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“Weather Bomb”, not a “nuclear bomb”, leads the News from Nowhere

Here is a brief News from Nowhere on a day and night when the East Coast is getting socked by a big Nor’Easter known as the “Weather Bomb”, or “Bomb Cyclone.” Hey, as long as it is not a “nuclear bomb,” it’s okay. I notice the Boston stations on cable TV had nonstop coverage of the snow today, I was tuning in to some of that.

In other news of the week:

President Donald Trump has thrown Steve Bannon under the bus.

Meanwhile, Trump is in a Twitter scrap with North Korea over the size of the nuclear button on his desk. (!)

Meanwhile North Korea is being all nice now to South Korea with talk of sending a delegation to the Olympics.

And finally, there are protests in the streets in Iran, all week. Is change coming there?

That’s all.


North Korea launches missile capable of hitting the continental USA!

So, while I was spending all day writing news for the paper, this happened.

When the heck is the rest of the world going to do something about these maniacs? Good grief.

I’m spending my day trying to avoid news of this latest North Korea nonsense 

I am at home watching sports on TV, trying in vain to avoid coverage of all the latest North Korea threats and name-calling, especially this week at the U.N.

Such as: Pres. Donald Trump calling Kim Jong-unRocket Man”; while North Korea responds with its own threats, calling Trump a “dotard”. And then the news broke about China telling banks to no longer do business with North Korea.

I gotta say, it’s hard to avoid this. Even today, on a day I am trying to completely devote to college football, I’ve felt the need to tune in occasionally to the South Korean all-News channels online, to see whether their neighbors North Korea have detonated their supposed hydrogen bomb over the Pacific yet. Anyway, if it happens we will know soon enough. For the latest news today about this ongoing story, see here.

North Korea drives Irma out of the news, fires missile over Japan again

It appears North Korea has just done a nuclear test!!

Oh, good grief, here we go again. There are reports of a 6.3 earthquake out of North Korea and the reason appears to be a nuclear test! Earlier today the North Koreans were bragging that they had a hydrogen bomb they could potentially put on their ICBMs! I’m tuning in the South Korean all-news TV channels and they are freaking out, and I notice US cable news is freaking out as well.  

Folks, this is the Labour Day weekend. I want to spend this whole weekend watching football games, in peace and quiet. I don’t need this drama.

North Korea threatens the whole wide world yet again; fires missile over Japan!

What timing! Right at the very moment that the United States is dealing with some of the worst flooding in history from Hurricane Harvey, this happens!! North Korea fired a missile that went right over top of Japan’s airspace before it disintegrated. Japan is freaking out, the South Koreans are freaking out, and so is everyone else.

Among those freaking out: traders. Dow futures already down 100 points.

North Korea is now threatening Guam!

Oh, darn it. Now the news is North Korea is threatening to strike the US territory of Guam, according to an announcement from the state-run news agency. 

This news comes after U.S. Pres. Donald Trump’sfire and fury” talk in response to North Korea. I guess this means I’m tuning in to South Korea all-news channels tonight to watch their news anchors freak out again.

I’m trying to be on vacation, but it’s really hard to stay away from the news.

July 4th ruined by North Korea test-launching of an ICBM

Happy 4th of July, all of you Americans. So, do you still think President Donald Trump is nuts? Clearly, it looks to me like he is simply trying to keep up with the world’s other leaders in that department. 

Leaders like the guy currently in charge of North Korea, whose country just successfully test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching American soil. Namely, Alaska.

I am looking at all this news and feeling powerless about this whole situation. This character Kim Jong-Un is out of control.

By the way, I spent late last night watching live news coverage from South Korean all-news TV, just for fun. While I understood next to nothing of what they said, I did understand the graphic on screen that read “ICBM”. Even with the impossible language barrier, I could tell just from watching the feed that South Koreans are freaking out over this latest threat. My question is: why isn’t the rest of the world?

Happy Easter! We’re still here; North Korea hasn’t started World War III yet

So now we know the real reason for all this North Korea news and sabre-rattling you’ve heard about lately: it was the “Day of the Sun” celebrations honouring the founding leader of North Korea, so that meant a big military parade in front of Kim Jong-un and the leadership. I actually tuned into this online — RT was running a live feed of it. 

All I have to say is: my God. I cannot believe in this day and age that a regime like the one in North Korea exists. It was like watching old newsreels of parades the Soviet Union would put on back in the day, when the Politburo would stand there saluting as the tanks rolled by. It really was a throwback to the old days: a bad throwback.

Worse yet, it seems like that place is on a permanent war footing: it’s all military all the time. They just tried another missile launch the other day, but fortunately it failed. Still, it was enough to scare the heck out of the civilized world. People are increasingly worried — especially the Americans — about the ability of North Korea to do major damage.

Let’s all hope for more “failed missile tests” in the future — I don’t want to find out what transpires from a “successful” one.

Anyone else concerned about all this North Korea nuclear war talk?

What a way to start a long Easter weekend: by going online and seeing stories like this one in the Mail Online. “War at any moment.” 

Well, I guess this is one way to get everyone’s attention off of Syria.

You know, some of us just want to sit at home this weekend and watch the Stanley Cup playoffs. We don’t need to have our hockey-watching interrupted by breaking news coverage of North Korea starting a nuclear war

The world is hurling itself off a cliff! Good grief.

Spending a relaxing evening watching N. Korea missile test coverage


Welcome to the “World is Going to Heck” edition of News from Nowhere. Seriously, what is going on? Financial chaos, tinpot dictators, Jarome Iginla traded — you name it.

First I want to talk about the financial mess in Cyprus, with the bank accounts being raided by up to 40 percent to bail the country out. The banks are now back open but under tight controls.

I don’t know nearly enough about this mess because I’m too busy covering provincial balanced budgets in our recession-free jurisdiction (what recession?), but all I have to say is this is not the kind of thing that is going to inspire confidence in the banking system. Banks ought to be places where you have confidence in placing your deposits there. If you put your money in a bank and then lose a hefty chunk of it because of other peoples’ incompetence and bad decisions, why bother putting money in a bank? You’re better off hiding it under the bed.

Next I want to talk about Kim Jong-un, the crazed dictator of North Korea who has been busy tearing up peace agreements with South Korea and threatening all week to attack the United States. So far the Americans are treating this guy like an annoying bug who deserves to be squashed, but isn’t.   

Obviously this calls for some shuttle diplomacy, from the hilarious Dennis Rodman.

Seriously, though, I worry this nut Kim could do some serious damage and inadvertently start World War III. Hopefully this latest sabre-rattling will end the same way all the previous sabre-rattling ended, with nothing happening, but I have to wonder.   

Other news:

Lots of rumors going around that Jay Leno could be leaving the Tonight Show to be replaced by Jimmy Fallon.  

As well, the possibility is that the show could end up moving back to New York after, oh, 40-some years in beautiful southern California. Word is the show could move to take advantage of some New York film-and-TV tax credits. 

I have to say — wow, wouldn’t this be Leno’s final come-uppance after what happened to his other rivals over the years. Still, nothing’s official yet and we will keep you posted on this developing situation.

The other thing I have to say is why don’t we do something here in Saskatchewan like what New York is doing with film and TV tax credits? Then maybe we’d be in the running for Jimmy Fallon.

Ha ha ha — my big unfunny joke of the day. Right now we’re barely in the running to attract Punxsutawney Phil, let alone any TV shows.

Did you hear about the story about that Ohio prosecutor who wanted to have Phil criminally indicted for his lousy early spring prediction? And then some handler for Phil fell on his sword and took responsibility for “misinterpreting” Phil’s prediction? I don’t buy it.

Phil got it wrong and and this is nothing short of a cover-up. Phil should go to jail. All these groundhogs need to spend some time in the slammer for getting all our hopes up. Right now it’s still minus temperatures where I am, not to mention plenty of snow, and in fact the forecasters here say it’s going to be cold next week, too. We’re going to be seeing minus temperatures in April. This weather here is terrible. Anyway, it’s too bad the indictment was dropped, because Phil is a fraud and he should go to jail.

In other legal news, the Jodi Arias murder trial continues to lurch and get great ratings for HLN, and this is where you can find out all the latest and be caught up. Mind you, I have not been able to follow much of the trial due to my work commitments. So I have plenty of catching up to do myself.

The trades are ramping up in advance of the trading deadline in the NHL next week, and the biggest one just happened this week as Jarome Iginla has been traded from Calgary to Pittsburgh. 

Of course, TSN ended up with egg on its face when they reported all day Wednesday that Iginla was going to go to the Bruins. It turns out the Bruins were definitely in the running, but the deal never got done.

While this was going on our local Saskatoon Blades were melting down in Medicine Hat. And with the  Swift Current Broncos also punted in Calgary last night, it means the WHL playoffs are over for all the teams in Saskatchewan.

All I have to say is the Blades’ performance this week was a disgrace and yet another humiliation inflicted on the hockey fans of Saskatoon. People should definitely be fired over this. What is stranger still is the fact that the Blades will play again in the Memorial Cup tournament in May, just because they are hosting the tournament. That’s the only reason they are there – they’re certainly not there on merit. If the Blades wind up winning the Cup after this week’s debacle, you can bet the knives will also be out to change the Memorial Cup format.

In horse racing news, the Dubai World Cup runs Saturday and here is a Forbes article talking more about that richest race in the world. 

In auto racing, IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe is a national hero now after winning in St. Petersburg, and the NASCAR race in Fontana ended in wild Mike Tyson-fight fashion. In golf, his win in Bay Hill means Tiger Woods is back on top — likely due to his love life picking up again. What Lindsey Vonn sees in this guy, I don’t know.

Finally in Saskatchewan news, bye bye to retiring CBC Saskatchewan news anchor Costa Maragos. His final newscast was Thursday evening and you can read more about his final day here and about his appearance on the Morning Edition show that morning.

That is all for now.