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My TV is inundated with March Madness games!

I am burnt out and exhausted after the last couple of weeks of running around working, and now I have three days off. I think I am going to pause the posting at this blog for the weekend while I tune in to the NCAA basketball coverage that is littering CBS, and also TSN here in thawing-out Canada. Updates here. The live bracket here.

The real reason this tournament exists is so bored American sports fans can keep their sanity while waiting for baseball season to arrive. Shouldn’t be long now. 


It’s NCAA hoops time. I guess your bracket’s busted, too.


Middle Tennessee State toppled Michigan State today in the first round of the NCAA Tournament to bust everyone’s brackets — if they weren’t already busted after Thursday’s upsets.

I think this is the only reason people watch the NCAAs. It’s all about OFFICE POOLS and GAMBLING. But the fans at home probably couldn’t pick out five players on the court for most of these games. 

Update: Okay, they also tune in for the upset wild finishes, too. What a day.