Ghomeshi says he’s sorry in court today

I guess Jian Ghomeshi didn’t get off totally scott-free today after all — he also had to give an apology. Story here. Also, his lawyer’s comments in court here. 

Big story of the day: Jian Ghomeshi acquitted of all counts

I am not surprised Jian Ghomeshi was acquitted today of sexual assault charges, because based on most accounts it was clear this was going to be the final result (and probably the right verdict, all things considered, even though I am absolutely not impressed by this guy). People are mad anyway, though. Story here.

Jian Ghomeshi has his humiliating day in court in Toronto today

I am back after a long city budget session, so I will just link you to this story on the circus in Toronto today surrounding Jian Ghomeshi and the multiple charges he now faces of sexual assault. Sounds like he was completely surrounded by media on his way out of court today – it was…

Two more Jian Ghomeshi story links, and that’s it, I promise you

After today I am hopefully done talking about Jian Ghomeshi. The guy’s name is officially mud now, and beyond that, I never listened to his show anyway. From the looks of it, even if I did tune in, I would have hated his CBC program and hated his whole political-correct worldview he had going. And…