NDP dumps Tom Mulcair as leader, and plenty of News from Nowhere

   (Pictured: a photo I took of Tom Mulcair in Saskatoon for the News-Optimist when the provincial NDP were choosing a leader in 2013.) I bring you News from Nowhere today on what has been a tumultuous weekend for the federal New Democrats in Canada.  They held their national convention in Edmonton and earlier today…

Very brief News from Nowhere for a Sunday afternoon

I will make this edition of News from Nowhere brief as I want to watch the rest of the NASCAR from Las Vegas before I go to cover more hockey.  I’m not tuning in Telemiracle 39, unlike everyone else in Saskatchewan, although I guess the news there is this telethon is the final one for Bob McGrath….

Counting is now on in Manitoba NDP vote

We’re still waiting for results of the first ballot in the NDP leadership convention in Manitoba between incumbent Premier Greg Selinger, Steve Ashton and Theresa Oswald.  There is live coverage and you can catch that on the CBC. This shouldn’t be too long a day.

Manitoba NDP leadership convention is under way; not much going on

Just a reminder, mainly to myself, the provincial NDP convention is now under way in Manitoba. The actual leadership vote isn’t until tomorrow, but all the activities are under way and a livestream is now up. Based on what I’ve seen, if you intend to watch today’s proceedings be ready to be bored. 


Just wanted to point you in the direction of my NDP leadership convention story, as well as to a feature I did on two prominent delegates from the Northwest region who were at the convention. Also posted are my photos from voting day at the convention. I also have more stories on the way. The picture…


I really enjoyed being able to cover the exciting Sask. NDP convention. I’m now off to catch the red-eye to Rome for the papal conclave in Vatican City tomorrow. Ha ha ha. Just kidding, folks.


I thought that would make for a better title that “Voting Day” because, as I said, a lot of the advance voting is done already. I expect to be at TCU Place to cover the convention later this morning and plan to let you know what went down later today after the voting is all over. Of…