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Miss Universe Pageant goes tonight. In Las Vegas!

Yes, indeed, folks, Steve Harvey has been allowed back to host the Miss Universe Pageant, which is once again back in their favorite city Las Vegas.

Just a reminder to myself to tune in, a reminder I will definitely need as I am interested in the Grey Cup game going on, today, too.


Update: congrats South Africa!


Folks, there is a real possibility the next Miss Universe could be from, of all places, Moose Jaw!

Steve Harvey had better not mess up again tonight when he announces Miss Canada as the winner of the Miss Universe Pageant

I am not kidding, folks, this could really happen. The experts over at Global Beauties are saying keep an eye on Siera Bearchell, Miss Canada, because she is a real contender to win it all. 

If she wins, all of Saskatchewan will be in shock and awe when they find out the new Miss Universe is a U of S law student from, of all places, Moose Jaw. Yes, that’s right, a Moose Jaw girl is on stage representing Canada right now down in the Philippines, and that fact isn’t getting nearly enough hype around here.

But she is getting hype elsewhere. I guess the big controversy for Miss Canada this week was responding to the body-shamers who somehow are questioning her looks, her weight and so on. 

I don’t know what the heck these people are complaining about, because this woman is gorgeous. It’s really the body-shamers who have the issues with “looks,” because they look ridiculous.

Update: Rats. Top-9 finish but no crown. (Well, at least Saskatoon got to be seen on the Miss Universe Pageant.) 

Another update: Congrats Miss France! Steve Harvey got it right!!

I gotta say, Bob Barker would never have made the blunder Steve Harvey made at Miss Universe!!

Was that ever the worst show in the history of Miss Universe, or what? Story about the whole night here from the Guardian. 

Like I said, Bob Barker would never have made a mistake like what Steve Harvey made had he still been the host.

But really, when you think of it, Miss Universe 2015 really was a star-crossed pageant from the beginning, starting from the whole fiasco from owner Donald Trump’s comments about Mexicans, followed by the eviction from NBC, followed by the change of ownership and the pickup by FOX. Then at this pageant you had the seizure and injury to Miss Slovenia, and the racist anti-Muslim Tweets that got Miss Puerto Rico booted.

But the mistake host Steve Harvey made on national television — announcing Colombia as the winner, only for him to realize she was actually the first runner up and that Miss Philippines was the actual Miss Universe — was epic train-wreck TV of the highest order. It was also monumentally heartbreaking, because Miss Colombia thought she had won, and everyone watching had thought she won, and she was waving her country’s flag, and so on. And then this happened.

Yes, Harvey apologized and took responsibility for the mixup. But seeing those two beauty queens up there at the end of show, along with outgoing Miss Universe Paulina Vega, was painful and awkward and all the rest. Terrible. 

I am wondering how in the heck the Miss Universe Pageant allowed this mess to happen, because, believe it or not, this isn’t the first time a pageant announced a wrong winner and had to take a crown back at the end of a show. This is the first time it’s happened at Miss Universe, to my knowledge. But you would think this pageant would have learned from the other pageants’ mistakes, and put safeguards in place to absolutely ensure that when Steve Harvey, or any other host, opened their mouths and announced the new Miss Universe, that it would be the correct country. They should have had safeguards that were so safe that not even a chimpanzee or a trained dolphin could have screwed it up. 

As they say, Steve Harvey, “you had one job…”

Of course, to top it all off, the night ended with that scary incident not far from Planet Hollywood where a bunch of pedestrians were mowed down on the Las Vegas Strip by a careening car. 

Seriously, this was about as nightmarishly bad a night for Miss Universe as you could possibly imagine. What a train wreck.

Big weekend for beauty pageants: Miss World, Miss Universe etc. etc.

Just thought I would share that this is a big week for beauty contests.

Today, a new Miss World was crowned in China. Miss Spain won and Miss England didn’t even place in the top 20, and Miss Canada didn’t show up. The story about that is here.

Also, tomorrow night is the Miss Universe pageant, back in glittery Las Vegas, Nevada. And remember, folks — it’s now on FOX. 

Bart Simpson, meet Miss Universe! Pageant moves to Fox this December

It was announced today that FOX has picked up the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. And to show you how out of the loop I have been lately on this, I didn’t even know that Donald Trump had sold the pageant to IMG back in September. 

This explains why these pageants were able to get back on network television so quickly. Of course, the most recent Miss USA pageant ended up on Reelz Channel this year after Trump’s anti-Mexico comments caused such a furore and got both the Miss USA and Miss Universe telecasts kicked off of NBC.

I wonder whether this might also mean that some of the Latin American countries, these ones who said they were going to pull out of Miss Universe because of Trump, are going to come back now. Anyway, it’s good to see this pageant back on its feet.

Also, I notice it’s being held in Las Vegas in December!! Hey, here’s an idea: maybe I could head down there for a winter getaway vacation just in time for the Miss Universe pageant. I might get to see the beautiful Miss Universe contestants out and about, or even get some autographs. Who knows.

The post-Trump fallout continues for Miss Universe and Miss USA!!!

The fallout continues in the wake of Donald Trump’s disparaging Mexico comments.

First, Mexico’s Televisa has dumped Miss Universe. It’s also confirmed Miss Mexico will stay home and not compete in the pageant.

Next, Cheryl Burke and Thomas Roberts have quit as Miss USA hosts.

How the heck is this pageant going to get aired?! What an absolute mess. Someone, somewhere needs to step up to the plate to try and save these two pageants from their ridiculous owner.

NBC finally gives Donald Trump his comeuppance: “You’re fired!”


Well, Donald Trump has really done it this time. 

He and his big mouth have succeeded in getting the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants booted off of NBC. This comes right after he got booted off of Univision.

You have to wonder, again, about business people in the USA and why they insist on alienating the very same people who want to do business with them. Which part of the world is interested in Miss Universe the most? Latin America. And yet the Donald insists on badmouthing Latinos, publicly referring to Mexicans as “drug dealers” and “rapists.” Seriously, you have to feel sorry for Mexico, having to put up with this.

Who knows what the future for Miss Universe and Miss USA is now. That organization has just been thrown into chaos. About the only good thing about this entire fiasco is seeing Trump finally get his comeuppance from NBC after all those years of firing people on TV. Trump, you’re fired!!

The king of Saudi Arabia is dead, Deflategate, and other News from Nowhere

It is time for another News from Nowhere on this boring, largely football-free weekend.

The only interruption to that has been yet another Bill Belichick press conference today on Deflategate, which I tuned into. This is proving to be a big distraction for the team’s Super Bowl efforts.

I gotta say, Belichick looked supremely ticked off at this presser today. He looked ready to punch a sportswriter out. He absolutely insisted they followed the rules 100 percent. Anyway, I know even less about footballs than Belichick does now, so I don’t know what is going to happen with this NFL investigation. There may be fines and the like, but these sports pundits and talk show hosts are going to continue to have a field day with this, forever. Anyway, that is that, and now on to the rest of the news.

The big story of this week is that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has died and his half-brother Salman has replaced him as the new King. The burial has already taken place and the mourning is under way. I spent time watching the Arab news channels from the Middle East after the news broke, and they have been showing lots of live non-stop coverage of people walking around in mourning at Mecca.

Other news of the week– the world’s leaders have been in Davos this week for the World Economic Forum. Story here.

Also this week, the US diplomats were busy negotiating with Cuba on reopening formal relations.

And here is a big surprise — apparently Cuba’s government fully intends to remain Communist.

In American politics, there was a big summit meeting in Utah between potential presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. Apparently, nothing of interest happened.

And Disneyland has the measles. Worse, it’s spreading.

It must have been a slow news week in England, because the story there was that the Sun newspaper had caved to their critics and ended the topless Page 3 girls in the paper.

The feminists, politicians, and British media declared victory and called this a turning point for society, and went on about how no one was interested in Page 3 anymore — although I notice not everyone agreed.

Then on Thursday the Sun brought the Page 3 girls back. So much for that.

In hockey, the World Cup of Hockey has been announced for 2016, and unfortunately the format looks like a joke.

Among the eight teams involved will be a so-called “Team Europe”, plus an all-star under-23 team. Guys, get it right! If you want to hold a World Cup, fine, but make it a real World Cup and not some glorified all-star contest like what you’re doing this weekend!

While on the topic of hockey, a hockey-themed costume won raves for Miss Canada at the Miss Universe Pageant this week! Story here. Could this be the year Canada brings back another Miss Universe title? The pageant goes tomorrow night in Doral, Florida on NBC.

That is about it for this week. Back to watching the rest of the boring sporting events on TV for me.


Just wanted to let you all know the Miss Universe Pageant airs tonight on NBC.

However, it should be pointed out this isn’t exactly what we would call a live telecast on NBC. The contest was held in Russia, several time zones away, and it turns out the whole thing is over already, as I found out by stumbling on this item on the Internet.

Drat. That news spoils all the fun.


I have to be honest with you — the timing for the Miss Universe Pageant this year threw me off. Instead of holding it in the spring like they usually do, they shifted this year’s version to December.

I suppose this is a response to the shift of the Miss America pageant to January, which seems to have paid off for them. So this will maybe pay off for Miss Universe and NBC.

Anyway, I was able to find these swimsuit photos from that portion of the competition that took place earlier this week. As usual, expect plenty of coverage of tonight’s activities from Global Beauties. I notice they have their predictions on who they think might win. The pageant goes tonight at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.


UPDATE: And the winner is… that gorgeous babe from Rhode Island! Congrats Miss USA!!!