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The news is that Roger Ailes has died

I was all set to go off on a riff about the appointment of a special prosecutor re: Trump/Russia investigation, but that has been “trumped” today by the news that embattled former Fox News boss Roger Ailes has died.

It seems the Drudge Report broke the news before Fox News did, which some people find sort of interesting. Anyway, it surely is a sad ending.


Brenda Buttner of Fox News/Fox Business fame dead at 55

Oh, no, not again. Neil Cavuto went on the air today to announce the death of Brenda Buttner, Fox News business reporter and host of Bulls and Bears. If you get déjà vu watching this, it’s because it wasn’t so long ago that Cavuto has gone on TV to announce the passing of Terry Keenan, who also died at a young age. Sad business.

Update: And in more sad news for Fox News their resident liberal Alan Colmes has died, age 66.

Big shocking TV news: Greta Van Susteren departs Fox News Channel

The shocking news from TV today is that Greta Van Susteren has left Fox News Channel. This is more fallout from the Roger Ailes sexual harassment scandal; Ailes’ departure gave Greta an “out” in her contract with Fox News, and so she used it last Thursday and quit. 

Based on the story I linked to from CNN, it sounds like she hasn’t been too happy there for a while. Brit Hume replaces her as host of On the Record in her time slot, so that means one more full hour of political coverage, guaranteed, every night now on Fox News.

Anyway, this news sucks for her staff people. From what I’ve been reading Van Susteren is a class act in the business, and so I hope she resurfaces somewhere soon. Where, I don’t know.

MSNBC, perhaps? Syndicated talk? Maybe she can be a judge on one of these TV “judge” shows that keep showing up. Anyway, there should be a few options available.

Roger Ailes drama almost upstages the GOP convention

In spite of Donald Trump’s omnipresence there is other news going on in the USA this GOP convention week and a lot of it has to do with the head honcho of Fox News Channel.

News broke that Roger Ailes was negotiating his exit from the Fox empire, with the news reported on outlets such as Drudge and the New York Post. This is more fallout from those sexual harassment allegations against him — there’s now even a story circulating in New York mag about how Megyn Kelly was allegedly harassed, too. The exit package is said to be worth millions of dollars. 

While these reports were circulating, Fox put out a statement saying Ailes was still at work. Other wild stories are now circulating in the press about how the Ailes loyalists like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren etc. will bolt Fox News if Ailes leaves and join some startup channel instead. 

Anyway, the bottom line is the dust has not settled yet on this whole situation. We’ll see soon enough how it all shakes out for Ailes, and the rest of the talent.

Post about lawyers in TV news: Jamie Colby, Shannon Bream

Here is another of my occasional pieces designed to convince miserable disgruntled lawyers, wasting away in law firms, that there are good and uplifting alternatives out there that they can do with their lives.

I notice a few articles online these days about Jamie Colby (pictured) who is an attorney at the firm of Ailes Smith O’Reilly and Hannity — better known as Fox News. 

I guess she is getting all this press because of a new show she is hosting called Strange Inheritance on the Fox Business channel. Before she made it in TV news Colby was an attorney and also a law professor at one point, working in California and later in Florida — mainly in business and real estate law, I gather. One of the first places she worked at was for Henry Bushkin who is best known for being the lawyer for Johnny Carson.

 Just for laughs, I went onto the California State Bar site to look up Jamie Colby’s bar status. Yep, she’s listed there, as “inactive.” 

The other piece I wanted to link to was this piece on Shannon Bream, who is also with Fox News but covers the prestigious Supreme Court beat. She talked about that when she was interviewed by Greta Van Susteren recently. Before going into TV news Bream was an attorney at a law firm in Florida for four years. That was all she could take, she said, and add she “never” wants to go back. Well, no wonder she feels that way, she now covers the Supreme Court! 

I guess I am interested in the topic after doing all those Jodi Arias case posts last week and watching all the legal analysts spout off on TV; plus, I was in court this week covering some notable cases making their way through our justice system, so this was all on my brain. So those are my links for today.