was held every November at the Rio’s Penn & Teller Theater in Las Vegas, has been moved up to July.

Common sense has prevailed, finally! Seriously, look at all these other poker tournaments out there, like these various PokerStars Championships, the Aussie Millions, and the WPT tour. These big tournaments typically hold several different events over a number of days, all building up to their final Main Event with their “final table.” 

But with the WSOP, what they’d do is have several weeks of events starting in late May, one after the other, all of which are supposed to build up to the $10,000 Main Event during the month of July. Except, once the Main Event is down to nine players, every year they call a halt to it! Everyone goes home, and the players don’t come back to play the final table for another three or four months! 

Non-poker fans probably look at this setup and think this is crazy, and you know what? They’re right. At least now, all the WSOP events will all be together, and the Main Event will play to a conclusion in July. Plus, these final nine players won’t be spending three or four months reading up on their opponents’ strategies and hand histories for the final table, like they did before.

Hi, again, I’m still watching poker

Sorry for the lack of presidential election updates, and also apologies about the lack of movie box office updates, as I am still tuned into World Series of Poker coverage. 

The Main Event final table is down to two players and Qui Nguyen currently has an over-2-to-1 chip lead over Gordon Vayo. But things could change easily, so I am continuing to watch the live streams (on a 30 minute delay) and follow the live updates

Back to politics tomorrow, hopefully.  

Update: it’s over! Qui Nguyen wins the Main Event and a cool $8 million in prize money. 

WSOP Main Event is down to three! Back tomorrow to decide a winner! 

Folks, the second night of the final table is now over at the $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event

The five players who began the night have been reduced down to three, and these three survivors all return to the Rio’s Penn and Teller Theater tomorrow night in Las Vegas to decide a winner on ESPN — ironically, pitting this “World Series” up against the “other” World Series again on the same night, just like on Sunday. 

The combatants still remaining for the Main Event bracelet are Qui Nguyen who is leading by a wide margin right now with over half the chips in play, second place Gordon Vayo, and third place Cliff Josephy who had previously been chip leader heading into the final table. All three players have held the lead at various points of this final table. A recap of the night’s action is here. 

Good stuff. See you tomorrow night. 

It’s World Series night – in Las Vegas. What, you thought I was talking about baseball?!

Yes, tonight from the Rio in Las Vegas the biggest event of the poker year begins: the “November Nine” final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event! 

Except, because of the presidential election this “November Nine” is starting one week early, in late October. As a result, it means this particular “World Series” is going up head to head against the “real” World Series at Wrigley Field, between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs.

Folks, you practically have to win a World Series of Poker bracelet to be able to afford World Series tickets in Chicago. These prices are outrageous.

WSOP is on! First final table of 2016 is tonight

It’s on! The World Series of Poker has started this week in Las Vegas at the Rio (as of May 31) and we are counting down to the first winner tonight. Tonight they are holding the final table of the Casino Employees’ championship, the event in which the casino workers, dealers, etc., all try their luck at winning at poker. It is restricted to casino employees, keeping out all of these bigshot poker players that you see on TV, but the winner wins the same WSOP bracelet that the bigshots are awarded in these other events. The last time I checked, the final table was down to three people, and they were on a dinner break. Updates here.

Also on now is the Colossus. That is that massive event basically open to any poker player walking in off the street and looking to win at the WSOP. For a very affordable $565 buy-in, you could end up winning a million dollars, guaranteed. There is something like 22,000 people participating in this including many big names, so it’s massive. 

Last year a fellow named Cord Garcia won it and he took home $638,880. Final table for this year’s event should be next Tuesday.

We are still a long way off from the $10,000 Main Event which is the most prestigious event right at the end. Last year Joe McKeehen won the event and took home $7.68 million! There are 69 events, in total. The full tournament schedule is here. Also, the live reporting can be found here and live streams are here, and the streaming schedule is here. 

The WSOP is worth following simply to try and improve your own poker game, and also to see the different variants of poker and how different the rules are for each one of them. 

Anyway, following the WSOP is another one of these good boredom-fighting activities I always look forward to when the warmer weather arrives, along with watching baseball, golf tournaments and auto races, summer blockbuster movies, and every four years, the USA political conventions (!). It all helps make summer something to look forward to. 

Also, this has been a very big week for poker already because results are in from the 2016 $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl held earlier this week at ARIA Las Vegas, and you can find out how that event went here.

The main event final table for the WSOP is on this week! 


Yes, the final table for the WSOP is on, and I don’t care, because Daniel Negreanu was eliminated and is not there!

The November Nine is now down to six. Action resumes this afternoon at the Rio in Las Vegas, but I’ll be in no position to follow much action tonight due to my other commitments (City Hall, etc.).


The World Series of Poker Main Event is now down to two players Jay Farber and Ryan Riess in a head-to-head matchup. Ring announcer Bruce Buffer just went in there to the Penn and Teller Theater and said “shuffle up and deal!”

I guess what happened last night is that they made good time in eliminating people, so they opted to play right down to two instead of stop at just three. Anyway, we’ll see who takes the title later tonight. Live updates are here.

UPDATE: It’s over. Ryan Riess has steamrolled Jay Farber at the final table to win the Main Event, which means he goes home with $8.3 million cool ones.


I’m still watching the coverage of the World Series of Poker, being run on a 15-minute delay basis, with TSN picking up the ESPN feed.

Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow so I’m going to have to call a halt to this poker TV-viewing, which is too bad because I’m enjoying the coverage. The thing is that it is taking literally forever to eliminate people.

This final table is now down to six players, but these remaining guys are absolutely refusing to risk their lives or go wild and crazy. They are playing things really tight. Getting down to three players could take a few hours yet.

It’s disappointing, though, to see the slide of Marc-Etienne McLaughlin, the lone Canadian at the final table. He has not had the best of nights so far and lately has been hovering around 10 million in chips.

It’s really too bad, because I know Canadian poker fans want to see another Canadian win the whole thing after the great year the country has had at the World Series of Poker. But at least McLaughlin’s still alive. If he can go all-in with his current chip count and double up, he’ll be right back in the running for this title.


wsopThat is correct, poker fans, the WSOP Main Event resumes tonight as the “November Nine” final table sits down to go at it in Las Vegas at the Rio.

The plan is for them to play until there are three players left. The final three will then return tomorrow night and play until a champion is crowned. That basically means they’ll play until they drop, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay up the whole time to watch it all.

Live updates can be found at the WSOP website here with player introductions starting at 4:30 pm Pacific time. That’s 6:30 pm in Saskatchewan, and 7:30 pm for those of you folks out in the Eastern time zone.

TSN has the coverage rights in Canada, but those of you around the world looking to watch the TV coverage/streaming of the event can find all that information here.


wsopEnough about the bad news — on to the good news, for a change, this time from the world of poker.

This has been a big year for Canadians in the World Series of Poker as everyone knows by now, and we have news that really amounts to icing on Canada’s cake in 2013. Daniel Negreanu clinched the Player of the Year title for the WSOP by winning the WSOP Europe High Roller event this week in Paris, France.

This is his second WSOP bracelet this year, having won the WSOP Asia-Pacific Main Event earlier, and his sixth bracelet overall. This is also the second time he has won the WSOP Player of the Year title, last winning it in 2004. This latest victory in Paris further cements Negreanu’s reputation as the Wayne Gretzky of poker in Canada — compared to Jonathan Duhamel, former WSOP Main Event winner, who is probably the Mario Lemieux of poker in Canada.

Anyway, a big year is winding down with the WSOP Europe Main Event wrapping up today and with the WSOP Main Event November Nine final table happening on November 4 and 5 on ESPN. Of course there is a chance for Canada to possibly score one more WSOP bracelet this year as Marc-Etienne McLaughlin is at the final table.

Oh darn it, the real reason for this post is because lately I’ve done not nearly enough of the things in life that I enjoy doing — one of which is winning at poker. Instead, I’ve been covering the news way too much. I really do need to get my priorities in order, soon.


So the Final Table is set at the World Series of Poker $10000 Main Event, to reconvene in October to decide the championship. The summer portion of the WSOP wrapped up last night at the Rio as they counted down the bust-outs down to the nine players left, and I followed an audio feed from some outfit called Fifth Street Radio that actually covered the event live. Boy, what a comedown from last year when ESPN carried much of the WSOP Main Event live on TV as it happened, but that is the state of poker these days.

Unfortunately, I don’t expect interest to pick up by October, as the final table consists of a bunch of rank no-names mostly from the ‘States. The only interesting story lines ended up busting out late: the lone Canadian left, Marc Ladouceur from Quebec, busted in 13th place. As well, two women who stood the best shot in years at winning, Elisabeth Hille and Gaelle Baumann, busted before making it to the final table. Baumann ended up bubling out in tenth place. So that’s another big storyline  — the potential for a female to win the event or be at the final table — down the tubes, too.

Anyway, the Main Event will be back in October, and I’ll likely tune in to see what happens even though no one beyond absolute poker die-hards is going to care.


I just thought I would update you on the progress of Vancouver Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Based on what I’ve gathered from Twitter and elsewhere Luongo is still alive and kicking on Day 3 of the Main Event. Today alone, he has outlasted such poker names as Peter Eastgate, Jerry Yang and Pius Heinz, all former winners of this event.

Not only that, his brother Fabio Luongo is also in it and doing even better at last report. If both Luongos hang in there for another day they stand a good chance of cashing at this event.

Here’s a story filed at Yahoo from a few hours ago, charting Luongo’s progress. In other news, there are lots of Twitter rumors out there that Luongo might be traded to the Leafs. Dream on, Leaf followers.


Tonight has got to be the slowest night of the year as far as sports is concerned — the only rival for that title would have to be All-Star Monday night when there was also basically nothing going on except for the home-run hitting contest.

Let’s see, now. I guess the ESPN ESPY awards were tonight, and there was an MLS soccer game between Toronto and Vancouver (who cares — zzzz), and the Calgary Stampede has its Rangeland Derby and rodeo going on. Apart from maybe a few other horse races at the local tracks and the usual minor league sports, that is pretty much it.

…WHICH LEAVES THE FIELD WIDE OPEN FOR POKER, with the World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event still going on as we speak in Las Vegas at the Rio. The field continues to whittle down and you can follow the updates here at the WSOP website.

As usual the main event has attracted its fair share of celebrities, with the likes of Ray Romano, Jason Alexander, Kevin Pollak and others in the field — much to the amusement of everyone. The appearance of the usual celebrities is part of what makes the Main Event what it is, and some of them turn out to be pretty good at the game (ie. Jennifer Tilly).

One of the celebrities competing at the 2012 Main Event, which will raise eyebrows up here in hockey-mad frozen Canada, is none other than Vancouver Canucks netminder Roberto Luongo.

Yes, indeed, he’s playing in the Main Event. Folks in Vancouver seem to be making a scandal out of the fact that he’s been sponsored for his $10,000 stake by BC Lottery Corporation, and as usual the whiners are calling it a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Actually, this sort of thing happens all the time in poker– with gaming companies picking up the tab for celebrities to go and play and help promote their brands.

If Luongo does well, it’s great for BC Lottery Corporation because it means he’ll get on TV when ESPN runs the highlights from the WSOP on Tuesday nights. It’ll mean lots of publicity for the casinos and online activities that BC Lottery  runs. And as a matter of fact, Luongo has been doing pretty well and at last report was still alive and in contention. So give Luongo a break, eh? 

Actually, maybe he should retire from the NHL entirely and do this full time, since Vancouver doesn’t seem to want him anymore anyway.

Another sports celebrity who made his way into the WSOP field is none other than Canadian UFC star Georges St.Pierre. I noticed he even made the cover of this month’s WPT Poker magazine. Alas, he didn’t last long, busting out quickly on his very first day. 

Poker may look easy but trust me when I say that even when compared to the UFC, it isn’t.


I haven’t posted much about this year’s World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, but there have been some happenings — Phil Hellmuth, Michael Mizrachi and Andy Bloch win bracelets, the Year of the Woman (Vanessa SelbstAllyn Jaffrey-Shulman etc.), and so on.   

But what I really want to talk about is the big event that just wrapped up yesterday at the Rio. That was the sensational charity event created by poker player/philanthropist/Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte to help the One Drop charity,a charity designed to provide safe water for all around the world. There was an incredible $1 million buy-in which 48 of the absolute best players out there took advantage of, and there was an incredible $18 million grand prize for the winner.

I watched the ESPN live feed of the final table on the Internet the other day and it was incredible poker, with lots of all-ins and plenty of intensity.

In the end it was Antonio Esfandiari who ended up winning the biggest tournament of his life, and biggest payday of his life, over Sam Trickett, who nevertheless still goes home with a runner-up prize of $10 million dollars.

It’s hard to believe the rest of the tournament will be able to top last night for excitement, but there is the WSOP Main Event which is due to start July 7 and wrap up July 16 with the names of the nine players who will reconvene at the final table in October.

Great WSOP so far — the action has really helped get the minds of a lot of people off of the host of other problems the game of poker is having at the moment in the USA.

WSOP 2012 IS ON!!

Well the long drawn-out marathon that is the World Series of Poker has just kicked off at the Rio down in Las Vegas this week, and it promises to be another death-defying event.

Actually, the only reason I am posting this is to test out the YouTube videos and see how they work on the new website.  To be totally honest with you, the WSOP isn’t really up to much yet; they just had their casino workers’ tournament and the Main Event is still a long, long way off.

Here’s an update on what is going on courtesy of the folks at PokerNews.  And we will have more news from the WSOP as it develops.