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Today, UK prime minister Theresa May called a June 8 election

Well, this is a surprise

A lot of people think Theresa May and the Conservatives will crush Labour and the hapless Jeremy Corbyn

But I have to say this: if this were Canada we were talking about, voters would all be complaining about how opportunistic this was, and how the election was unnecessary and a waste of money, and then they would boot the government out and put in people who would end up ruining things anyway. 

Truly, this is another situation of “not again!” for U.K. voters, who already had one election two years ago, and then a Brexit referendum! Who knows what the real motivations are for this — whether this is to crush Brexit dissenters, or what. But this surely reminds me of what happened in Alberta with Jim Prentice.

We’ll see what transpires, but I would be cautious yet about accepting the conventional wisdom that it will be a Tory romp. We have seen some very strange elections all over the world lately. Heck, look at France and the motley cast of characters running there for President right now!


Opposition leaders resign in the wake of Tories majority in UK.

The opposition party leaders were dropping like flies today after the Tories won a surprise majority in the UK.

Labour’s Ed Miliband, Lib Dem leader Nick Cleggand UKIP leader Nigel Farage all resigned their leaderships. In the case of Farage, he failed to even win his seat.

I wonder if the heads of the opinion polls will also resign, because the pollsters were the biggest losers of the election.

That’s all for now.

Tories on brink of majority in the UK


It has proven to be a far better night for the Tories in Britain than it has been for their cousins here in frozen Canada this week. ITV News has just now readjusted its seat prediction and is predicting the Conservatives may get 327, enough for a bare majority of 1 seat. The BBC’s prediction is that the Tories may get to 325. 

No doubt about it, this has been a surprising night for a lot of people. Earlier tonight, so many people were trashing the BBC and trashing the exit polls, and saying there was no way the Tories were so far ahead of Labour. Now it looks like maybe the exit poll was not bullish enough for the Tories.

The SNP sweep in Scotland clearly has freaked out a lot of people in the other parties, based on some of the speeches I have been hearing. But the most heartbreaking scenes have been the declarations involving these Liberal Democrat stalwarts including Vince Cable, Simon Hughes, Charles Kennedy and others, who’ve gone down to defeat. Just now Danny Alexander went down to defeat to the SNP. It has been an utter debacle. Right now they’ve won only 6 seats, putting them in fifth place! Leader Nick Clegg, who won his seat, nevertheless looks like a beaten man. He called it a “cruel and punishing night”.

I think that is going to be it for my comments for now, in the meantime you can read the Daily Mail. 

Update: more big news, George Galloway has lost his seat.

Tories definitely winning, LibDems clobbered, SNP cleaning up #ukelection

I notice the Scottish results are coming in fast and furious in the UK election and already the SNP are cleaning up. To show you how bad it is for Labour in Scotland, in Paisley and Rendrewshire constituency the Labour campaign chief and shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander lost his seat to to a 20-year old student from the SNP. That, folks, is ridiculous. 

And these vote swings in Scotland to the SNP are enormous, just off the charts. Right now the SNP are pitching a total shutout in Scotland. 

Overall, the Conservatives appear to be doing better than expected and there are even predictions out there they could do even better than the exit poll prediction — possibly a majority. And suddenly all these Labour folks who were predicting the polls were all wrong are pretty quiet right now. 

What we do know for sure, already, is the Lib Dems are absolutely getting killed. We may yet see Paddy Ashdown eat his hat on TV yet. Pass the salt, please.

UK election: nobody is believing the exit polls!!!

I am getting a laugh watching these British politicians reacting to the exit polls showing the Conservatives as the largest party at 316, with Labour down to 239.

What is surprising to most people is SNP predicted to get 58 of 59 seats, with UKIP getting 2 and the Lib Dems down to 10! I tuned in to the live BBC election coverage and former Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown was on, and he was totally disbelieving of the exit poll and said he would “eat my hat” if it were right. 

The Labour folks are also spinning, saying the exit poll didn’t feel right. We’ll see. Based on the first result in Houghton and Sunderland South, it sure looks like the Lib Dems, at least, are in for a really bad night, because they lost their deposit there. 

British Election is tomorrow! Will PM David Cameron be “hung” out to dry?


Well, as if people haven’t had enough excitement after the Alberta election, the  British election goes tomorrow.

My big regret has been not being able to follow this race as closely as I wanted to, due to work commitments during the week and other priorities ( ie. newspaper convention, Mayweather-Pacquiao) on the weekends. I also haven’t been able to follow the U.S. Presidential race closely, either, lately. I guess Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Mike Huckabee are running there now. Oh, and I almost forgot, so is Bernie Sanders.

But with the USA, their campaigns last over a year, so there’s still time to catch up. In the UK, campaigns last only a little over a month. Heck, even Canadian election campaigns are longer than that.

I have been looking at the BBC this afternoon for their campaign hilites of the day. I guess I am particularly interested in the newspaper endorsements. The most entertaining was when the Sun spoofed the arrival of the Royal Baby with its front page “It’s a Tory!” And then they proceeded to endorse them for the government. 

From what I am reading, the polls are indicating that it’s still a complete tossup with the Conservatives and Labour basically tied. I find this unbelievable. You would think David Cameron would be way ahead, given that the national economic situation has improved, and given that the Scottish separatists lost their silly referendum and so they have to stay in the Union. 

Worse, look at the opposition. I read the Daily Mail’s editorial endorsement of the Tories and they made Labour leader “Red” Ed Miliband out to be the biggest leftist-lunatic ever, a total Socialist. Yet this guy and his party could take power tomorrow, with the backing of the Scottish Nationalists who want to break the UK up. Yikes.

It sounds like the final result is all but certain to be a total Hung Parliament, with no majority for anyone. 

The problem is all these smaller parties are just too strong. It sounds like the Scottish Nationalists might totally sweep Scotland (my ancestral homeland, I point out) and throw out Labour MPs everywhere there tomorrow. As well, the anti-European Union UKIP party, which won the European Parliament elections last year in the UK, will surely get votes, but their seat total seems less certain and their leader Nigel Farage is in a fight to keep his seat. It looks like the biggest losers will surely be the Liberal Democrats, the junior coalition partners. They’re going to go from being in the government to being decimated, and one poll was showing leader Nick Clegg could lose his seat, too. 

A Lib-Dem electoral debacle could very well drag David Cameron’s whole government down the drain with it, though I guess they could possibly do a coalition with UKIP? Who knows.

Already, there’s talk there could be another election called to try and break up the deadlock that is sure to happen tomorrow. What a mess.
I look forward to tuning in to election results from the UK tomorrow and plan to update you on the results as the night unfolds. Expect a long night.