This time, it’s London hit by the terrorists

I have London on the brain already after watching Wonder Woman last night, in which it was featured prominently, but now the city is all over the news right now with reports of attacks at London Bridge and the Borough Market. Terrorism is suspected.  Coverage here from BBC News. 

Terrible news from the UK: terrorist attack on Westminster

Here is the story from the BBC of the terrible events today at Westminster in the U.K., with five people reported dead so far, including the attacker who tried to storm Parliament.  Reminds people of what happened when Parliament was attacked in Ottawa not too long ago. What awful times we are living in, folks.

NFL is in London again; they should give up, eh?

As you may detect, I am personally getting more and more annoyed with the National Football League.  This league is clearly less and less interested in the grassroots football fans, and more and more interested in empire-building and making gobs of money for its owners.  Take this London series of games, for instance. They played…