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The presidential election finish line cannot come soon enough for “Crooked Hillary” Clinton

I have not been updating the blog with politics news for a while, but with just a couple of days left until the election I feel I have to say something about it. 

It has been a bad last several days for “Crooked Hillary” Clinton, as Donald Trump loves to call her. All this business of these emails showing up on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, followed by FBI director James Comey reopening the investigation of the Clinton emails, has opened the hornets’ nest against Clinton in the past several days. 

It has been nonstop coverage for days of Clinton scandals: deleted emails, the Clinton Foundation, everything to do with Weiner, you name it. Plus, you have all these WikiLeaks happening. It has been dismal.

All the Clinton critics, who say this is all a preview of what a Hillary Clinton administration would be like, are absolutely right! It’s going to be four long years of scandal and investigations of Hillary, assuming she isn’t impeached first. This woman truly is looking like the female Nixon. 

Then you look at the opposition and you go “what a choice!” Still, it seems like some people are beginning to forget how big a P.T. Barnum act the Trump campaign has been up to this point.

He’s been on a roll lately going to rally after rally, attracting big crowds and bashing “Crooked Hillary”, and assuring them “we’ll build the wall,” and urging voters to “drain the swamp!”.  

Clearly, the race is getting tight again. Supposedly, there are states in play that have no business being in play at this point in the election: New Hampshire is too close to call, and Michigan is too close to call, and both campaigns are fighting in Pennsylvania, and the Trump campaign even plans a trip to Minnesota of all places!

Last night, though, was scary down in Reno, Nevada, as Trump was rushed off the stage by security. I’m thinking that incident may have slowed down some of Trump’s most recent momentum, simply because it reminded people of all his other out-of-control rallies he has had.

One thing Trump’s campaign keeps pointing out is that Hillary can’t draw a crowd on her own, and he’s right. She has to rely on the celebrities all the time. The other night she had a rally featuring Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z, and was it ever expletive laden, with Jay-Z dropping the F bomb and using the N word, and so on. And Trump called them out for it and criticized it. 

Last night, Hillary had a rally in Philadelphia where Katy Perry showed up, and there is going to be another big Hillary rally in Philadelphia on Election Eve in which they roll out Jon Bon Jovi. All in all, Trump isn’t impressed, he’s saying he doesn’t need any big celebrities at his rallies to draw people in. (Of course, Trump himself is a big celebrity but he glosses over that fact.)

Anyway, it seems to me Trump has the momentum right now, but whether it can carry him over the top is another question. It could be simply a case of the Republican base coming home to him, now that they all realize that Hillary has to be stopped at all cost. What’s going on reminds me of the end of Mitt Romney’s campaign four years ago, when he also supposedly had all this momentum and these big rallies with lots of people showing up. And he still lost.

There are now conflicting polls as to who’s actually ahead in this race. Quite honestly, I don’t think I believe any polls anymore after so many of them were wrong about Brexit, the British election, the Israel election, and even the Iceland election just last week. Remember these polls predicting an anti-establishment “Pirate” victory? What nonsense that turned out to be.

As for these latest US polls — while ABC News/Washington Post and most others gives the lead to Clinton, others such as Investors Business Daily and the USC/LA Times tracking poll have Trump in front!

Folks, somebody’s going to be wrong on Election Day. Whichever polling firms are wrong surely deserve to be put out of business.

Update: Now Comey has made his announcement that the review into these new emails is completed and the decision not to prosecute Clinton stands. 

I don’t know what to make of this latest development. I’m sure the Clinton supporters will say “see, she isn’t crooked after all,” but Trump’s supporters will surely say Hillary’s getting away with something. So this latest news could just as easily hurt Hillary instead of help her, if the voters feel the same way.


Trump-Clinton debate was exactly what I expected. Vicious stuff.

Based on what I saw of it — and this particular exchange (courtesy CNBC) struck me as a good example of what happened tonight — I don’t see the dynamics of the race changing much based on this debate. 

Hillary Clinton seemed smug and condescending, that’s the best way to describe it. And Trump was Trump, same as usual. In short, it was exactly what I expected: politicians fighting below the belt.

The folks at NRO’s “The Corner” weren’t impressed with Donald Trump, obviously, and seem convinced that he lost the debate. But they don’t seem too sure that Hillary picked up any ground. Jim Geraghty says it all with the headline of If This Night Doesn’t Save Hillary’s Campaign, Nothing Will. 

Meanwhile, Bob Schieffer of CBS News was of the view this debate didn’t sway many voters, which I agree with. But what interested me more was the CBS post debate poll on the same page, one that showed 69 percent thought Trump won the debate. And the poll over at Drudge was even more lopsided for Trump.

I don’t know what the heck these folks at home were watching to give them that opinion (Football? The WWE?), but it’s been that kind of election.

Tonight’s the night! Trump vs. Clinton at Hofstra University

It’s on! Hillary Clinton takes on Donald Trump tonight in the first presidential debate, which many expect will be a bloodbath, with no end of mudslinging and low blows by both candidates. Stuck moderating tonight is Lester Holt.

Here is my take on what will happen. They will have their debate, and once it is over everyone will trip over themselves talking about how Hillary won the debate, and how energetic and healthy she looked on stage, and how excellent her command of the issues was compared to Trump, and so on.

And then everyone will be surprised days from now when polls move in Trump’s direction! Why is this going to happen? Because this is exactly how  it has played out before, debate after debate, during this entire campaign. It never mattered how good his opponents did in these debates; it never mattered what insults Trump hurled or what outrageous statements he made, or whether the audience booed him, or even whether he showed up for these debates at all. Trump still won in the end, because no matter how good his opponents looked, it was Trump’s message that was always in tune with what people “out there” are thinking in America.

Keep this backdrop in mind when you listen to all the post-debate analysis tonight — I’m certain the pundits will end up looking silly in the end. Unfortunately, I can’t tune in this whole spectacle tonight, I have to be at a city council meeting. 

News from Nowhere: Explosion in NYC, plus everyone is sick of this election

Welcome to News from Nowhere, and we all wake up on this NFL Sunday to the story about the explosion in the Chelsea area of New York City last night that injured 29 people. The officials are calling this an intentional act. 

This comes on the heels of the shooting rampage in Philadelphia this week where police officers were targeted. Plus, last night there were other bombings and stabbings elsewhere in the USA.

So the United States is back to being in chaos. As I have said before, every time these mayhem stories hit the news I’m convinced it means more votes for Donald Trump, because this sure as heck doesn’t look good for Hillary Clinton or her buddy Barack Obama, or anyone else in power now. Mr. Trump, a.k.a. “Mr. Law-and-Order”, doesn’t even need to lift a finger or to say something. Whenever something terrible happens in the USA, it hits the news, and the news cycle ends up talking about Trump’s main issues whether the “liberal media” wants to or not.

As for the rest of this week in politics: everyone was still going on and on talking about Hillary’s health after her very public collapse on 9/11. Also, Trump took time to release his medical records on the Dr. Oz show, and the usual people who are too into politics are complaining this wasn’t enough, either — that he’s hiding something. I’m sorry, but Trump wasn’t the one who collapsed in public and had pneumonia this week. 

Beyond that, though, I think this is getting to be a big sideshow. It’s time for everyone to chill out about the health of the candidates and get on with talking about some real issues again, but nobody seems to want to do that. I notice another controversy that people are mad about is that Trump had finally conceded Obama was born in the USA, after years of publicly questioning his citizenship and his eligibility to be President. It’s this focus on the non-issues, the sideshows and the other distractions that are the real reason people are sick of this race and sick of these two candidates. You just want to turn these cable news channels right off.

With that rant done, I should say Trump has finally shown some discipline and has had another relatively good week of staying out of trouble (mostly). Now the polls have this race neck and neck which nobody thought was possible a few weeks ago. Indeed, the Democrats have reason to be nervous.

On to the third parties now, and there are table scraps of good news to report about the Libertarian campaign of the Gary Johnson-William Weld ticket. Some newspapers have finally noticed that someone else other than Trump and Clinton is running for President, and they like what they see. In fact the New Hampshire Union Leader did something they hadn’t done in something like 100 years — they refused to endorse the top of the Republican ticket and endorsed Johnson-Weld instead.

The bad news for Johnson is that the polls still have him way, way under 15 percent, and because he doesn’t meet that completely arbitrary polling threshold, he is being refused a chance to be on the stage in the presidential debates

Which, of course, is an affront to democracy, but it’s not the first time this sort of thing has happened this election year in the Undemocratic, I mean United States of America. Maybe it’s Johnson who should be the one going around saying this election is rigged, instead of Trump.

That’s all for the moment.

Politics news: in general, a down week for “Crooked Hillary” Clinton

Here is another of my updates on the US presidential election, as we are now a week ahead of Labor Day. But the candidates haven’t waited for Labor Day to start campaigning. The campaign has been on for a while.

In general, this past week has been a bad one for “Crooked Hillary” Clinton. All this business about her leaked emails and the revelations about the Clinton Foundation and how it operated — with accusations about it being a pay-for-play scheme while she was running the State Department — have really damaged her as of late. What’s more, there is the spectre that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks might have an “October surprise” dump of emails to be released later this fall to embarrass Hillary, just in time for the election.

So Hillary has been trying to “change the channel”, as they say, this week. She had her big speech in Reno, Nevada, which she launched a blistering attack on the “Alt Right” crowd said to be infiltrating Donald Trump’s campaign, and basically accused Trump of being a racist. That didn’t seem to go over too well. A lot of people seem to think Hillary went off-message with this attack.

While this was going on, Trump was spending all week looking like he wasn’t a racist, for a change. In particular, he has been making a major play for the African-American vote. He’s been busy bashing the Democrats, and particularly Democratic-run city councils all over America, for running their inner cities into the ground. 

Trump was pointing out how bad African-Americans had it in these inner-cities — no jobs,  getting shot, etc. — and was saying the Democrats were taking their vote for granted, so why not vote for him? “What have you got to lose?” Trump is saying.

It wasn’t a perfect week for Trump. He also was in the news for flip-flopping on his formerly hardline stance to deport all the illegal immigrants, but this doesn’t seem to have hurt him with his own supporters. In fact, it may even help him with voters still on the fence, who may now think Trump is finally grabbing some sense on the issue. Still, it’s funny because Trump spent the entire primary season bashing his opponents for being soft on illegal immigration, and now here he is softening-up himself.

Of course, Trump also got in trouble again for yet another of his crazy tweets, this time over the shooting death of a cousin of Dwyane Wade, but this is nothing new. People are used to this by now. 

Despite this latest hiccup, this was still a better week for Trump than it was for “Crooked Hillary”. The polls are getting closer. Plus, Trump’s crowds are still big, including at that rally with his new buddy Nigel Farage of Brexit fame.

This week was also a good preview of what we can all expect over the next two months until Election Day: a total bloodbath. Nothing less.

That’s it for the conventions! On to the election!

We’re done with the US political conventions. Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination and it was either a historic speech (first woman accepting the nomination in the USA), or completely dull and boring, depending on your political point of view.

And remember how I was talking about MTV in my previous post? Katy Perry was there tonight, singing for Hillary Clinton. Well, that must surely finish off the GOP, Trump can throw in the towel.

My schedule is finally freed up to watch baseball games for the rest of this summer! I guess the rest of you will be watching the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, which starts next week.

We’re almost set to wrap up this Democratic love-fest in Philadelphia

After Barack Obama’s emotional speech last night, Hillary Clinton formally accepts the Democratic nomination for President tonight at their convention in Philadelphia.

Quite honestly, I’ve reached the point where I am sick of these conventions, and sick of hearing speeches from these party folks, all telling us why they are supporting so-and-so. I’m ready to get on with the election. 

Besides, after listening to these folks the last few days and nights, I know what the Dems’ party line is anyway — it’s that Donald Trump is too negative and pessimistic about America, so vote for the positive and hopeful Democrats because things are just great anyway.

Certainly, this was more or less what President Barack Obama was pitching Wednesday night in his speech (see above), and yet this line of bull runs counter to the reality of what is really going on in America and around the world. It’s pretty telling that the Democrats have said basically nothing all week about ISIS and “radical Islamic terrorism”, for instance. Yet there is no end in sight to this terror — the latest news is that a French priest had his throat cut by terrorists. The world is a mess and terrorism is rampant, yet the Democrats insist things are fine.

You know, these Dems can go around telling people things are great, but the people at home who worry about all this mayhem going on, not to mention the future of their own jobs, will have a different point of view. They may think Trump is not being pessimistic, but realistic. They might think he’ll actually do something instead of the Democrats who, by ignoring these issues, look increasingly like ostriches with heads in the sand. Maybe that ought to be the party’s symbol instead of a donkey.

As for this final day of the convention, I was watching the online streams, as usual. I spent today watching Shepard Smith’s FNC Digital Hangout live stream for Fox News, and he was chatting today with Kennedy about the other big news of the day — that VH1 Classic was being rebranded to MTV Classic and would show all this stuff that used to be on MTV back in the Nineties. 

So they plan to show all this Nineties stuff like Beavis and Butthead, The Real World, Road Rules and so on. And Smith and Kennedy were talking about how pop music came back in a big way in the Nineties with acts like NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, the Spice Girls, etc. etc. Yes, in terms of pop culture the Nineties were awesome in a lot of ways — more awesome than it is now, when you think of it.

Anyway, that is what I spent my afternoon doing today. Now, I’m going to find a live stream and tune in to what is left of this convention.

Hillary scores the KO to Bernie: bring on Donald

It is the last primary night of the season, and I had to spend most of it on assignment. Anyway, there was little at stake, as Hillary Clinton has clinched the number of delegates needed for the Democratic nomination as of a day earlier. Victory in New Jersey simply was the icing on the cake tonight to remove all doubt. There is nothing more Bernie Sanders can do now to stop her. He may, or may not, finally quit — it would not surprise me if he stands on principle and fights on to the bitter end at the convention. 

As for the Republicans, folks in that party probably wish there was some way to stop Donald Trump or shut his mouth — which, as you know, he has been opening again with incendiary remarks about a Mexican-American judge. Terrible. People have been hoping this guy would show some sign of turning the corner and becoming more presidential, but it isn’t happening. It just never stops with him. 

Anyway, I’m going to now tune in to the California and Montana results to see if there is any drama left this night. I’m going to miss primary season — a lot.

US politics: it increasingly looks as if it is definitely going to be Clinton vs Trump

I have not had too much of a chance to digest the New York primary results, mainly because I spent much of my Tuesday evening doing other things (on assignment).

This US primary season has lasted quite a bit longer than a lot of people thought it would, but it sure looks as if it is finally winding down for both the Democrats and Republicans. 

In particular, the victories in New York of both Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side and Donald Trump on the Republican side has sobered both parties. Moreover, Ted Cruz was badly clobbered in New York, finishing in third place, behind even John Kasich. So the Cruz campaign has now just lost a ton of credibility and momentum. Cruz looks doomed, no matter what he does now.

Regarding Trump, I think this complete rout of his in New York has calmed down all the talk of a “brokered convention.” Even if he falls short of getting the magic number of delegates from the primaries, I think Trump may still end up rounding up enough delegates to come over to him so he can win on the first ballot anyway. The main thing is that Trump is back to winning primaries again, and the realization is slowly but surely setting in for the big shots in the GOP party that ignoring the will of the people, expressed in the primaries, is a big disaster waiting to happen for the GOP. So because the people want Trump, they have to accept him as the nominee, even if they can’t stand him.

Still, Trump does need to mend fences (which he seems to be doing now) and start being more presidential and less crazy; otherwise, he will have zero hope past the convention in Cleveland. Unfortunately, he shot off his big mouth again in opposing putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, so I don’t know. It is exactly this type of thing that has been preventing Trump from completely putting this thing on ice. This race won’t be over until the Donald learns to shut up occasionally.

As for the Democrats, reality is setting in for everyone that Hillary has it pretty much locked up. New York was the last real hope for Bernie Sanders, and if he can’t make it there he can’t make it anywhere (twisting the words of Sinatra). Sanders had been on a big winning streak as of late, but was still well behind in the delegate count in spite of it all. In particular, he had made no progress at all in attracting super-delegates. Now, after Tuesday, it really looks like it is over.

I read this piece about the Sanders campaign and their supporters, and how they are dealing with all this. It is clear the Sanders supporters finally realize they cannot win and are having a hard time accepting it. I think the central campaign is having an even harder time accepting their fate. It looks as if this campaign might fight to the bitter end, no matter what. In fact, I read they’ve opened a campaign office in California. Not exactly a move a campaign would make if it was about to throw in the towel.

So the primary season may still go on a little while yet, but it looks to me like the end is in sight. Enjoy watching the primary night coverage on CNN on Tuesdays, while they last.

Nevada caucuses are on: Fox News projects Hillary as the winner


The Nevada caucuses are on right now and Fox News is now projecting Hillary Clinton as the winner, even though the race is a close one. With a little over half the vote in, it is 52 to 48 percent, Clinton over Bernie Sanders

This result should quell the masses who’ve been vocal about how poorly Clinton has been doing — at least, for a while anyway. That’s all from me for now, I am going back to watching the NASCAR Xfinity Series from Daytona.

Yet another edition of the Hillary and Bernie show, tonight in Wisconsin on PBS

It is debate night again for the Democrats, but I don’t think any effort tonight by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders can match the dramatics we have seen from the Republicans lately. Still, the debate from Wisconsin is about to start on PBS, and the live stream can be found here.

Thoughts on the Democrats debate: Bernie Sanders isn’t going to win, that’s obvious

Last night was the CBS News Democratic presidential debate from Iowa. Good debate, and a decent job by CBS News based on the portion I saw of it. Moderator John Dickerson seemed to keep it in control, but it is hard not to when the Democratic field is down to only three people. 

As for the content of it, from my Canadian vantagepoint I thought these folks should have added the word “New” in front of “Democratic,” because that’s what it was policy-wise. 

In particular, Bernie Sanders was especially strident, going on and on and on with his continual attacking of Wall Street and his plans to break the banks up. “The business model of Wall Street is fraud,” Sanders was saying up there. 

My God, man. Tone it down a bit, eh?

As for all this talk about how foreign policy and the Paris attacks were going to be the focus of the night, I guess I tuned into the wrong portion of the debate for that, because there wasn’t a lot of discussion from what I saw. I only caught the second half in which Sanders was doing his usual class warfare routine. 

I wasn’t too impressed, and neither were a lot of Democrats, apparently. Politico ran this piece about the debate and all these political operatives were giving Sanders low points for focusing on the economy instead of the Paris terrorism situation. 

But keep in mind, these are operatives saying this, and these political people could be Hillary Clinton supporters for all I know. Democratic voters could still throw a wrench into things. 

Still, I have a lot of trouble taking Sanders seriously as a presidential candidate. This remains a one-woman show on the Democratic side as far as I am concerned.

Big CNN Democratic debate was tonight, and I missed it because I was covering city council!


I wish I could add insight into what happened tonight at the CNN Democratic candidates debate held at my favourite U.S. city Las Vegas. It sounds like it was a big night for Hillary Clinton, according to CNN. Unfortunately, I was covering another exciting local city council meeting tonight, and missed the whole thing. 

So I’ll have to find a feed of the debate somewhere and see what happened. Not that it affects me much, I live in Canada.