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France Election, Part II: parliamentary vote results today

Today, the second round of voting finishes in the French parliamentary election. Yes, that’s right, folks; their presidential vote wasn’t the end of it, they had to go through yet another vote for parliament, too.  

The expectation, based on how the first round turned out last week, is that Emmanuel Macron’s party En Marche! will will a massive majority in excess of 400 seats, an incredible showing for a new political party. 

It’s also looking to be a historically awful showing for the other mainline parties, in particular the once-powerful Socialists, who are being reduced to rubble. Here’s an article from Politico Europe on what to expect today if you’re not all that familiar to French politics. (Update: results are here.)

And as for those people who want to read whatever they want to read into Marine Le Pen’s parliamentary results, keep in mind that her party always does very badly in parliamentary elections. Yet another dismal result is just par for the course for her movement.

In other news from France, Porsche won Le Mans again, and I guess the surprise for me was finding out that Audi isn’t competing there anymore; instead, they’re focusing their effort on Formula E. 



Well, my attempt to cheer myself up and get my mind off of Calgary is a total failure today. Tuned in to Le Mans and learned a driver was killed early in the race.

Apparently Allan Simonsen’s Aston Martin crashed in the first ten minutes, and he diedWow, what a tragedy, and yet these guys are continuing to race on as if nothing ever happened.

I don’t know about you, but my own enthusiasm for watching this race has disappeared. This is more bad news for auto racing coming on the heels of the death of NASCAR driver Jason Leffler earlier this month.

I really do need to do another one of these “Bad News Roundup” posts again. Lots of dismal and depressing news this month.


Welcome again to News from Nowhere for this Monday night. I have a few items to share with you this night about all the happenings going on out there.

I guess the first piece of business is to mention Nik Wallenda’s highwire crossing over Niagara Falls on Friday, which ended up a success. Of course, at the end of it all Canadian officials asked him for his passport. It figures.

In other news, the Greek pro-bailout party won the election, so Europe is breathing a little more easily tonight. The whole continent may not end up hurling itself off the cliff after all.

And Rodney King, the man whose beating by LA cops ultimately led to the infamous LA Riots, is dead.

In local news, Friday was Saskatchewan’s day of the tornadoes.

A whole whack of them were seen by people and some of them even touched down. Fortunately, there wasn’t a lot of excessive carnage, though there was damage.

In auto racing news, the 24 Hours of Le Mans saw the top three finishes recorded by Audi, Audi and uh, Audi.  

The NASCAR race in Michigan, on the other hand, was won by Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

In box office news, it was a real down weekend, especially for this weekend’s flops: Rock of Ages and Adam Sandler’s absolutely lame-looking That’s My Boy.

As for me, my monthly column is up (talking mainly about crime) and my Cairns on Cinema June update on where the box office stands, are both now up.

And that is all for now.