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We’re almost set to wrap up this Democratic love-fest in Philadelphia

After Barack Obama’s emotional speech last night, Hillary Clinton formally accepts the Democratic nomination for President tonight at their convention in Philadelphia.

Quite honestly, I’ve reached the point where I am sick of these conventions, and sick of hearing speeches from these party folks, all telling us why they are supporting so-and-so. I’m ready to get on with the election. 

Besides, after listening to these folks the last few days and nights, I know what the Dems’ party line is anyway — it’s that Donald Trump is too negative and pessimistic about America, so vote for the positive and hopeful Democrats because things are just great anyway.

Certainly, this was more or less what President Barack Obama was pitching Wednesday night in his speech (see above), and yet this line of bull runs counter to the reality of what is really going on in America and around the world. It’s pretty telling that the Democrats have said basically nothing all week about ISIS and “radical Islamic terrorism”, for instance. Yet there is no end in sight to this terror — the latest news is that a French priest had his throat cut by terrorists. The world is a mess and terrorism is rampant, yet the Democrats insist things are fine.

You know, these Dems can go around telling people things are great, but the people at home who worry about all this mayhem going on, not to mention the future of their own jobs, will have a different point of view. They may think Trump is not being pessimistic, but realistic. They might think he’ll actually do something instead of the Democrats who, by ignoring these issues, look increasingly like ostriches with heads in the sand. Maybe that ought to be the party’s symbol instead of a donkey.

As for this final day of the convention, I was watching the online streams, as usual. I spent today watching Shepard Smith’s FNC Digital Hangout live stream for Fox News, and he was chatting today with Kennedy about the other big news of the day — that VH1 Classic was being rebranded to MTV Classic and would show all this stuff that used to be on MTV back in the Nineties. 

So they plan to show all this Nineties stuff like Beavis and Butthead, The Real World, Road Rules and so on. And Smith and Kennedy were talking about how pop music came back in a big way in the Nineties with acts like NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, the Spice Girls, etc. etc. Yes, in terms of pop culture the Nineties were awesome in a lot of ways — more awesome than it is now, when you think of it.

Anyway, that is what I spent my afternoon doing today. Now, I’m going to find a live stream and tune in to what is left of this convention.


President Barack Obama has his “Nixon to China” moment: lands in Cuba

I am currently tuned into live coverage of President Barack Obama’s historic arrival in Cuba. I’ll say this: it’s a nice change from all the live continuing coverage of Donald Trump.

Tonight, I’m gonna watch the State of the Union. I do need a life, folks. #SOTU

“We interrupt our regular programming to bring you yet another televised address by President Barack Obama.”

It figures. I could spend tonight watching NBA or NCAA basketball, or even NHL hockey. But no! Instead, I will waste my night watching politics. Again. And to make matters worse, it’s by choice! No one’s forcing me to watch it.

Tonight, President Obama is giving the State of the Union speech before Congress, and newly elected Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa is giving the televised reply.

On this occasion, I am reminded yet again that I truly am a hopeless political junkie who needs to get a life, and get my priorities straight. Getting a girlfriend would also help, but I probably need to do something about those other two items first of all.

I have said it before and will say it again — usually it is exciting nights like these, with all saturation news coverage from the USA, where I get down in the dumps watching all the political coverage and pundits, and I go “why don’t I cover politics for a living, too?”

But of course, I do cover politics for a living, darn it! Just this weekend, I covered a federal Liberal nomination meeting in this electoral district, and then I found myself interviewing provincial NDP opposition leader Cam Broten on Monday (story to be posted soon). This wasn’t even a phone interview, either, he just happened to be in the area so he dropped by at our offices.

So there was that, and that is not even counting the City Hall meetings I covered on Monday as well, which also counts as “politics” the last time I looked it up in the dictionary.

As a matter of fact, every year around here we cover a “State of the City” address organized by the local Chamber of Commerce, featuring the two mayors in our area. Somehow, though, that event is just never as exciting as the State of the Union.


President Barack Obama: Inauguration Day 2009The Senate and the Congress in the USA finally passed a deal bringing an end to the government shutdown and raising the debt ceiling, ending this whole political crisis that threatened to hurl the entire world economy right off the cliff.

America’s smiling president Barack Obama finally signed the bill ending the crisis, as well as all the breathless crisis coverage on American news channels.

Frankly, I thought common sense would ultimately prevail, because these total idiots in Congress had to realize that failure was a very good option if you wanted to get yourself kicked out of office.

Anyway, the shutdown is over. Good. Now back to watching baseball playoffs for all of us.


President Barack Obama: Inauguration Day 2009Welcome back once again to all of you US government workers, all with nothing to do, who are tuning into this post today. Well, the US government has been shut down for a few days now and there seems to be no end in sight to this utter nonsense.

In general nothing seems to be happening and people in high places are venting frustration.

As an aside, the question I have is “why is this man (President Barack Obama) smiling?” Oh, that’s right == this is an old picture.

Unfortunately, though, this was another day of panic in D.C. as a suspect was killed by police after a wild car chase. This follows close on the heels of the Navy Yard shooting tragedy. All in all, Washington D.C. has had far more than its fair share of bad news lately.  Then again, there’s been plenty of bad news going on in a lot of places, even around where I live.


President Barack Obama: Inauguration Day 2009Welcome to News from Nowhere, our usual rundown of the news of the day. First of all, a big hello to President Barack Obama and the rest of you folks in the United States government, who no doubt are enjoying this blog and everyone else’s blogs, and Facebook and Twitter accounts too.

Surely to God, though, don’t these NSA folks have better things to do than spy on people?! Well, I guess not — the NBA Finals game is a blowout tonight. In fact, the previous game was also awful. This league is so overrated.

And doesn’t the IRS have better things to do, too? Really, I wonder about the USA these days. Some of the folks in charge don’t seem to remember a guy named Nixon. Or maybe they think Nixon’s the example of how to do things.

Anyway, I sure hope you folks in the US liked the Crystal Palace cheerleaders video. Hopefully it put you all in a good mood and reminded you all of what is really important in life — the sports.

On to world events. First of all, there were PROTESTS in TURKEY.

As well, this has been a big week for aging world leaders in hospital. Former South African president Nelson Mandela is in hospital battling a lung infection, and Prince Philip was also in hospital having an exploratory operation.

Closer to home, the weather report is not looking too good in the Midwest for the next three days, with big storms expected. Locally in frozen Saskatchewan, we even had TORNADOES in the eastern part of the province — although when you actually looked at these things you really are less than impressed. These “tornadoes” looked like they were barely able to lift up a garbage can.  I hope, though, this isn’t a precursor to even worse weather over the coming months. Oklahoma can keep its lousy tornadoes!! I don’t want them!

Legal update: the George Zimmerman trial is under way in Florida in the Trayvon Martin death case.

Meanwhile in Cleveland, Ariel Castro faces 329 charges. Honestly, I don’t see how any lawyer can possibly get this guy off.

I have not been following closely the cable TV finales for series like Game of Thrones. I guess the second-last episode really grossed out and offended even their own viewers.

Sports news: it’s Chicago and Boston for the Stanley Cup tomorrow! In other Boston sports news, Tim Tebow has joined the Patriots!

And Sebastian Vettel won a death-marred Grand Prix of Montreal.

Entertainment news: Kim Kardashian is having a girl!

Congrats to Raquel Pomplun, Playboy’s new Playmate of the Year! She is the first Mexican-American who gets that honor, too. What took you so long Hef??! As her reward for winning Playmate of the Year, Miss Pomplun wins herself a new Jaguar. Way to go, Raquel!

And no congrats at all to Brian on The Bachelorette, sent home after it was discovered this clown had, ahem, actually already had a girlfriend at home when he went on the show. What a goofball, folks.

Finally, I have nothing to say about Mayor Rob Ford in Toronto.

That’s all for now.


President Barack Obama: Inauguration Day 2009I have to say I am very happy that we seem to have come upon a SLOW NEWS WEEKEND, which is a nice change from this string of recent BAD news we’ve had.

Last night was the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, the annual night of fun for the Washington press corps and a chance to hang out with the President of the USA Barack Obama. The comedian on this night was Conan O’Brien,  who seemed funny enough.

So obviously, there was a reason why there wasn’t any major news last night — the press corps was too preoccupied having fun.

In all, the whole evening got some mixed reviews from some people. There were others who boycotted the event completely. One of them was Tom Brokaw, who loudly complained about the showbiz aspects of this event and trashed Lindsay Lohan’s previous appearance there.

A lot of news people claim to agree with him, but frankly I think this is a case of Brokaw getting a little crotchety in his old age. It happens to people.

Anyway, I see no reason why the press corps shouldn’t have fun, too, occasionally. Covering the White House shouldn’t be all dead-serious and all doom and gloom all the time.


Other news: this was a big week for presidents. George W. Bush opened his new Presidential Library this week, and that occasion has prompted an outpouring of articles from people who actually have some good things to say about him, for a change.

Instead of the usual criticisms we’ve come to expect over the years, people are now pointing to W. and praising the class and grace that he brought to the Presidency. As examples of the coverage from this week, here’s an article from his former press secretary Dana Perino, and one from Charles Krauthammer comparing him to Harry Truman. Also up is W’s interview with John King of CNN.

Closer to home, British Columbia is in the middle of a contentious election between Premier Christy Clark and her BC Liberals and Adrian Dix and the NDP.  Polls keep on showing the government on the way to being thrown out May 14, though perhaps not by as big a landslide as was previously thought. We’ll see. Anyway, here’s links to coverage in the Vancouver Sun and over at The Tyee.

There are also plenty of rumors going around about a possible election in Ontario. We’ll see about that, too.

It’s a quiet day in NASCAR today, but it was another week of harsh penalties being doled out. This time it’s the Joe Gibbs Racing team that got sent to the penalty box, this time over some underweight engine part that got installed in Matt Kenseth’s car during the race he won in Kansas last week. Kenseth got docked 50 points and Joe Gibbs got his owner’s license  suspended for six races because of this mess, and the team is planning to fight the penalty.

This is the second time this season NASCAR has lowered the boom in a big way — earlier this year Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano got docked 25 points for illegal equipment, too. It’s getting to the point that you can’t trust the results of these races, for fear NASCAR will hit the winners with big penalties and throw the standings into chaos. Anyway, that’s what went down in NASCAR this week.

Oh, and closer to home the flooding has started. That is all I can think of for now.


It promises to be a very interesting night for political watchers both north and south of the 49th parallel tonight, as the Democrats take to their convention tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina to renominate President Barack Obama.

Again, like last week at the GOP convention, Tuesday night promises to be “Ladies’ Night” as First Lady Michelle Obama is set to speak.

Up here in frozen Canada, nervous federalists wonder if it will be “Ladies’ Night” in Quebec, too, as separatist Pauline Marois tries to wrest the premiership of Quebec from Jean Charest in the election today and become the first female premier in Quebec history.

What a dubious result that would be — history could end up being made by someone wanting to tear the country right up.

It’s a very tight, race, though, and the prospect of a minority “hung assembly” result looms large with Francois Legault and the CAQ very much in the race and threatening to split the vote.

Even though the result is far from certain there tonight  — and Charest still has a reputation for having more political lives than your average cat — this has not stopped the entire press outside Quebec from freaking out in print over the prospect of a Parti Quebecois victory, and the prospect of more fights with the federal government. more ridiculous and repressive language laws and of course, the thought of holding yet another referendum on breaking the country up.

All I have to say is God help us all if the PQ wins. But they’ve been in power before and Canada still managed to survive, in spite of their efforts. So I won’t be freaking out if they win. In my view the Parti Quebecois is like an annoying bug that keeps on coming back into your house. You have to keep on swatting it all the time.

Election coverage starts at 8pm EST, or about an hour from now. In the meantime, I am watching the fair and balanced Democratic convention coverage and all the speeches from Charlotte praising President Obama. I’ll be back later.