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WSOP Main Event playing down to the final table tonight

This is it! The $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event is playing down tonight to a final table, we presume, at the Rio in Las Vegas. It is down to 18 players as I speak; the last nine survivors will then reconvene for the final table which happens, uh, later this week on Thursday and Friday, and not in November as was the case previously. Updates here.

As an aside, it has been totally frustrating trying to follow this freaking WSOP all freaking summer! First of all, instead of the WSOP providing free livestreams on their site for the fans as they did in the past, they consigned it to PokerGo which expects people to pay $10/month for their feed. No way am I paying for that waste of money, I’ll watch the non-WSOP poker feeds on Twitch instead! Second of all, I am mad at TSN because instead of showing the two hours of ESPN’s WSOP coverage that was scheduled for Saturday, they instead showed the same Wimbledon tennis match on four of their five channels. Canadian poker fans who had waited all year to watch the World Series of Poker Main Event on TV ended up with a grand total of 18 minutes of WSOP action on Saturday on TSN! 

So, once again, I’m furious at Canadian sports-television programming decisions, and mad at Canada for having to live here and put up with second-rate TV options, etc., etc. Even the Mexicans have it better than us, folks! There, that is my rant about that, now back to watching the WSOP coverage on TSN. At least they’re showing some of tonight’s coverage!

Update (Tuesday): the final table is now set!


WSOP Main Event November Nine is now, ahem, the July Nine.

So, you die-hard poker players/fans out there surely have heard the news by now about the big changes at the World Series of Poker.  

Poker Central has taken over rights to the World Series of Poker, which will continue to air on ESPN. As part of the changeover, the final table for the $10,000 Main Event, which for years had been nicknamed the “November Nine” because it was held every November at the Rio’s Penn & Teller Theater in Las Vegas, has been moved up to July.

Common sense has prevailed, finally! Seriously, look at all these other poker tournaments out there, like these various PokerStars Championships, the Aussie Millions, and the WPT tour. These big tournaments typically hold several different events over a number of days, all building up to their final Main Event with their “final table.” 

But with the WSOP, what they’d do is have several weeks of events starting in late May, one after the other, all of which are supposed to build up to the $10,000 Main Event during the month of July. Except, once the Main Event is down to nine players, every year they call a halt to it! Everyone goes home, and the players don’t come back to play the final table for another three or four months! 

Non-poker fans probably look at this setup and think this is crazy, and you know what? They’re right. At least now, all the WSOP events will all be together, and the Main Event will play to a conclusion in July. Plus, these final nine players won’t be spending three or four months reading up on their opponents’ strategies and hand histories for the final table, like they did before.

Hi, again, I’m still watching poker

Sorry for the lack of presidential election updates, and also apologies about the lack of movie box office updates, as I am still tuned into World Series of Poker coverage. 

The Main Event final table is down to two players and Qui Nguyen currently has an over-2-to-1 chip lead over Gordon Vayo. But things could change easily, so I am continuing to watch the live streams (on a 30 minute delay) and follow the live updates

Back to politics tomorrow, hopefully.  

Update: it’s over! Qui Nguyen wins the Main Event and a cool $8 million in prize money. 

WSOP Main Event is down to three! Back tomorrow to decide a winner! 

Folks, the second night of the final table is now over at the $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event

The five players who began the night have been reduced down to three, and these three survivors all return to the Rio’s Penn and Teller Theater tomorrow night in Las Vegas to decide a winner on ESPN — ironically, pitting this “World Series” up against the “other” World Series again on the same night, just like on Sunday. 

The combatants still remaining for the Main Event bracelet are Qui Nguyen who is leading by a wide margin right now with over half the chips in play, second place Gordon Vayo, and third place Cliff Josephy who had previously been chip leader heading into the final table. All three players have held the lead at various points of this final table. A recap of the night’s action is here. 

Good stuff. See you tomorrow night. 

It’s World Series night – in Las Vegas. What, you thought I was talking about baseball?!

Yes, tonight from the Rio in Las Vegas the biggest event of the poker year begins: the “November Nine” final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event! 

Except, because of the presidential election this “November Nine” is starting one week early, in late October. As a result, it means this particular “World Series” is going up head to head against the “real” World Series at Wrigley Field, between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs.

Folks, you practically have to win a World Series of Poker bracelet to be able to afford World Series tickets in Chicago. These prices are outrageous.

Not much going on EXCEPT: WSOP counting down to Nov. Nine!

wsopIt’s among the slowest nights of the year in sports, with not much going on beyond the Home Run Derby.

But it’s among the biggest nights in the world of poker as the $10,000 Main Event at the Rio in Las Vegas plays down from 27 remaining players down to the November Nine. The last nine players standing then return to the Rio in November to play for the title and millions upon millions of dollars.

PokerNews is covering all the action from the Rio, and you can follow their updates from the Main Event here.