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OMG! Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo has just posed for Treats! magazine!!!


Well, this news will render Miss Universe owner Donald Trump speechless in a hurry. 

Former Miss USA-turned-Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, who is probably better known today for her split from Nick Jonas than her pageant success, has followed in the footsteps of other ridiculously-hot women (ie. Emily Ratajkowski) and has posed naked for Treats! magazine. And by “naked” I don’t mean “while still covering her good parts.” This is no joke. Ms. Culpo is actually, really naked in the latest issue. 

As a Miss Universe fan of long standing all I have to say about Olivia Culpo is “wow”. What a woman. 

As I said, this news ought to silence the Donald in a hurry. Which, when you think of it, might actually be a good thing for his presidential bid for a change.