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UFC: Jones wins, Bisping vs. St-Pierre back on, and more news from the week

Well, I was hoping to post this UFC news update earlier in the week, when the real news was all happening. Now, I’m posting it on the same night as a Fight Night 114 card from Mexico City. Anyway, updates on that are here.

Frankly, all the real news happened last week in UFC 214, when Jon Jones KOed Daniel Cormier in round 3 to win back the light heavyweight title. Jones is now saying he wants to be a better champion than he was previously, when he was suspended due to drug use. I hope so.

And we hear the Michael Bisping-Georges St-Pierre bout is back on. It was on, then it was off again, and now finally it’s a go in New York this fall at Madison Square Garden.

Meanwhile, we’ve been getting news about who will be on the card for UFC 215 in Edmonton this September. The main card includes Demetrious Johnson versus Ray Borg and the co-main is Amanda Nunes versus Valentina Shevchenko. But of course, everyone is unimpressed with this second matchup because these two were supposed to be the main event at UFC 213 in which Nunes mysteriously chickened out of appearing in, dropping due to illness (supposedly). So nobody really trusts Nunes to actually show up. We’ll see; if Nunes skips out on a fight again, boy, will the Edmonton fans all be mad.

It sounds like the UFC fight in Edmonton is selling lots of tickets locally, but pay-per-views might be a different story. The main issue is it’s competing for attention right now against this overhyped circus act that is the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor boxing match on Aug. 26. That is where the real interest is among fans, but I dunno why we all care because it’s still a joke. The latest news from that is that McGregor’s sparring partner has quit, apparently disgusted with the buildup to the bout.

That’s all; now back to watching the Mexico fights.


I don’t want to talk about Dallas anymore. Now, the sports: NBA, UFC, etc.

On to other more enlightening topics, shall we? Such as NBA free agency.

The news keeps on happening for NBA fans. The latest big news this week is that Dwyane Wade has bolted the Miami Heat for the Chicago Bulls. Two years, $47.5 million. This has to be a shock to Miami fans because of how long he has been with the Heat, but it sounds like negotiations went straight downhill earlier this week. To be honest, this move isn’t the travesty of Durant’s move, because Wade had a good career in Miami, and he won a lot of titles with the Heat, and so on. 

Anyway, I don’t feel the least bit sorry for the Miami Heat organization — what goes around comes around, I say. (As for Chris Bosh, I say he’s welcome to return to Toronto any time.)

Tomorrow night is the big UFC 200 event in Las Vegas, and of course it got thrown for a loop when Jon Jones flunked his drug test, scrapping his big title fight with Daniel Cormier. As it turns out Anderson Silva has stepped in at the last minute to fight Cormier and save the card. But man, as a UFC fan this is totally disappointing. I think this is probably the end of Jon Jones in UFC, this guy is just a train wreck on a personal level. Dana White is royally ticked off.

And on Sunday Portugal takes on France in Euro2016, and maybe I’ll get a chance to watch the game — something I haven’t been able to do much of all tournament.

That is all for now.

UFC champ Jon Jones wins then goes into drug treatment facility. No way to start off a year

The fight for the UFC Light Heavyweight title on Saturday was an epic battle in which Jon Jones beat Daniel Cormier. A lot of the fans hate Jones, but it was nevertheless a great contest and a great night for the UFC.

Now comes the negative news of the UFC that Jones tested positive for cocaine metabolites and is heading to a drug treatment facility.

Not good news for the sport. I’ve seen the sports-fan reaction on the comments to these stories online about it, and they are just ripping Jones. The fans are really incensed.

I hope folks at the UFC take away some lessons from this episode. Other sports — baseball and cycling in particular — have had more than enough drug problems. And those sports have paid a steep price with the fans. The UFC has to ensure their own athletes don’t take them down the same path, and pronto.