Old Man Winter is burying North America under a heap of snow!

Happy Winter đŸ„¶, folks. It seems as if the cold and the white stuff is socking North America today. I understand Toronto is getting upwards of 15 cm of it, in fact the latest report from Pearson airport is 23 cm — reminding people of the good old days when Mayor Mel Lastman had to…

Sadly, expecting to be snowed right under around here tomorrow

Weather update: currently I am watching the Winnipeg-Calgary CFL game being played in Calgary in a heap of snow. Regrettably, we are in store for exactly the same thing. Our own area is looking at heavy snow tomorrow.We are looking at possibly 10 cm tomorrow, and northwest SK is under a snowfall warning. Hopefully, it…

Winter still alive and kicking, crushing the Maritimes

It is supposedly spring, but in what is surely a last gasp for winter, a massive Nor’easter is burying the Maritimes with upwards of 50 cm of snow in a massive blizzard. It may be a little cold here but still, it’s better here than there.


Just wanted all of you to know I have been sitting inside all weekend trying my best to avoid dealing with winter outside. Temperatures here have dipped to minus-30s Celsius, but with the wind chill it is actually feeling like minus-50! That, folks, is ridiculous — even by our low standards. Road conditions outside have…


Current conditions: Las Vegas 29 C, Phoenix 33 C , Palm Springs 36 C. Where I am, -11 C and a heap of snow and lows of -20 C  forecast.  I am FED UP with WINTER! ARRRGH!!!


My long-pent-up rant railing against the bad local winter weather we have had, with all this miserable cold and snow weather, is now up.