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Tonight, Hawaii vs. Cal open the NCAA season in — Sydney, Australia!?

Yes, indeed, folks, it’s Hawaii taking on California to open the NCAA football season down in Sydney, Australia of all places.  It’s the start of the 2016 college football season. Good grief, is it that time already? I guess it is, eh? 

Apparently this game is getting 65,000 people showing up. That’s way better than what the CFL normally gets.

I’m tuning in the audio of this game online; far better than having to tune in to our local losing Saskatchewan Roughriders who are already down big in Edmonton.


It’s Bowl season!!! Watching a lot of football today


I am spending most of this day inside, watching the first of the US college bowl games for this bowl season. 

Some will say these are meaningless football games, but that didn’t stop me from watching the meaningless Saskatchewan Roughriders this season, and it will not stop me watching these games either. Right now, I watching the Utah Utes hold on to defeat BYU 35-28 in the Las Vegas Bowl. 

Basically, what I am doing is trying to make up for not tuning into the Army-Navy football game last week. The full schedule of bowl games is here.

For me, this NCAA hoops title game is anticlimactic after Kentucky’s upset loss Saturday

I am really not into tonight’s Duke-Wisconsin final NCAA basketball game. Basically the whole drama, the whole story of the tourney ended Saturday night when Wisconsin beat Kentucky to ruin their perfect undefeated 38-0 season. 

After that there’s really no point in my tuning in to the tournament anymore. I don’t know the names of any of these guys playing anyway, so I’ll probably watch baseball instead since I’ve waited over five months for that sport to return. (Maybe I’ll tune in for the trophy presentation.)

Also, I notice some Kentucky fans rioted after they lost. Who do they think they are, Canucks fans? 

For those of you who are sick of hoops on TV, the hockey NCAAs are also on

Ohio State wins the College Football Playoff. Finally, a title settled on the field

Well, Ohio State thumped Oregon and their Heisman winning QB Marcus Mariota last night to win the College Football Playoff title, and I actually got to see the second half of the game! And a good thing, too, because that is officially it for NCAA football for the next several months. Time to concentrate on Barclays Premier League soccer action and auto racing instead.

Whether you wanted the Buckeyes to win or not, the good news is this playoff process worked. In the end, it was the best team that won. This title was settled the way it should be — on the field, and not by sportswriters, rival coaches, or other so-called “experts” voting in these various polls.

Clearly, if you left it all up to these voters, the SEC conference would be in the title game every year! No one else would be given a fair shot.

Had the old system been in place, with voters choosing who got to play for a title, Ohio State would never have been given a shot despite similar records to the other contenders. They were the number four ranked team at the end of the season, which under the BCS system (and earlier) would have only earned them a spot in the Rose Bowl, playing for prestige — but not for a national title.

Now, after beating Alabama and Oregon, there is no question who the champion of college football is. This proves, once and for all, that democracy is only a good thing when choosing governments, not football champions.

Hype machine is on for tonight’s Oregon-OSU College Football Playoff title game

I notice the sports media is going bananas hyping up tonight’s big Oregon Ducks-Ohio State Buckeyes College Football Playoff championship game in Arlington, Texas.

People are hyping this game as “historic”. And maybe it is, except it isn’t.

Yes, this is the first year for the College Football Playoff format. But college football has had championship games before at the Division 1-A level, so this is nothing new. It was really these “semifinal” playoff games that were “historic.” This contest, not so much.

I think the real reason you are getting all this “history being made” talk is simply because ESPN wants you to tune in.

As has been the case for other NCAA title games before, I will spend tonight as I usually do — not in front of a TV, but on the job. Yes indeed, folks, I am covering city council, again.

It figures.

I gotta say, I have absolutely no interest at all in the affairs of City Hall today — a sentiment I surely share with every one of you sports fans out there.

Hopefully, tonight’s council meeting will be a short one, so I might be able to catch the end of tonight’s thrilling contest at AT&T Stadium on TV. But if this meeting drags on my hope is for this title game to be a blowout, so I will feel less bad about missing the action.

College Football playoffs looking like a bigger farce than the BCS ever was

IMG_0492.PNGWe are now into conference championship weekend in the NCAA, and the battle for the four spots in the College Football Playoff are officially a joke. A 12-person committee will be watching all the critical games and my question is where do they get these people from? Off the street?!

Right now, the Florida State Seminoles enter this weekend as undefeated defending national champions — and yet this selection committee has them ranked fourth, behind No.1 Alabama, Oregon and TCU, all of whom have one loss.

Here’s what else makes no sense. TCU is in third place, but Baylor has the same record as they do at 10-1. Moreover, Baylor even played TCU and beat them! Yet even though they won head-to-head by a score of 61-58, this committee has Baylor in sixth, which would put them out. Honestly, this reeks of unfairness. Supposedly this committee follows things like strength-of-schedule and other criteria, but ignoring this result sends an attitude of “to heck with the results on the field, we’ll make our own decisions.”

And it could get worse based on this weekend. What if Florida State barely wins the ACC title game by one point and everyone else wins by big margins? What happens if Ohio State beats Wisconsin in the Big 10 title game by a one-sided margin — say, 52-0? Do the Buckeyes then leapfrog the Seminoles and possibly push them into fifth place and out of the playoffs completely, even though the Seminoles earned an undefeated season?! And what happens to TCU or Baylor?

Here’s another thought and it concerns the SEC title game between top-ranked Alabama and Missouri. Suppose Missouri wins?!

Really, it would not surprise me in the least if this selection committee then turns around and puts Alabama in the playoffs anyway, even with two losses and even as SEC runner-up! Heck, the old BCS committee one year put Alabama into a national title game with LSU even though LSU had beaten them to win the SEC, allowing Alabama a second chance to win — which is exactly what they did.

Yes, folks, that is how cynical I am about this whole setup! This playoff positioning and the rankings this week have turned this College Football Playoff race into a bigger joke than the Bowl Championship Series ever was. What a bunch of nonsense!

Mississippi State is Number One and on the cover of SI! Which means only one thing: they’re doomed

With major league baseball on hold for a few days until the World Series starts, that frees me up to watch college football all day today. Oh, I could do the Canadian thing and watch hockey, but I’ll leave that for another time since this new-look HNIC is so unwatchable. (George, wear a tie. Please.)

The big story in college football is that thanks to no shortage of upsets this season (such as during the first weekend in October), the field is now wide-open for non-traditional powers to contend. So entering this weekend Mississippi State Bulldogs are Number One for the first time in history, fresh off of beating Auburn last week in the SEC 38-23.

Meanwhile, their traditional rivals Ole Miss Rebels are right behind as Number 3, just behind Florida State.

This is quite something. The Rebels’ glory days were a long time ago, and Mississippi State is better known for its broadcast meteorology program than for its football. But here they both are, undefeated and at the top of the rankings.

As a result of this turn of events, both teams got the full Kate Upton treatment from Sports Illustrated and landed on the cover.

Which means only one thing: the cover curse. That’s right, folks, they’re doomed — as the sports guy at my paper pointed out to me this week.

And just to make sure, SI has put Mississippi State and its QB Dak Prescott on the cover again for thenext week.

I hope all of Mississippi enjoys their 15 minutes of fame in first place, because it can’t last now. All this national media attention will surely go to everyone’s heads. Thanks for nothing, SI.