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Don’t forget, the Miss USA Pageant is on right now on FOX

Just a reminder that if you’re already sick of the NBA Finals, you have a choice: FOX is showing the 2016 Miss USA Pageant as we speak

Hopefully, they’ll announce the right winner tonight — unlike what happened at Miss Universe a few months ago.


Bart Simpson, meet Miss Universe! Pageant moves to Fox this December

It was announced today that FOX has picked up the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. And to show you how out of the loop I have been lately on this, I didn’t even know that Donald Trump had sold the pageant to IMG back in September. 

This explains why these pageants were able to get back on network television so quickly. Of course, the most recent Miss USA pageant ended up on Reelz Channel this year after Trump’s anti-Mexico comments caused such a furore and got both the Miss USA and Miss Universe telecasts kicked off of NBC.

I wonder whether this might also mean that some of the Latin American countries, these ones who said they were going to pull out of Miss Universe because of Trump, are going to come back now. Anyway, it’s good to see this pageant back on its feet.

Also, I notice it’s being held in Las Vegas in December!! Hey, here’s an idea: maybe I could head down there for a winter getaway vacation just in time for the Miss Universe pageant. I might get to see the beautiful Miss Universe contestants out and about, or even get some autographs. Who knows.

Just a reminder, folks: the Miss USA pageant goes tonight!

The start time is 8 pm Eastern for the Miss USA Pageant from Baton Rouge, which is live on Reelz Channel and will also have a live stream going that can be accessed at the Miss USA website as well. 

(I wonder if any of the judges will ask contestants any tough questions about immigration during the interview portion of the pageant.)

Not there will be owner Donald Trump who is skipping tonight’s proceedings because, you may have heard, he is very busy running for President

Update: Congrats Miss Oklahoma! And condolences to all those candidates who flubbed their interview answers.

Good news(!)(?) — the Miss USA pageant has been rescued from the scrap heap by Reelz Channel!

Good news for Baton Rouge and for all the Miss USA contestants who were innocent victims of this Trumped-up Mexican immigrants controversy. The Reelz Channel has rescued the pageant and will show it on TV July 12!

Well, good for Reelz for saving the pageant at the last minute. This show deserves to go on in spite of its owner’s reckless stupidity. The bad news, of course, is that here in frozen Canada we don’t get Reelz, so we won’t get to see the gorgeous girls from all the U.S. states on TV!

Curses! Rats! Well, this is yet another reason to cancel cable.

The post-Trump fallout continues for Miss Universe and Miss USA!!!

The fallout continues in the wake of Donald Trump’s disparaging Mexico comments.

First, Mexico’s Televisa has dumped Miss Universe. It’s also confirmed Miss Mexico will stay home and not compete in the pageant.

Next, Cheryl Burke and Thomas Roberts have quit as Miss USA hosts.

How the heck is this pageant going to get aired?! What an absolute mess. Someone, somewhere needs to step up to the plate to try and save these two pageants from their ridiculous owner.

Tonight I am watching the Miss USA pageant. That is how much I hate LeBron James and the Heat.


I have no intention of watching the NBA Finals game 2 tonight. I don’t want to raise my blood pressure watching the Miami Heat, even if the Spurs do happen to beat them. (Go, Spurs!)

Instead, I am going to lower my blood pressure by watching Miss USA contestants face the usual hot-button wedge issue types of questions we have come to expect, later tonight from Baton Rouge on NBC.

Yes, indeed, it is Miss USA pageant night tonight again. Oh, and oddly enough, it’s being held in Baton Rouge tonight. Donald Trump had actually planned to hold it in Doral outside of Miami, believe it or not, but I guess the mayor voted against it and so Trump moved it.

Just a reminder to myself there is something else on TV tonight other than the NBA — although I guess I could tune in the Simpsons, or Family Guy.

Heck, you can watch them anytime — Miss USA only happens once a year.


Anyway, for those folks who had better things to do than watch Mr. Donald Trump’s pageant, here’s a rundown by PopWatch of the important things you missed from last night’s show.  I guess the biggest item was that Miss Utah screwed up her interview answer.

Congrats to Miss Connecticut, Erin Brady, on winning the Miss USA title! Maybe she’ll go on to bigger and better things like the previous winner from Rhode Island did.


Well, forgive me if the very first edition of News from Nowhere here at the new website is loaded with crime. It has been a very gory week of criminal activity in Canada and around the world.

Among the criminal activities — those of the evil Luka Magnotta, arrested in Germany following an international manhunt. He’s the man accused of butchering up some poor guy in Montreal and then sending the body parts in the mail to political parties.

Then on the weekend in Toronto at the food court in the Eaton Centre, there was a shooting spree that left one person dead and several injured.

The city of Toronto is in total shock, and well it should be. As for me, I’m in shock because when I lived in Toronto I ate at this particular food court many times. No one expects something like this to happen in any food court, especially that one.

Anyway, the man responsible has been arrested, but it just puts the exclamation point on a scary last few days here in frozen Canada.

In other crime news a mistrial was declared in the case against John Edwards and while he may be far from innocent in this whole scenario, I still think this trial was a waste of money.

In other news, the Queen is celebrating 60 years on the throne.

May I also bring up the fact that during the entire 60 years of Elizabeth II’s reign the Los Angeles Kings have never won a Stanley Cup. That drought could end, soon.

Last night was the Miss USA pageant and wouldn’t you know it, all the Twitter people ended up responsible for the hot-button “transgendered contestant” question that poor Miss Rhode Island was stuck with. As it turned out, she got the answer right and won the pageant. 

And in the weirdest story of the weekend Hugh Hefner has welcomed back Crystal Harris as his girlfriend.

Really? The same Crystal who ran out on his wedding? What is Hef thinking?? I don’t understand this one one bit.

That’s it for now.


Just a reminder to myself to tune in to the Miss USA pageant tonight from Las Vegas.

And of course, the most riveting part of the show is sure to be the hard hitting questions  posed to the contestants, a section of the pageant that have caused problems for a few contenders in the past (see pictured).

No doubt I know what question will be posed from some troublemaker out there:

“Do you think transgendered contestants should compete in the Miss USA pageant?”

Have your correct answers ready, ladies — just in case.

Apparently they will be fielding questions this year from Twitter, one of which will be posed to a Top Five finalist, so no doubt some fool out in Cyberspace will use the opportunity to try and trip one of these women up.

Anyway, that’s what we can expect this year  — the worst, apparently.