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“Weather Bomb”, not a “nuclear bomb”, leads the News from Nowhere

Here is a brief News from Nowhere on a day and night when the East Coast is getting socked by a big Nor’Easter known as the “Weather Bomb”, or “Bomb Cyclone.” Hey, as long as it is not a “nuclear bomb,” it’s okay. I notice the Boston stations on cable TV had nonstop coverage of the snow today, I was tuning in to some of that.

In other news of the week:

President Donald Trump has thrown Steve Bannon under the bus.

Meanwhile, Trump is in a Twitter scrap with North Korea over the size of the nuclear button on his desk. (!)

Meanwhile North Korea is being all nice now to South Korea with talk of sending a delegation to the Olympics.

And finally, there are protests in the streets in Iran, all week. Is change coming there?

That’s all.


Now the weather: yes, I survived this latest big blast of snow this weekend

The weather in Saskatchewan remains the most interesting and maddening in the country. We had all thought we were through with winter; we were wrong. This past weekend I was in Saskatoon at a newspaper convention and the whole place was hit by a freak snowstorm, and was buried in a foot of snow

There was so much of it that it set records for the month. In fact, I looked outside my hotel window and saw every news van in the CBC parking lot completely buried in the white stuff. That was funny.

It was crazy, with power outages throughout the city and lots of “Travel Not Recommended” warnings for the area highways. And in fact a lot of people weren’t able to make it to the convention for that reason, the highways were just miserable. But I guess because we were downtown, and because my group arrived in the city before the worst of the snowstorm hit and then left late on Sunday after it ended, we didn’t quite experience the worst of the conditions as other people did. We were basically in the hotel the whole time.

Now today, my area is back to enjoying plus-temperatures and the snow is totally gone. Tomorrow we expect to top 20 C. Weird, eh? Well, I guess this is better than tornadoes in Texas.

The first day of spring is tomorrow, and we are going to be right back to winter weather!!! 

Aargh!! Tomorrow is the first day of spring, and instead of continuing to enjoy the mild spring weather we have had for several days now, Saskatchewan is going to get belted by an Alberta Clipper. That means an instant return of the snow and icy roads. 

It probably will not be as bad, though, as the situation this week in Halifax, which is being buried in snow this week. 

I know, I know, this snow will all go away soon enough. Still, it doesn’t make this weather any less annoying. 

So you think you have problems? New England got hit by another blizzard!

Well, for folks out there who are cursing over having to shovel the snow, keep in mind it could be worse: you could be living in Boston, which got whacked by another blizzard again this weekend. Round Two, as they say. This really is ridiculous.

In other news, our area got hit by the snow yesterday and people were freaking out over nine-to-15 centimetres of snow. Road conditions were bad all over.

Folks in New England are no doubt laughing. “You got nine centimetres? Well, we got two feet! Again!!”

I almost forgot, but Happy Groundhog Day!!! Six more winter weeks!

Yes, indeed, the news is that Punxsutawney Phil is predicting six more weeks of winter.

But then, it’s easy for that rodent to say that, given it will take that long for New England to dig itself out from under all their snow.

Have fun trying to clear the streets for the victory parade, Boston.

It’s on! The snow has started falling for the big Blizzard of 2015!

Yes, indeed, the Blizzard of 2015 has started and it looks like the Boston area will be receiving the brunt of it, as the Boston TV anchors and reporters keep on reminding us.
Live coverage from 7 News Boston here. Live coverage from New York here. Coverage from CNN here. And of course, Weather Channel coverage here.

There’s no escaping the snow — not even in Southern California or Nevada!!

I thought I would try to end the blog year on a more upbeat note than my bitter football rant.

There is no escaping the cold weather anywhere in North America, it seems, not even in the desert sun belt. Even normally warm places like southern California and the Las Vegas area are seeing cold and the white stuff from a winter storm. Well, I am very glad I didn’t book any “winter getaway” to these places for right now, otherwise I would be cursing what surely would be a waste of my money.

I actually was down in Las Vegas a couple of years ago during one of their rare cold snaps. The temperature dipped to the freezing mark and the weather people on TV were totally freaking out about it. Meanwhile, as someone used to winter temperatures about 30 degrees lower than that, I was just laughing at them. Fortunately, the cold only lasted one day and it never snowed at all, so it was still better weather than what we usually experience here in frozen Canada.

I hope Las Vegas and southern Nevada enjoys the cold and any snow it gets tonight and tomorrow. Besides, it will be good preparation for the city’s future membership in the National Hockey League.

Have a happy and snowy New Year, folks.

Be glad you aren’t in Buffalo — that place is buried in snow!!

The one thing I miss about life in southern Ontario — watching coverage of lake effect snowstorms on Buffalo TV.

Today, the place got totally buried in the white stuff — up to five feet of snow. Parts of western NY are under a state of emergency. Channel 2 from Buffalo has live coverage here. Channel 4 is here.

Gotta love the Polar Vortex, making life interesting for people. As an aside, the folks in Buffalo plan to go ahead with tonight’s Sharks-Sabres NHL matchup. I say why even bother? The Sabres are so bad they will probably lose anyway. They ought to spare these fans another defeat and cancel the game.

Of course, it is easy for me to laugh at Buffalo’s weather — but look where I live. It’s practically no different here than at the North Pole. We’ll get our own fair share of this same winter misery soon enough.

Sadly, expecting to be snowed right under around here tomorrow

Weather update: currently I am watching the Winnipeg-Calgary CFL game being played in Calgary in a heap of snow. Regrettably, we are in store for exactly the same thing.

Our own area is looking at heavy snow tomorrow.We are looking at possibly 10 cm tomorrow, and northwest SK is under a snowfall warning.

Hopefully, it will all melt pretty quickly over the coming days, as temperatures will be above freezing, but it will be no fun here tomorrow.

You can find out more about the overall snow forecast for Alta. and SK here.

In short, winter weather is arriving right on schedule. Rats.

Also, I hereby declare that I am now officially in the market for winter getaway vacation deals. Honestly, I don’t know why I put up with this.

You know, September happens to be winter in some places — like Calgary. What a mess!!

My brother had to drive through the snow in the Calgary area on Monday, on his way back to BC on Tuesday, and we all thought this was a freak occurrence. He even posted pictures of the snow there that day covering his Volkswagen.

Well, it is now midweek, and in Alberta the snow has kept on coming. So much of the white stuff has fallen that tree branches have gone down and power is out around the city.

Good grief!! Calgary can’t catch a break, whether it is floods, or an early winter, or whatever. What a mess!!!

As for where I am here we aren’t getting snow — yet — but we are getting low temperatures and frost warnings everywhere. And this happened all of a sudden on Monday, too, after a sunny and hot weekend.

Our weather now is exactly the sort of thing worthy of late October or November here, but we’re getting it now. And they say this is still summer for a few more days yet? I don’t think folks here believe it!! Welcome to winter, Canada.

Forgive me, folks, but like most people here I am bat crazy over the winter weather

Winter weather is back in Saskatchewan and we are all fed up! Today, our area got hit by a whack of snow, and it is getting worse. Forecasts for tomorrow call for a good portion of the province to get over a half-foot of snow as a storm system moves through.

We have already endured one of the coldest winters on record, but more than that, this lousy weather has just gone on and on and on.

In fact, it has come to my attention some people around here are actually really agitated and quite upset that this snow is back, just days after it seemed like winter was going to be gone for good.

Well, folks, all I can say is this snow shall pass. In fact, according to the Weather Network, the temperatures next week should improve again. So things will be better again soon.

Also, look on the bright side — we may be getting snow, but at least we are not getting mosquitoes.

There. Hopefully, I have cheered people up.

South gets socked again! Hey, Atlanta, now you know what life in Canada is like

There are winter storm warnings in effect in the Deep South including, yes, Atlanta, home of CNN and the Weather Channel! not to mention Coca-Cola. Word is this latest snow dump could be even worse than the last one that paralyzed the city. Live coverage from WSB-TV here.

Hopefully, Atlanta will actually be prepared this time and have at their disposal the same army corps that Mayor Mel Lastman used to clean the streets of Toronto back in the day.

Man, you folks in Toronto can only wish you had Bad Boy Mel back in office to restore some tranquility to City Hall.



Well, so much for the forecasts. This is what you get when Environment Canada understaffs its Saskatchewan operation.

Actually, though, southern Alberta is under a snowfall warning right now. The live cams from Alberta are pretty depressing looking, with these places covered in snow. Well, as far as I am concerned they can have their snow and keep it — leave Saskatchewan out of it!


I hate to be the bearer of bad news for folks in Saskatchewan and Alberta, but I have it on pretty good authority from the weather forecast-type people that we’ll be getting snow by tomorrow.  My area is forecast for a 60 percent chance of flurries.

Darn it! Well, having no snow was fun while it lasted. Time to start looking for winter getaway deals. Heck, birds are smart enough to go south for the entire winter. Why humans need to put up with this total nonsense, I don’t know, but I guess we all have jobs to go to.


I was at the local supermarket today and noticed some people openly speculating on whether it will snow here.

I’ve noticed this kind of talk going on for the past several days here in this increasingly miserable-looking province of Saskatchewan. I know it’s getting cold and the skies have been forbidding, but it’s always like that at this time of year here. It’s as if people here want winter to show up. It’s almost as if they want the snow, just so they can complain about it.

For the record — I think all we are going to get is freezing rain. At least, that is what I hope it is, so then I can laugh at the rest of the population for all this snow talk. Even if we do get snow, I doubt it will last long anyway because the forecast is calling for the temperature to go up to 10 degrees C by mid-week. I think  this snow talk is really a big waste of time by the populace here.

Still, this has prompted me to look into a possible winter vacation getaway, somewhere in the sun belt, once I am able to afford to take one. Just because winter is coming does not mean you need to put up with winter for the entire winter.


We are now deep into mid-October, and while the weather around here in Saskatchewan is certainly colder than it was before, so far the snow is staying away and that is really the one thing I care about. I can handle a little cold, but snow? Well, that thought is just too depressing.

Other places, however, have had snow troubles of their own — particularly South Dakota which had to dig out from its recent BLIZZARD. Wow, so soon!?!

Normally I would say “better them than us,” except in this case their ranchers lost an enormous amount of cattle. That’s no good. Anyway, that’s what happens when winter shows up in your neck of the woods unexpectedly early.

Normally we would still be in hurricane mode in the Western Hemisphere, but as you know hurricane season has been pretty much a bust so far, with only the odd tropical storm making life hairy for some people in Mexico.

Other than that, it has been Asia who has been getting hit hard. This weekend Cyclone Phailin hit India and I watched some of the local news channels from India cover that one live. Those TV folks on NDTV and CNN-IBN looked like American hurricane reporters the way they were covering that storm.

There was a point in time when I was younger when I had this misguided notion that hurricanes and cyclones and typhoons might be entirely different things. Turns out these are pretty much all the same type of storm. The only difference is basically where and when they develop — apparently, cyclone season runs on a somewhat different calendar.

That’s all I really wanted to say about the weather. The reason I have this weird preoccupation with the forecasts right now is because it was around this same time last year that things really turned for the worse around here. The snow showed up way too early, and stayed right though spring. I guess I am hoping to see no repeat of that, so maybe we might have a snow-free Christmas around here, for a change.

Unfortunately the longer range forecast is suggesting there could be snow as soon as this weekend. Great — exactly what everyone in Saskatchewan is wanting to hear. Still, the forecast is also predicting there shouldn’t be too much of it and that it should melt quickly if it does show up.

Well, good. As far as I am concerned, at this point in the year every day that isn’t a snow day is a good day.