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France Election, Part II: parliamentary vote results today

Today, the second round of voting finishes in the French parliamentary election. Yes, that’s right, folks; their presidential vote wasn’t the end of it, they had to go through yet another vote for parliament, too.  

The expectation, based on how the first round turned out last week, is that Emmanuel Macron’s party En Marche! will will a massive majority in excess of 400 seats, an incredible showing for a new political party. 

It’s also looking to be a historically awful showing for the other mainline parties, in particular the once-powerful Socialists, who are being reduced to rubble. Here’s an article from Politico Europe on what to expect today if you’re not all that familiar to French politics. (Update: results are here.)

And as for those people who want to read whatever they want to read into Marine Le Pen’s parliamentary results, keep in mind that her party always does very badly in parliamentary elections. Yet another dismal result is just par for the course for her movement.

In other news from France, Porsche won Le Mans again, and I guess the surprise for me was finding out that Audi isn’t competing there anymore; instead, they’re focusing their effort on Formula E. 


Results in France: Macron 65%

That was fast. 

Live coverage here of the presidential election. Hopefully, they’ll get the speeches over with quickly, then I can tune in to sports the rest of the day.

Macron, Le Pen projected to advance to presidential second round in France

So the centrist-independent Emmanuel Macron and the hard-right Marine Le Pen are projected to be in the runoff for president of France. 

This may not seem like such a shock result to you, the polling had predicted this same outcome, but in fact this is a major political revolution for France. Both mainline parties, the Socialists and the Republicans, have been eliminated: the Socialist nominee in fact only got 6 percent of the vote. What’s more, the Communist Jean-Luc Melenchon got over 19 percent of the vote! 

So it’s been a big night in general for populists, mavericks and outright radicals in France — sort of like what happened in the USA last election.