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Trump, ISIS, Kathy Griffin, and more News from Nowhere

Welcome to another depressing News from Nowhere with the world going mad again, and as usual President Donald Trump is in the thick of it. 

Honestly, I’m getting tired of him and his insane Tweeting, and I’m also tired of all of his opponents obsessing about Trump all the time and telling us how awful he is. “We know, we know.”

After this latest terrorism attack in London, which ISIS has claimed responsibility for, Pres. Trump took the opportunity to promote his travel ban, on Twitter. That got the masses fired up, as usual.

Meanwhile, people are still mad over the other big news of this week: Trump’s pullout of the USA from the Paris Accord on climate change. So yeah, it’s been that sort of week.

It has also been the week of Kathy Griffin. She held her big press conference the other day, supposedly begging forgiveness again for that revolting Trump bloodied-head stunt that got her fired from CNN. But instead, she took the opportunity to blame Trump for it, accusing Trump of trying to ruin her life

Um, wait a minute: Trump kind of had nothing to do with this. This stunt was entirely Kathy Griffin’s doing. Griffin has no one to blame but herself for her own self-immolation. When I say I’m tired of Trump’s opponents, it is this sort of thing I am talking about. (Update: Jerry Seinfeld has now weighed in on Griffin and doesn’t see what the big deal is.)

In other news, this has been a big week for comedians self-immolatingBill Maher has apologized for using the N-word on TV. 

On to the weather — it is starting to get a little too wild for my liking. There was a big tornado that touched down in central Alberta the other day near Three Hills. Yikes, that’s just one province over! We don’t need any of those here, too, we have enough problems. 

That’s about all the news I can stand. Coming up next, the box office report.

Latest Trump WH chaos: all these Kimberly Guilfoyle press secretary rumors

The Donald Trump White House is a gong show. The Comey firing and all these neverending Russia allegations are dragging down his entire administration and are surely leading to an early impeachment exit. What’s made it worse has been the hyper-partisanship of his staffers and advisers, and all these attacks on the press and their credibility. That, in turn, is simply adding fuel to all the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” you are seeing in the media nowadays. Basically, all the problems are self-inflicted. 

Now, the latest set of rumors circling the swamp in D.C. have to do with the hapless Sean Spicer and whether he will be turfed as press secretary, in the wake of all this disastrous media his boss has been getting lately. Stories have been floating that Kimberly Guilfoyle, of Fox News’s The Five fame, might replace him. The word was that Guilfoyle was up for the press secretary job, but now there are stories that it’s not happening anyway and that the Trump administration doesn’t want her and thinks she is using the White House for herself. 

What is interesting is that Guilfoyle’s background isn’t so much the media, but the legal profession! She was a prosecutor for years in the great state of California. (California: worst bar exam in the country etc. etc.) Honestly, though, I don’t know why she would even consider this job. It’s working for Trump, people. Most sane folks would run like hell. 

Anyway, this whole story is yet one more distraction for this administration, on top of all the rest of them. No doubt, though, they need a complete re-set with the media, because constantly being at war with them all the time is no way to go. 

Pres. Trump tells FBI director James Comey: “You’re fired!”

Trump skips his own WH Correspondents Dinner, and more News from Nowhere

Welcome to News from Nowhere for this Sunday, the final day of April. I guess the big news this weekend is that the White House Correspondents Dinner happened last night with the Commander in Chief President Donald Trump conspicuous by his absence. Then again, how unpleasant must it be, eh, to have to sit and listen to all these biased media people, trashing and ridiculing your administration? I didn’t hear much of this dinner, but during the portion I tuned into they were making a joke of Steve Bannon being a Nazi. You get the picture. 

Anyway, in typical Trump fashion, he held a counter-event — a rally in Pennsylvania celebrating 100 days in office. Take that, all you fake-news people in DC. He also took the opportunity to invite Philippine president Duterte to the White House! The Correspondents may have had their Dinner on Saturday, but once again, Trump eats the press.

In other news from the week, the left-wing protesters were at it again at Berkeley, trying to prevent yet more people they disagreed with from speaking. What happened there was that Ann Coulter’s speech was first cancelled, then it was rescheduled, and then it was cancelled again, all at the urging of these protesters. 

All in all, this is pathetic. 

Free speech is taking a beating at college campuses across America and the world, but especially at Berkeley. And every time something like this happens, where some protest is staged over a speech by someone right-leaning, the left’s credibility takes another blow, because conservatives are incensed and won’t put up with being silenced like this anymore. Most definitely, Ann Coulter is incensed

In fact, I read that Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity are talking about teaming up and going on a college campus speaking tour, just for the heck of it. This is bound to attract all these “Alt-Left” people, as Hannity likes to call them. And of course, these protesters will all look like fascists again, as usual, trying to shout down the people they disagree with.

What they don’t realize is they have lost the public. Folks, it’s exactly this sort of mayhem, this shutting down of dissenting opinions, that led to Trump being elected President  — and which will surely lead to his re-election, while we are at it. 

Other news:

Sadly, we are into tornado season in the United States. Four people lost their lives to a tornado in north Texas and 11 people died in the South overall from the storms that hit this weekend. 

There is still a lot of concern about North Korea, there are a lot of war preparations going on there and more failed missile tests, and people are really worried that their unhinged leadership will ignite World War III. I guess the good news is nobody has been nuked — yet.

In music news, a total fiasco happened at the Fyre Festival. This was a music festival in the Bahamas that had been heavily promoted by all these supermodels like Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, but which ended up being poorly organized and a total mess, including lousy food that looked like something served right out of a really bad school cafeteria. And apparently people paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to go to this. 

In sports: Stanley Cup playoffs are still on, and to show you how bored the people of Canada are, the big controversy earlier this week was that hockey fans were all upset at Ottawa for not selling out the Ottawa Senators playoff game

Could it be, folks, that maybe Canadians simply can’t afford the tickets anymore to this ridiculously overpriced National Hockey League? 

Finally, I notice that it’s not just me who is interested in Baywatch actress Donna D’Errico, because the Daily Mail tracked her down and got some photos of her in a red swimsuit on the beach in Malibu, at age 49. Oh, Donna!

That is all for now.

Advice for Trump: it’s time to quit Twitter, now.

Message for President Donald Trump: your Twitter use is causing you no end of trouble. It’s time to get off of Twitter right away, Mr. President, because it is making you look like this (pictured).

That rant done, here is a story on the latest Twitter-induced controversy for the so-called “Leader of the Free World”: all this wiretapping nonsense.

Honestly, at what point is Trump’s media feuding going to get boring for people?

Now President Donald Trump’s administration is kicking media organizations out of White House briefings. (I guess they called this particular one a “gaggle”. Whatever.)

Honestly, this is getting to be a broken record. Trump thinks he has a good thing going by taking on the media and being at war with them, but seriously, man, when is enough enough? 

This is getting tiresome. Time to change the channel, Mr. President.

Trump does it again; declares media “the enemy of the American People”

You know, I believe President Donald Trump really does think he has a good thing going with his constant bashing of the “dishonest” media. Every time he trashes the press, like he did the other day at his now-infamous news conference, his popularity ratings go up — with his own supporters. With the media, though, it’s a different story. 

Anyway, today Trump let loose again on Twitter to declare all the usual suspect news organizations to be “the enemy of the American People.” Story here.

Also, I notice Fox News’ Shepard Smith was blasting Trump on the air for his criticism and belittling of the media and for all the untrue things Trump was saying the other day, and that has gotten Smith in trouble now with these Trump dittoheads who think the media ought to all just sit back and let the White House push them around. They want Smith off the air.

Good luck with that attempt. Worst case scenario is Smith resurfaces on CNN, but Fox News won’t fire him anyway because they love this stuff. Ratings are going through the roof, thanks to Trump and all his fights with the press.

Incidentally, though … Trump’s right. The media are dishonest, and most of them are biased and out to get him, but that’s still no excuse to not give straight answers to their questions about Russia, or to mock them or present “alternative facts,” or declare them to be “enemies of the American people.” I mean really, man, dial it back.

Pres. Trump trashes the media, says he “inherited a mess”, at WH press conference

After a chaotic week of resignations, gaffes and Russia scandals at the White House, we got an epic, jaw-dropping Donald Trump presidential press conference today in which he (a) went after the dishonest media, and (b) went after the former Obama administration, saying he inherited a mess

The WWE sure looks downright boring, folks, compared to this.

Story from CNN here. The full transcript of the news conference from CNBC is here. Appalled reaction from NBC News’ Chuck Todd is here. Appalled reaction from CNN’s Jake Tapper is here. As for Rush Limbaugh, he thought it was great, thinks the American public will eat it up. “Donald Trump eats the press.” Well, that’s what it was.

Please, I don’t want any more of Trump today, this is Super Bowl Sunday!

Really?! President Donald Trump’s gone and done an interview with Bill O’Reilly today for the FOX Super Bowl pre-game show? Oh, no. I was hoping for some peace and quiet today, for a change.

(By the way, anyone remember the days when Trump was a pro football team owner himself — in the USFL?)

Tonight, Trump has nominated Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court Justice

President Donald Trump continues on with his “Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde” presidency. For now, at least, he’s back to being Jekyll. Tomorrow, who knows? Stay tuned.

Tonight at the White House, Trump has nominated federal appellate judge Neil Gorsuch of Colorado for the Supreme Court. That will return the Court to a 5-4 conservative majority. He’ll be confirmed, you can be sure of that.

There is U.S. travel ban chaos worldwide, and this is all on President Trump

So the big story in the world today is about all the chaos going on at all the world’s airports after President Donald Trump issued both his refugee ban and his travel ban preventing nationals from a number of Middle East and African countries from entering the United States. 

This executive order has created total mayhem and confusion for those nationals who had H-1B visas and other lawful permits to work in the USA. Now they are having problems simply boarding planes just to get back to the USA. Many were told when they got off the plane in the USA that they weren’t even allowed into the country. Now, there are anti-Trump protests going on all over the USA’s airports, including JFK, and a federal court order was just issued yesterday granting a stay of Trump’s executive order. For now.

This chaos is all on Trump. It’s all on him and his bunker-mentality advisers, folks who regard the whole rest of the world with suspicion. This travel ban was a totally needless move on the administration’s part. Instead of taking a targeted approach to block “real” terrorists, they went ahead with a blanket ban on several countries, messing up the lives of ordinary law-abiding folks with legitimate work permits who are simply trying to earn a decent living in the ‘States. 

I notice Google is one of the companies heavily impacted, they had to recall their staff. What interests me is where Google’s headquarters is located, too: California. That’s right, the state that voted heavily for Clinton. Yet it’s companies in that state who are bearing the brunt of the fallout from Trump.

These voters, and these tech companies, have made it known they want nothing to do with these Trump policies, yet they’re getting stuck with them anyway. Is it any wonder so many people in California now want secession

Latest Trump presidency news: Day 6

I’m back with more live continuing coverage of President Donald Trump and his never-ending executive orders.

As I said before, I’ve been trying to get away from talking about Trump, but his presidency is just too nuts. It’s so nuts that you cannot ignore it, you have to talk about it. One day he does something sober and intelligent, like approve Keystone XL, but then the next day he turns around and reminds everyone he is Trump and not someone named Bush or Reagan or even Lincoln in the White House.

Today’s latest examples: Trump is calling for a major investigation into voter fraud in the election, despite a lack of evidence to warrant such a move. Also: he’s officially ordered the wall built. Also expected today: that temporary ban on refugees.

Oh well, at least the Trump stock market is booming.

Mr. Trump is definitely a man of action. Keystone XL is approved!