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Five years for Oscar Pistorius — some people think that even that sentence is too light

Well, this year’s Trial of the Century is over in South Africa for Oscar Pistorius, and also for those of us who stayed up late at night to tune in to it here in North America.

The sentence has been handed down. Five years in jail for culpable homicide, though lots of people are saying Pistorius got off easy. Social media is doing what social media is good at: venting outrage over the decision.

Well, if you think this is bad, you ought to see the decisions we get in Canada on a regular basis. Some of these slap-on-the-wrist sentences up here are the type that will make your blood boil. Pistorius can only wish he was sentenced in Canada instead.

The story of the sentencing here. That is it for now.


Oscar Pistorius won’t be found guilty of murder

The latest Trial of the Century is wrapping up in South Africa and while the final ruling is not until tomorrow the judge has indicated that Oscar Pistorius cannot be found guilty of murder. He has been cleared of the murder charge and a decision will be announced tomorrow on lesser charges.

This pretty much removes all the drama from this trial, doesn’t it? I don’t even think I need to stay up all night to hear the final verdict. So much for this case!

Oscar Pistorius trial: defence wraps it up today for better or worse

I’ve had fun reminiscing lately about the OJ Simpson trial, the Trial of the Century.

But that was last century. The Oscar Pistorius murder case in South Africa is the trial of this century, and the defence has wrapped up its case today.

And not a moment too soon, because it seems like the defence case has been unravelling fast.

Last week, it was determined Pistorius was not mentally ill at the time of the killing. Since then a controversial video turned up of Pistorius supposedly reenacting the killing, and topping it off, apparently some prospective defence witnesses refused to testify.

Anyway, with the defence now resting, the Pistorius case is now adjourned for a month yet again, with closing arguments to happen at that time.

What fun! Actually, ‘what tedium’ is more like it. This case has to be setting a world record in lengthy adjournments.

What now, Pistorius junkies? Murder trial on hold as he undergoes psychiatric evaluation

Well, great! I have some free time coming up, but I won’t be able to use it watching live coverage of the Oscar Pistorius trial, because it is on hold for a month as he undergoes a psychiatric evaluation.

Come to think of it, I’ve probably seen enough courtroom activity live over the last number of weeks anyway. Maybe I should tune in to basketball instead, or something.

News from South Africa — another Pistorius trial update

I know, you are all asking “what, it’s still on?!” Anyway, what happened was they took a break from the Oscar Pistorius trial for a couple of weeks before resuming with more defence testimony Monday. This time, it was the neighbours testifying.

Apparently it wasn’t terribly exciting and now there is yet another break until the trial resumes on Thursday. The reason for this latest halt in proceedings is because Wednesday is Election Day in South Africa — so you will also want to tune in to all that exciting coverage of democracy in action down there.

Pistorius testimony: Day 2

Oscar Pistorius has taken the stand in his trial

Yes, indeed, the defence called Oscar Pistorius on to the witness stand in his murder trial and he was tearfully saying it was all a mistake and that he was trying to protect Reeva.

Whether you want to believe that explanation is entirely up to you. Anyway, the trial broke for the day early; testimony resumes Tuesday.

Update — I notice there was a good live blog of the testimony and the day’s proceedings at Eyewitness News.

Also, for those of you wondering if I am jealous about not being able to be there covering the Pistorius trial, don’t worry. We have people in our own community who apparently like to shoot off weapons, too, so I am in court this week covering that alleged incident. Never a dull moment in the news business.

Oscar Pistorius trial resumes Monday with defence witnesses

The Oscar Pistorius murder trial resumes Monday with the defence calling a pathologist to testify. This ought to be good — whenever a pathologist testifies it is a big highlight at trials I have covered for the media. It is anticipated Pistorius himself will also testify at some point. That will be even better.

Of course, we had that whole delay in the trial so hopefully you used the free time to get caught up on what has happened so far. But if you are like me and had better things to do with your time, then you can check out SABC and look at what has gone on up to this point. I guess there is also supposed to be a live feed here.

Hopefully, I will be awake enough to watch it tonight, but I doubt it. While other people are gobbling up information on all that is happening in Pretoria in court, and are watching that all-Pistorius trial cable TV channel they have going, I have personally had a hard time getting into this trial. Personally, I found OJ Simpson’s murder trial was far more interesting due to the cast of characters called to the stand, but that is just me. Maybe things will get more interesting now that the defence are the ones calling witnesses. I hope so. That is it for now.

Friday’s big Pistorius trial testimony ended up being a big fat nothing. Trial adjourned to April 7

So much for the big day of Oscar Pistorius testimony! Story here.

Well, if it makes trial addicts feel any better, these surprise adjournments happen a lot in my line of work reporting on courtroom and trial happenings. Par for the course.

Pistorius trial resumes Friday — defendant likely to take the stand

Well, after a few days off since the Prosecution rested its case, the Oscar Pistorius case resumes Friday with the defence calling its witnesses, who may well be Pistorius himself.

Already this case has taken on OJ Simpson-esque proportions. Defence lawyer Barry Roux is getting rap song parodies about himself.

It sounds like the evidence has been pretty damning so far, with Pistorius portrayed as some kind of gun nut. Friday’s testimony should tell us a lot as to whether this case will turn around for him, but it is risky business. I once covered a big murder trial where the accused went on the stand and testified in his own defence, but it didn’t help him in the end because the jury convicted him.

Also, I understand now this trial could run until May. So you Pistorius trial junkies should be delighted to hear that.

In any event, this may be the night of all nights when trial fans in North America might definitely want to stay up late to watch live trial coverage, because there could be fireworks from the witness stand in the courtroom in Pretoria.

Even Oscar Pistorius is sick of his own trial

Are you sick of the Oscar Pistorius trial yet? You are not the only one. Also sick of it is none other than Oscar Pistorius himself.

During the Day 6 testimony where we had graphic autopsy testimony Pistorius vomited in court.

And who said trials weren’t exciting? Tuesday’s Day 7 coverage starts soon.

Now a complete rundown of what is happening in the Oscar Pistorius trial

This Oscar Pistorius trial is proving to be riveting stuff. The whole world is watching and this is taking on OJ Simpson proportions — although, frankly, the cast of characters in the OJ case were far more colorful.

The coverage of this case has been massive. For the domestic networks in South Africa, this is about the biggest news story they ever had there, apart from Mandela. Of course, for me personally it has been very hard to follow the trial because the testimony is going on in the middle of the night (CST), so I am having a very hard time staying up late to tune in. If you don’t catch the trial live, well, it just isn’t worth it in my book.

The SABC has been covering this thing non-stop and so have the folks at eNCA. I have to give props, though, to the online News24 coverage, which runs a live stream (usually SABC) and a live blog updating the proceedings at the same time.

Here are some links to the News24 coverage from the past week for those of you trying to get caught up with what has been happening (such as myself): Day 1 herehere and here, Day 2 here and here, Day 3 here and here, Day 4 here and here, and Day 5 here and here.

Day 6 starts shortly. Have fun, trial addicts.