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Snowzilla sets snow records! But on the down side, it also killed 14 people

Just a brief note about the aftermath of Snowzilla. Yes, it turned out to be as big as it was hyped to be by the forecasters. It was the biggest snowstorm ever for at least six locations, including New York City. 

Unfortunately, 14 people also died. Now, the cleanup begins. I hope the power is back on for all these folks in time for the NFL’s championship games today.


Sadly, expecting to be snowed right under around here tomorrow

Weather update: currently I am watching the Winnipeg-Calgary CFL game being played in Calgary in a heap of snow. Regrettably, we are in store for exactly the same thing.

Our own area is looking at heavy snow tomorrow.We are looking at possibly 10 cm tomorrow, and northwest SK is under a snowfall warning.

Hopefully, it will all melt pretty quickly over the coming days, as temperatures will be above freezing, but it will be no fun here tomorrow.

You can find out more about the overall snow forecast for Alta. and SK here.

In short, winter weather is arriving right on schedule. Rats.

Also, I hereby declare that I am now officially in the market for winter getaway vacation deals. Honestly, I don’t know why I put up with this.

You know, September happens to be winter in some places — like Calgary. What a mess!!

My brother had to drive through the snow in the Calgary area on Monday, on his way back to BC on Tuesday, and we all thought this was a freak occurrence. He even posted pictures of the snow there that day covering his Volkswagen.

Well, it is now midweek, and in Alberta the snow has kept on coming. So much of the white stuff has fallen that tree branches have gone down and power is out around the city.

Good grief!! Calgary can’t catch a break, whether it is floods, or an early winter, or whatever. What a mess!!!

As for where I am here we aren’t getting snow — yet — but we are getting low temperatures and frost warnings everywhere. And this happened all of a sudden on Monday, too, after a sunny and hot weekend.

Our weather now is exactly the sort of thing worthy of late October or November here, but we’re getting it now. And they say this is still summer for a few more days yet? I don’t think folks here believe it!! Welcome to winter, Canada.

Winter still alive and kicking, crushing the Maritimes


Just wanted all of you to know I have been sitting inside all weekend trying my best to avoid dealing with winter outside. Temperatures here have dipped to minus-30s Celsius, but with the wind chill it is actually feeling like minus-50!

That, folks, is ridiculous — even by our low standards.

Road conditions outside have been hit and miss- you always have to read the freaking Highway Hotline to find out whether you can drive without your car going into a ditch.

Worse yet, everyone else is having to deal with the same sort of lousy conditions, so there’s no way you can avoid it. New England got hit by the big Nor’easter this week as the Boston TV anchors reminded us to no end on Thursday. The cold has not let up a bit. Temps across the USA are in the sink, at record low levels.

The conditions have wreaked havoc on the NFL. Apparently, the people going to Green Bay for that NFL playoff game against San Francisco will need to contend with the bitter cold weather today. With the wind chill, it is meant to drop to minus 15F !!! In Celsius that is even worse, something like minus 26!!! Yet, these fans are expected to endure this misery outdoors. No wonder this game had trouble selling out because that, my friends, is ridiculous.

Making life miserable for people as well is the fact that the flu bug has been running rampant, particularly in Alberta which is seeing an outbreak of H1N1. So in addition to avoiding winter, you have to also try and avoid the flu.

By the way, I notice the travel companies have taken advantage of this winter weather and there are virtually no good deals to be had to get away from this. You’re either looking at multiple plane transfers or ridiculous arrival hours, or stays at utter fleabag types of hotels.

In short, we are screwed over no matter what. So enjoy winter while it lasts, whether you like it or not.


I notice that Manitoba. Ontario, Quebec etc. are all in store for big snow. Blizzard conditions expected. I read that 25 cm of snow is meant to fall on Montreal and environs. For you American readers, that is almost a foot of snow. I was watching Chicago TV on the Internet this morning, and their newscasts were predicting snow for Chicago as well. You just cannot escape the white stuff anywhere it seems.

As for us, we are still digging out from all the snow that fell here on the weekend. I have to say, this winter has been terrible for snow and the spring promises to be terrible as well when all this snow melts. Good luck trying to clean all that up.

By the way, spring is in two days. Supposedly.   




I find amusing some of the coverage we are seeing of the winter storms hitting North America. A few days ago it was “Draco” that hit the Midwest with a ton of snow. Draco, of course, is a name invented by the Weather Channel, which has been coming up with these names to refer to these winter storms.

No one else is using these names, though, and I think it’s ridiculous because it makes these storms sound more sinister than they actually are. Here in frozen Canada, we get hit by winter storms all the time and no one calls them any names — though we do curse them from time to time.

This is the time of year when you see a lot of weather coverage on TV news channels, because of all the travel going on with people trying to get home for Christmas, then trying to get back to where they came from afterwards. This is about the only real news going on here this time of year. As a result, you see lots of live hits to news correspondents on TV, standing in airports reporting on stranded and unhappy passengers. It figures.

Anyway, for complete coverage of whether or not you will be stranded at the airport this Christmas, here are the links to the Weather Channel in the USA and the Weather Network in frozen Canada.

And believe me — it really is frozen up here right now.