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Ghomeshi says he’s sorry in court today

I guess Jian Ghomeshi didn’t get off totally scott-free today after all — he also had to give an apology. Story here. Also, his lawyer’s comments in court here. 


Looks like a peace bond deal for Ghomeshi. A lot of folks are not taking this well.

Well, it is looking more and more as if disgraced CBC ex-host Jian Ghomeshi has at his disposal the best criminal defence counsel in all of Canada, because it appears he is about to get off scott-free.

Reports are that he will agree to a peace bond Wednesday morning in court in Toronto. In exchange, the one remaining sexual assault charge against him is going to be dropped, so his scheduled second trial in June won’t happen. 

So, all those news reports about how this was supposed to be a much different case from the last trial (which was a debacle for the prosecution), bla bla bla, are a bunch of junk — assuming these latest reports are true. Of course, social media has already tried and convicted Ghomeshi in the realm of public opinion, so all those online folks are not taking this news well at all. They are all going “this is an injustice” and so on.

Then again, I am not surprised that the “Twitterati”, as I call them, are reacting this way, because they are never happy, period. In fact, hardly anyone who is interested in any court case ever seems happy. In my experience, it seems like 90 percent of the people who follow these high-profile cases are the “outraged” people who’ve already decided they want a conviction, no matter what. Only when there is a big celebrity involved do I usually find it to be more “even”; yet even here, Ghomeshi is a celebrity and it seems like everyone hates him! People have been literally marching and protesting him in the streets.

I think this is probably a situation where the prosecutors realize their case against Ghomeshi has big problems (witnesses getting cold feet, maybe?) and so they are cutting this deal. Anyway, there are lots of reasons why deals happen, and they actually happen all the time in the courts. People can vent on Twitter and Facebook all they want, but this is how the justice system works. 

Big story of the day: Jian Ghomeshi acquitted of all counts

I am not surprised Jian Ghomeshi was acquitted today of sexual assault charges, because based on most accounts it was clear this was going to be the final result (and probably the right verdict, all things considered, even though I am absolutely not impressed by this guy). People are mad anyway, though. Story here.

This Ghomeshi trial is officially descending into “OMG” territory as of today. 

I’ve read the latest accounts of the latest day of proceedings in the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault case and I’ve seen enough. This trial is rapidly turning into a disgrace, based on the reports I’m seeing from the trial about the two accusers’ sharing of 5,000 emails. And the accusers’ stories are being demolished under cross-examination. I’m not a Ghomeshi supporter by any means but right now it sure looks like the Crown is going down in flames. 

If you want the straight goods on today’s proceedings, read what Christie Blatchford reported in the National Post. Blatchford says this trial “threatens to bring the administration of justice into disrepute.” That sums it up. 

Marie Henein earning her client’s fees at Jian Ghomeshi trial so far

I have tried to stay informed on the happenings of the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault trial in Toronto, but given that this case is not being televised it is very hard. As I have said before, Twitter does not measure up for court coverage, but it’s the best we can do in Canada, the land of media restrictions. 

So I have mainly been keeping up on the trial through reading newspaper accounts from Christie Blatchford and the like on the Internet. And also from what little we’ve seen on the TV news.

All I can tell is that the only thing being proved so far in the case against Ghomeshi is that if you ever get in trouble with the law in Toronto you should call Marie Henein.

Henein just did quite the job demolishing the testimony of the first accuser of Ghomeshi, pointing out inconsistency after inconsistency. And it sounds like the second accuser’s testimony is being carved up, too, by Henein. 

From an outsiders’ perspective, it kind of looks like the Crown’s case is going down in flames. Yet to me, Ghomeshi still doesn’t look like he’s an innocent man in all of this.

So I don’t know what is going to happen, ultimately. All in all, I just find this case depressing on a lot of levels. For one thing, the subject matter is sexual assault, which I find distasteful subject matter to begin with. What mainly depresses me, though, is the real possibility we may not see justice served at the end of it all. I suppose we won’t know the answer to that until after this case is over.  

Courtroom stuff: LawNewz is up and running, and Ghomeshi on trial this week

I meant to post this item a while ago, but other stuff got in the way (Donald Trump etc.). I notice LawNewz is up and running. This is that site from Dan Abrams focusing on all these high-profile cases that everyone gets excited about. With CourtTV long gone, any new outlet that could provide courtroom coverage is very much welcome. Right now, it seems to have a few articles up about that Steven Avery “Making a Murderer” case that all the Netflix fans are so excited over. 

I don’t know how much coverage this site will devote to the Jian Ghomeshi case, that is more of a sensation north of the border. In any event the big trial of the fallen ex-CBC host begins this week for sexual assault. Too bad this will not be shown live on TV, but that is what happens in Canada. Hopefully, the media outlets in Toronto will find a way for members of their depleted news staffs to cover the case and provide updates and live blogging. 

I notice there are articles up previewing the case and profiling the key players, including Marie Henein who was profiled in Toronto Life as Ghomeshi’s so-called “pitbull” defence counsel. Heck, Ghomeshi will need all the help he can get in this case.

Jian Ghomeshi has his humiliating day in court in Toronto today

I am back after a long city budget session, so I will just link you to this story on the circus in Toronto today surrounding Jian Ghomeshi and the multiple charges he now faces of sexual assault. Sounds like he was completely surrounded by media on his way out of court today – it was just a total mob scene there.

He may now be out on bail, but even that fact did not stop this day from being a totally humiliating one for Ghomeshi in every way.

Two more Jian Ghomeshi story links, and that’s it, I promise you

After today I am hopefully done talking about Jian Ghomeshi. The guy’s name is officially mud now, and beyond that, I never listened to his show anyway. From the looks of it, even if I did tune in, I would have hated his CBC program and hated his whole political-correct worldview he had going. And of course, these allegations are terrible. In general, I’m very happy my taxes aren’t paying his fat salary anymore, and I am officially moving on from his train wreck.

Two links to give you: one is about a certain university that dissuaded its students from taking internships at “Q”, Ghomeshi’s show, over these stories about his conduct.

Turns out the university in question was MY university — the University of Western Ontario, where J-school students are mandated to do a month-long internship for credit. The names have changed since I was there, but still, I found that interesting.

Also, here is a piece about how Ghomeshi was blasted by, of all folks, Ed the Sock.

Ed did an epic Facebook rant on the allegations floating around about the tyrannical way Ghomeshi treated his underlings at work. Let me say — if even stripper-obsessed Ed the Sock finds you a deplorable human being, that says a lot.

Enough of this joker Ghomeshi, tonight is election night in the USA and I am more interested in that.

Twitter goes nuts as Jian Ghomeshi is fired by CBC. Another blow for the public broadcaster

Well, all of Canada is in an uproar again as the big news story of the day is what happened with CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi.

When news broke that Ghomeshi was out of a job, the circumstances were mysterious to say the least. CBC said initially the relationship was terminated, but didn’t get into the reasons why — only that “information” came to light about Ghomeshi. So we really had no idea what was going on.

Finally, Ghomeshi himself has gone on Facebook to say he was fired because of “the risk of my private life sex being made public” by a “campaign of false allegations” from his “jilted ex-girlfriend and a freelance writer.”

He basically admitted in that post to consensual rough sex and Fifty Shades-type activity. Wow.

I’m going to reserve judgment on what is all going on with Ghomeshi or whether the CBC were right to get rid of him or not, because I don’t believe all the facts are known. Twitter, however, is going nuts right now, mainly from Ghomeshi fans who are clearly in shock over this.

I will say this — this is a mess for the CBC. A lose-lose scenario all around.

Whatever you think of Ghomeshi and his activities, the fact is CBC still has had to part ways with a popular and talented radio host during a time when the whole operation is reeling from deep talent and programming cuts. Just making this move is shaping up as unpopular with Ghomeshi’s fans. Already there are lots of people roasting CBC management over this decision.

Making matters worse, this looks to be heading to litigation. Word is Ghomeshi is suing the CBC for $50 million!

And yet, the CBC can’t simply take the guy back either, because of this air of scandal around him now. This is just bad for the CBC all around, a total no-win situation. And, I should add, a crisis they didn’t need at this point in time. You almost have to feel sorry for them.

As a total aside, it is obvious Canada has gone crazy, based on this week.