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Tulsa, Oklahoma still cleaning up after the weekend’s tornado

I am currently tuning in the coverage online from Tulsa of the aftermath of a tornado that struck overnight on the weekend in the city. It sounds like a lot of businesses, including food joints like TGI Fridays and Whataburger, got hit hard. It sounds like multiple tornadoes hit, including an F-2. Worse yet, it happened at night when most people were sleeping, so many people didn’t expect this.

It’s really unusual for this sort of thing to happen in the month of August in that part of the world. Usually it is around May when the massive tornadoes happen there and all the storm-chasers are descending, and August is known more for hurricane activity than tornadoes. But I suppose it can happen any time. Of course, my own home province was hit by tornadoes last month, but those steered clear of the major cities. Ones in Oklahoma tend to hit the populated areas — ask the residents of Moore, OK about their experiences in particular.

I can’t imagine life in a place like Oklahoma, which every year is threatened by tornadoes hitting populated areas. Wildfires are far easier to deal with, in my opinion.


Charlotte the latest scene of violence in the United States

I am spending tonight watching the news from Charlotte of the second night of violence there following another deadly police shooting incident in the United States. 

In other news, there was another shooting in Tulsa by police, of a black man. All in all, this is depressing stuff to watch — yet I cannot wean myself off the news cycle.

I ought to be spending tonight tuning into baseball or hockey games, or better yet, watching the new fall shows on TV. I had been working basically nonstop the last three days and really do need a break. Yet here I am watching the depressing news. Again.