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Russia has been banned from the Winter Olympics for doping. Truly an “OMG” moment in the world of sports.

Wow. We knew this was coming but this is a bombshell. The Winter Olympics without Russia.

I guess Gary Bettman’s decision to keep the NHL players out of the 2018 Olympics was not so bad a call after all, eh? Who cares about the Olympic hockey tournament this year, folks?!


Don’t watch the news: world in crisis with Russia-Turkey tension and World War III talk

The world is a mess. The latest bad news to report is that Russian warplane that got shot down by Turkey the other day. 

Turkey, of course, is mad at Russia for its support of the Assad regime in Syria. Moreover, Turkey is part of NATO. Now, you have a lot of people openly speculating about whether this will drag the whole world into World War III. In our newspaper, our militarily-minded columnist Brian Zinchuk talks about the mess in Syria and what this means. He says things are getting out of hand.

If things get much worse I fully expect the late night shows, which are turning into entertainment-free zones as it is, will be no fun to watch for the foreseeable future. Not that Americans seem in any kind of mood for any humor at all these days (political correctness etc.) but they will definitely be in no mood for jokes if a war breaks out. 

World, and domestic, politics dominates News from Nowhere for Mar. 1

Welcome to News from Nowhere for the first day of March. I have to say, I am happy we are now into March. You just feel like the worst of winter is behind us and that better weather is not far away. 

Anyway, this is a short rundown of the news headlines, most of which are politics-related.

As you know I was watching closely the CPAC 2015 conference in the USA, which I tuned in simply because I’m bored silly by the lack of good TV on the tube these days. They did their big straw poll and voted Rand Paul the winner, with Scott Walker second. But that means nothing, because every year they seem to vote for some also-ran who ultimately doesn’t get nominated.

That is the USA. In Russia, the main opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was shot and killed. I guess that is how they do things in Russia, they kill people.

Other countries are in actual election mode right now. The Israelis go to the polls on March 17 and it is shaping up as a close race there, much to the chagrin of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Also, the British are due to go to the polls soon as well, this May, and it looks like so tight a race there that we could end up with a Parliament in total chaos, with no winner.

Here in frozen Canada, there are some leadership races going on. The most sensational race is in Manitoba, as Premier Greg Selinger faces challengers Steve Ashton and Theresa Oswald in the NDP leadership contest that wraps up with the vote next Sunday. This is the race, of course, prompted by that caucus revolt against Selinger. Right now it looks like a close three-way race, which is bad news for Selinger because I could see the other two campaigns combining against him in the end.

Then there is the Ontario PC leadership contest between Christine Elliott, Patrick Brown and Monte McNaughton. 

Until this week a lot of people thought Elliott had it in the bag, with a big lead in fundraising and with Lisa MacLeod and Vic Fedeli having quit the race to endorse her. But yesterday was the PC membership filing deadline and it was Brown, federal Conservative MP for Barrie, who ended way ahead having reportedly signed up 40,000 new members compared to 13,000 for Elliott. Helping Brown’s cause was an endorsement this week by none other than Wayne Gretzky, of all people. 

This is obviously good news for Brown, but it should be noted that Brown still needs for these people he’s signed up to actually show up on voting day and vote for him. From my experience, I’ve seen first-hand how leadership campaigns can sign up a huge chunk of members (ie “instant Tories”), only to see these folks either not show up or vote for someone else.

Anyway, I think it would be wise for the news media people to refrain from declaring anyone a “front runner.” You don’t really know for sure with this kind of format in which party members, not delegates, vote for a leader. Like I said, it depends on who actually shows up to vote. The convention is May 9 at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Finally, after they were stabbed in the back by former leader Danielle Smith when she and other MLAs crossed the floor to the PCs late last year, what’s left of the opposition Wildrose party in Alberta is having their leadership vote, which has been moved up to this month in anticipation of a provincial election there. Believe it or not, some people are actually interested in the job.

That is all for now. Expect quite a few more politics posts from me in the near future, with all this stepped-up political activity going on.

Downed airliners, building explosions and the Ukraine dominate the Bad News Roundup

Welcome to a long overdue edition of the Bad News Roundup where we again review all the leading bad news stories in the world — starting with Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

They still haven’t found the plane yet and what happened is still a big mystery. A lot of people are suspecting the worst and are doing their best to scare travellers with their theories of what happened. Some are speculating there were shoe bombers on board. Others think there were terrorists on board, but that they actually wanted to steer the plane right into Kuala Lumpur’s twin towers.

Honestly, this is all total speculation in the press. We do not know and may never know the real story, even if we find this plane. There was big excitement when apparently satellite images showed some speck in the ocean, but nothing has turned up. Now officials think this plane may have flown for four more hours after disappearing from radar, and sent signals the whole time. Anyway, here is the latest from CNN.

Another big, and bad, news story comes from New York, where there was a terrible gas explosion at two apartment buildings there Wednesday. Eight people are reported dead.

And finally, the sabre-rattling continues involving our favorite country the Ukraine.

I was listening to talk radio today and they were talking about the Russians were possibly going to overrun that whole country, starting today. They did not, but they were doing drills near the border. A lot of people are really worried this situation could spiral out of control. The latest can be found here at CNN. Read only if you want to be depressed.

That is all for now. I am going back to listening to hockey on the Internet, which is slightly more uplifting.