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Mitt Romney calls Trump a fraud and a phony. Don’t see how his speech changes the race much.

See what Mitt Romney had to say, below, about his buddy Donald Trump. It looks like standard stuff, nothing earth-shattering to the campaign, but Romney does rip Trump to shreds. 

Obviously, Romney doesn’t think very much of degrees from Trump University. Actually, I’m surprised this is even a GOP election issue because I thought everyone knew “Trump University” wasn’t a real university to begin with.



So the networks have called Ohio for Barack Obama and he is re-elected President of the United States with 274 electoral votes. (UPDATE: Now 281 with Nevada.)

But a big controversy has erupted on TV. From what I gather reading the Twitter feeds there is a big brouhaha over at Fox News at the moment, with commentator Karl Rove apparently storming off the set challenging the call on Ohio.

(UPDATE –I was wrong, apparently he didn’t storm off the set but he did challenge the call and I guess it was Megyn Kelly who went over to the Decision Desk instead. Hopefully it will be up on YouTube, soon.)

… but I’m watching Chuck Todd on NBC point to the northern part of Ohio — Cuyahoga County to be exact — and how many votes are still to come in there in that Democratic part of the state. Apparently the Romney campaign is totally disputing the call as well. Oh, and by the way Romney has now taken the lead in Ohio just now by 20,000, but there are something like a hundred thousand or more Democratic votes still to come in which will erase that lead, according to the TV screens.

This talk and debate on the TV is all very entertaining but honestly, it really doesn’t matter anymore, Colorado looks like it is going to go for Obama anyway, and Iowa is called for Obama, so it doesn’t look like there is a path to the White House for Romney in any event.

As for Florida, this Ohio call pretty much shoves aside what is shaping up to be a big mess down there in the vote count, as apparently they are not going to finish counting all the ballots in Miami-Dade County until tomorrow morning. Not that it matters there either, because Obama is winning that county bigtime.

Anyway, that’s where we stand now, with a re-elected Democratic President, a Democratic Senate again and a Republican House.

In short, this is going to be a total status quo election. For all the millions spent on TV ads all there is to say is this: what a colossal waste of money. (I hope the TV stations in the swing states are all happy, because they were the biggest winners in this campaign.)

ANOTHER UPDATE — Gotta love GOP party strategist Mike Murphy ranting and raving on NBC about how the party needs to make itself electable again.


Mood is grim among the Republican operatives on TV with Barack Obama leading Florida by something like 40,000 late.

I have to agree — without Florida in the bank the night is over for Romney, we can all go home. It won’t matter at all what happens in Ohio.

Only path to victory now for Romney is to win Florida, Ohio, Virginia and Colorado, and right now he’s trailing in three of them (VA excepted). In other news, New Hampshire is now definitely gone for Romney and Iowa looks like it is also going down the tubes in the CNN exit poll.

In the Senate, the TV stations from Boston all report Elizabeth Warren (D) has beaten incumbent Scott Brown (R) in the Senate race.


Also, Obama is now back in the lead in Florida with 78 percent in by 2,000 votes. Basically, with Pennsylvania gone the only hope now for Romney is an Electoral College path that goes through Ohio, where Romney is still trailing by 170,000. And that is assuming he pulls out Florida and North Caroline and Virginia.

Before you Republicans head for the ledge, at least a little good news: Fox News projects the GOP will retain control of the House. Get ready for four more years of total gridlock in DC. Again.

And as I write this Romney has taken a 5,000 lead again in Florida. Wait — now Obama is up by 9,000. Oh, never mind.


Just thought I would check in now at the top of the hour — the electoral college count is now at 149 to 127 for Romney, thanks to a string of victories in safe states like Texas, the Dakotas and elsewhere, but the states Romney really needs are either too close or on the brink of slipping away.

In North Carolina Romney barely leads by about 3,000, that’s one percent. Florida has Romney ahead as well now by 3,000 votes with 75 percent in, but that is also way too close for comfort. Ohio now has 30 percent of the vote in and Obama leads right now by 11 points. New Hampshire is 57-41 Obama with 12 percent in, and Virginia is a roughly 140,000 lead for Romney but that is still too close to call there. Michigan is already called for Obama and Obama has a big early lead in Pennsylvania as well.

Stay tuned for more.


It seems to be looking good for Obama. He’s leading early in Ohio and still leading in Florida at this point, though Romney is starting to close in. But there is no way he should be down this much at this point in the evening. Ed Rollins on Fox News just now said Florida is going to be decided by 2,000 votes.

Right now it is not looking very good for Romney at all, as he is also trailing in NH. If he loses Florida he can say goodbye to the whole race, because he needs that state in order to win.

Here is a list of the calls so far: Romney wins AL, GA, IN, KY, MS, OK, SC and WV, Obama has won CT, DC, DE, IL, MA, ME, MD, RI and VT.

UPDATE: Romney now leads in Florida.


Well, sorry for skipping out of the big convention coverage last night. Instead of liveblogging as usual, I instead drove out of town and missed most of the TV and online coverage of the convention. However, I was never out of the loop, as I did tune in to the live coverage on satellite radio on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC.

Now, I have to rant and rave about the coverage. I gotta say it, MSNBCs coverage was just terrible. They didn’t even try to be fair and balanced — they just piled on the Republicans like there was no tomorrow. It was Rachel Maddow going nuts, and Chris Matthews going nuts, and all these other talking heads just ripping the GOP. They were particularly bashing Paul Ryan at one point and ultra-fact-checking him, and saying he lied to Americans during his speech the other night. They all sounded like Democrat operatives.

You didn’t get any sort of real convention coverage from these nitwits or any attempt to convey what was actually happening. It was all about Rachel Maddow and her opinions.

At least CNN broke away from their talking heads to tell you what was going on at the podium, and Fox News was their usual selves with big conservative Sean Hannity (oddly enough, during THE FOX REPORT the main story they covered was the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac, with all the flooding down there). But MSNBC was really awful.

Also apparently really awful, according to the GOP bashers, was that old codger Clint Eastwood. The speech was described as really odd and rambling, and a lot of people thought it took the party off message. But again, I didn’t see what was so terrible about it, it was just Eastwood being off the cuff. It was entertaining enough. But again, I’m not a political pro.

Mitt Romney’s speech was about what I expected and maybe it made a difference, I don’t know. Honestly, though, the way things are going I am as pessimistic as ever about the GOP chances. Last year I thought McCain had a hope, but I am just not feeling it this year from the public.

The Democrats go ahead in Charlotte next week. I plan to be back for that.


This post will serve as a brief rehash of last night’s proceedings and a bit of a preview of tonight’s festivities. Tonight VP nominee Paul Ryan is meant to speak. Already, Sen. Rand Paul has spoken, and so has Sen. John McCain. They also showed a video featuring the two George Bushes.

Last night had an interesting bunch of speeches capped by Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, who I jokingly refer to as Gov. Fred Flintstone.

He went out there and did the fist-pump thing to try and get the crowd excited, and yet the punditocracy didn’t seem to give the speech rave reviews. They went so far as to say Christie laid an egg and was a flop, and I don’t know why — the speech didn’t seem to be that bad to me. Maybe it came off better on TV than in the hall, I don’t know.

One of the post-game shows — I think it may have been the ABC webcast – mentioned that Christie is really more of a press conference kind of guy, someone good at off-the-cuff remarks. Then again, there was the hilarious time when he held that press conference where he called a reporter “stupid” and an “idiot”, and I don’t know if you’d want him doing that at a national convention either. Anyway, I still don’t see why it was that bad a speech.

In other news, I guess the other news of the day is that one of the political reporters was fired today for comments he said this week at the convention. Yahoo! News bureau chief David Chalian was fired after going on the ABC News/Yahoo! live feed and joking about how Hurricane Isaac was hitting New Orleans that very moment, implying that Mitt Romney didn’t care at all. “They’re happy to have a party with black people drowning,” he said!

I actually heard him say that on the webcast last night and thought it was an over the top offensive comment, but then I forgot about it. I didn’t think he would be removed as bureau chief over it. Apologize, perhaps, but not be fired over it. Anyway, it shows you how easy it is to put your foot in it, as Yahoo! News fired him today. (UPDATE: Come to think of it, I thought the worst that could happen to him would be a suspension.)

I think that will have to be all until a little later. I’m going to go back to watching the live streams from Tampa. (Makes me miss politics, watching all this fun convention stuff.)

UPDATE: Gwen Ifill of PBS comes to Chalian’s defence, doesn’t agree with the firing, stands with him and calls him “God’s Gift to Journalism”.