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Hurricane Matthew starts its pounding of the Florida coast

I’m currently watching the online coverage of Cat.4 Hurricane Matthew as it now heads to the Florida coast. It looks like it’s going to hit the central Florida space coast area around Cape Canaveral, among other places, which happens to be the part of Florida that I’ve been to before in my life. Even Disney World is closed, folks. The Bahamas, not far away, has just taken a direct hit from the storm. There are hurricane warnings in effect along the Florida coast all the way into South Carolina. 

This storm has already killed hundreds of people. Yet there is lots of concern that people aren’t taking the TV forecasters or calls for evacuations seriously; they think this is a lot of hype. Even the Weather Channel had to issue a statement saying we are not kidding

Come on, folks in America. I know you don’t like to believe anyone in power or in the media these days, but this is one time to actually take the warnings seriously and to get the heck out of there. 

Weather report: Matthew could be a hurricane threat to Caribbean

So, I don’t feel like reading about Alicia Machado (Hillary Clinton’s favorite Miss Universe) yet again today. In fact, I don’t feel like reading any news, period. But I need my information fix, so instead I’m going to read the weather report. 

Besides, I need to think of places to go to when North America goes straight into the freezer again this winter. Lessee, what’s the forecast looking like in the tropics? Is it sunny and hot down there, unlike here? 

Oh, great. Matthew has started up in the Caribbean Sea as a tropical storm and could be a hurricane by early next week. It could threaten Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas — all these fun places. 

And it could threaten to cross those places off as potential vacation destinations if enough damage is done. Oh, well. Hopefully, this will miss all the major resorts and populated areas.

Update: Good grief, this storm is now category 4.

Hermine is a hurricane, about to hit Florida!

(Pictured: A hurricane.)

So the big news of the day is that Hermine is now a hurricane, Cat. 1, and is poised to become the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida in over 11 years. I also read that this also ends a 1,080 day hurricane drought for the Gulf of Mexico
That is all hard to believe, but true. 

Also, I’m hearing and reading reports that this storm is very slow moving and could do quite a number on north Florida and elsewhere, simply in terms of the amount of rain it is going to dump there. Well, great. First Zika, and now this. It is tough times for Florida.

Hawaii could be on the brink of being hit by two hurricanes this week!

Hurricane Madeline is a Category 3 storm on track for the island of Hawaii. It could reach the island by Wednesday. Hawaii also then faces the prospect of being hit by Hurricane Lester! Back to back hurricanes hitting Hawaii! That would be unusual if it happens.

Fortunately, I wasn’t planning on going to Hawaii for a vacation this week anyway; that place is kind of out of my price range. Too expensive.

It’s hurricane season! Florida, even England on alert for stormy weather!!

We are now into the real exciting part of the weather calendar year. 

That’s right, we are again into hurricane season, with tropical storms of all types making life interesting for people in places like Florida, which has enough problems on its hands due to the recent outbreak of the Zika virus there

In fact, hurricane season could make the issue worse: there are stories out now that tropical storms could multiply the mosquitoes and spread the Zika virus! Wow, isn’t the news media cheery. The whole world is going to heck, according to them.

As for right now, there is a tropical system that has started up south of Florida which could move into the Gulf of Mexico and turn into something far worse later this week.

Also, there is mounting concern about Hurricane Gaston which just recently reformed over the Atlantic. But the main worry there is not that it could hit the eastern seaboard; no, the worry is it could hit England. That’s right, the U.K., a place that rarely gets hit with hurricanes, could end up getting smashed by this one. I find this hard to believe.

Anyway, keep an eye on the weather the next few days. It’s also a good idea to keep the potential for hurricanes in mind when making travel plans for the coming months.

Look out, Puerto Vallarta! Hurricane Patricia potentially the strongest hurricane ever!

We have heard of El Niño producing a milder winter in Canada than usual. Well, that’s good, because it looks like we will not be going to Puerto Vallarta for a winter getaway vacation this year. And it’s not just because we can’t afford it because our dollar is so low right now.

Cat. 5 Hurricane Patricia is coming in from the Pacific and is all ready to sock Puerto Vallarta and the rest of the state of Jalisco. It’s expected to make landfall tonight, and the full impact is expected by tomorrow. 

Winds have been clocked at 200 mph. It is the strongest Pacific hurricane on record. Yikes!!

Of course, hurricanes are nothing new to resort communities in Mexico. Cancun has been hit before by hurricanes, and last year it was Los Cabos who got hit. Of course, Los Cabos managed to clean up pretty quickly, but it still made a huge mess and made for a difficult time getting tourists out of there. But those weren’t Cat. 5 storms. This is!!!

Today, everyone in Puerto Vallarta is freaking out and the tourists are getting the H out of there. But Manzanillo is also under threat and the situation could end up being even worse for them. It really is looking like a scary situation for Mexico.

Anyway, this is all useful information in planning winter getaway vacations — or, for those in Canada, in planning not to have them. We’ll keep you updated.

Storm news: Erika bearing down on Caribbean, threatening to become a hurricane

We are now well into Hurricane Season, and despite all those stories about how El Niño was going to mean a milder season, we are still getting these storms. 

Last night, Tropical Storm Erika started to hit populated areas down in the Caribbean, with Dominica getting badly hit. I happened to tune into live coverage of Erika on the Internet from Antigua, who had weather reports and also an all-night radio show simulcast covering the storm, but it looks like Antigua missed the worst of it. But other places in the Caribbean could still get hit.

The projected storm track could take this storm into Florida later this weekend, and this could still turn into a hurricane. I am posting this link to MyFoxHurricane which has the storm track and other information. It looks as if there is a lot of uncertainty yet as to where this tropical storm/hurricane is going to go. We’ll keep you posted.

Update: Puerto Rico is apparently threatened and you can watch their live storm coverage from Telemundo. Spanish only.

Latest hurricane news: Bermuda getting socked by Gonzalo right now

Let us move away from news about diseases and go back to talking weather, shall we?

Hurricane Gonzalo is going strong right now and Bermuda is taking a direct hit. Coverage here.

Well, I guess this weather news won’t cheer people up, either. Honestly, there is not much cheery news out there right now.

Hurricane Odile made a big mess in Mexico. Don’t go to Los Cabos any time soon, folks!!!

Just a note to all of you Mexico-loving tourists that you should not, I repeat, not take any last-minute deals to Los Cabos, because this just happened.

Category 3 Hurricane Odile swept in yesterday and made a big mess down there, and there are trees down and places are flooded.

Also, tourists are having no end of fun getting airlifted out.

Moral of this story? Always buy travel insurance. And never go to Mexico during hurricane season — not even on Baja California Sur.

I’m glad I am not on vacation in Hawaii! Hurricane Iselle on the way

I find it hard to believe that we are into hurricane season but last time I checked it is August, so I guess it really is hurricane season.

The surprise really is about where the hurricanes are threatening right now — not Florida, nor the Carolina’s nor south Texas nor the Gulf Coast.

No, it’s Hawaii. Hawaii?!

YES. Apparently for the first time in 22 years a hurricane threatens to hit Hawaii. Coverage of Hurricane Iselle from Hawaii News Now here. Also from Honolulu’s KHON 2 as well. And the Weather Channel has a live blog here.

Look out North Carolina, Arthur is coming

The question right now is whether Arthur will be a Tropical Storm or a Hurricane when he gets to North Carolina on Thursday. Anyway, the forecasts are here.

Happy Fourth of July, folks in the USA. You can have your tropical storms and hurricanes, we have enough problems to deal with here at the moment.


Like a lot of storm fans out there, I have been checking the hurricane sites like the one at My Fox Hurricane, the WWL Hurricane Central, and HurricaneCity in an attempt to follow the active weather out there.

There’s just one problem — there IS no active weather. Nothing is happening! As a result, there has been one story after another, like this one from Reuters, declaring hurricane season to be a dud.

Then again, you have to remember that earlier this year, people were all wondering when the tornado season would start. It sure seemed like it took forever to arrive in the USA. But when the storms did blow in, boy, did it ever cause chaos. Those tornadoes absolutely ripped Oklahoma to shreds.

Even though we have no hurricanes to report right now, it would be premature to think we won’t see something happening. Keep in mind the terrible Hurricane Sandy storm, the one that did so much damage to the United States east coast and elsewhere, didn’t happen until late October.

So the storm-enthusiast people all need to calm down and relax. Hurricane season is still far from being a writeoff.


Well, just a day after that big 7.7 earthquake hit the remote west coast of Canada, we’re all waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit the east coast of the USA.

Already the hype machine is out of control for this storm, with all the talk about “Frankenstorm” and the like. The thing is that if there is too much hype, people at home may not want to believe it and may choose to ride this thing out. It sure looks like this storm could really make a mess the next couple of days and cause a lot of power outages, with New Jersey bearing the brunt.

Here’s a look at the forecast and here are links to live coverage from ABC New York and CBS Philadelphia.  


First, I just want to say a big hello to all you folks tuning into my useless Republican convention coverage this week. I’ll have more to say about it tomorrow, but right now I want to talk about Hurricane Isaac.

The storm made landfall over an hour ago and the reason I knew that was because Ann Romney stood on stage at the RNC and told the audience it was making landfall, and our hearts are with them etcetera etcetera.

Now, I’m very busy tuning into hurricane live streams from New Orleans and the bad news from down there is that this system is moving very slowly. That’s really bad news because you know what usually happens with a system that moves slowly: FLOODING. So this is really not very good at all, and the weather people are saying this system isn’t weakening, either. This is likely to last a while, folks.

I also have heard reports of trees going down and the like and with holes popping up in roofs, and power is starting to go out in places. So this is making a mess, even if it is Cat. 1. That is all from me for now: here’s continuing coverage from NOLA.com,  and as usual from CNN.

UPDATE: 230,000 now without power in southern Louisiana.


Well the news of the hour is that Hurricane Isaac is bearing down on New Orleans as we speak. The storm made Cat. 1 hurricane status in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this afternoon and now is due to hit land tonight, right as the proceedings at the Republican National Convention go on in Tampa.

What fun, eh? Mitt Romney’s convention is about to be upstaged by a hurricane in New Orleans. I recall something like this happening to the GOP in 2008, too.

Anyway, complete coverage can be found at www.nola.com and at livestreams for New Orleans local stations WWL, WDSU and FOX 8.


The word on Tropical Storm Isaac is that it hit land today and soaked south Florida. I spent a portion of the noon-hour watching the coverage from Miami TV stations on the Web.

Now the concern is shifted to the upper Gulf Coast, with the cone of concern shifting to as far west as Mississippi and even New Orleans. The worry is this storm will be hurricane strength by the time it hits by mid-week.  OH NO, NOT AGAIN! It was around this same time seven years ago that Katrina made such a mess. Now it looks like that region is going to have to prepare for another hurricane, again. I plan to keep an eye on the situation and tune in to the Mississippi and Louisiana TV stations for their coverage.

In other news, the weather situation has indeed forced the postponement of the first day of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, but it looks like the convention will go on as scheduled on Tuesday. From a personal standpoint, that’s GOOD because I was going to be covering a city meeting Monday night anyway. So there was no way I was going to watch anyway, so it is all just as well. Stay tuned here at the blog for plenty of convention coverage over the next two weeks.

Finally, I should note here the passing on the weekend of Neil Armstrong, first man on the Moon.


Here is a link now to the latest Weather Channel update on Tropical Storm Isaac.  A portion of south Florida is under a Hurricane Watch while much of the state up to Tampa is under a Tropical Storm Watch. But the places that really need to worry are up around the Gulf Coast from north Florida to the Gulf Coast states of Alabama and Mississippi. This storm could go up to Cat. 2 by the time it heads over the Gulf of Mexico.

Right now the Miami TV stations are going nuts with their hurricane coverage, as it is now believed this storm will soon be hurricane strength. Isn’t it fun to live in Miami? Having to hide from hurricanes all the time is not my idea of a good time. We’ll keep you posted; in the meantime, track the antics of Isaac at the hurricane pages of MyFOXHurricaneWSVN, CBS 4 and NBC 6.