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That’s it for the conventions! On to the election!

We’re done with the US political conventions. Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination and it was either a historic speech (first woman accepting the nomination in the USA), or completely dull and boring, depending on your political point of view.

And remember how I was talking about MTV in my previous post? Katy Perry was there tonight, singing for Hillary Clinton. Well, that must surely finish off the GOP, Trump can throw in the towel.

My schedule is finally freed up to watch baseball games for the rest of this summer! I guess the rest of you will be watching the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, which starts next week.


We’re almost set to wrap up this Democratic love-fest in Philadelphia

After Barack Obama’s emotional speech last night, Hillary Clinton formally accepts the Democratic nomination for President tonight at their convention in Philadelphia.

Quite honestly, I’ve reached the point where I am sick of these conventions, and sick of hearing speeches from these party folks, all telling us why they are supporting so-and-so. I’m ready to get on with the election. 

Besides, after listening to these folks the last few days and nights, I know what the Dems’ party line is anyway — it’s that Donald Trump is too negative and pessimistic about America, so vote for the positive and hopeful Democrats because things are just great anyway.

Certainly, this was more or less what President Barack Obama was pitching Wednesday night in his speech (see above), and yet this line of bull runs counter to the reality of what is really going on in America and around the world. It’s pretty telling that the Democrats have said basically nothing all week about ISIS and “radical Islamic terrorism”, for instance. Yet there is no end in sight to this terror — the latest news is that a French priest had his throat cut by terrorists. The world is a mess and terrorism is rampant, yet the Democrats insist things are fine.

You know, these Dems can go around telling people things are great, but the people at home who worry about all this mayhem going on, not to mention the future of their own jobs, will have a different point of view. They may think Trump is not being pessimistic, but realistic. They might think he’ll actually do something instead of the Democrats who, by ignoring these issues, look increasingly like ostriches with heads in the sand. Maybe that ought to be the party’s symbol instead of a donkey.

As for this final day of the convention, I was watching the online streams, as usual. I spent today watching Shepard Smith’s FNC Digital Hangout live stream for Fox News, and he was chatting today with Kennedy about the other big news of the day — that VH1 Classic was being rebranded to MTV Classic and would show all this stuff that used to be on MTV back in the Nineties. 

So they plan to show all this Nineties stuff like Beavis and Butthead, The Real World, Road Rules and so on. And Smith and Kennedy were talking about how pop music came back in a big way in the Nineties with acts like NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, the Spice Girls, etc. etc. Yes, in terms of pop culture the Nineties were awesome in a lot of ways — more awesome than it is now, when you think of it.

Anyway, that is what I spent my afternoon doing today. Now, I’m going to find a live stream and tune in to what is left of this convention.

Bernie Sanders not getting a rose from Bachelorette fans, and other News from Nowhere

Welcome to News from Nowhere and to day two of the Democratic National Convention. It looks to me as if normalcy has been restored — as much as you are going to get, anyway. It sounds like the Bernie supporters might at least be trying to get with the program now, unlike some of these #NeverTrump people last week.

The first night had the usual pro-Hillary speeches we have come to expect, as well as the usual Trump-bashing. Hilites are above from ABC News.

Speaking of ABC News— that network is in deep doo-dah today with fans of the ABC show The Bachelorette. It turned out that Bernie’s speech (in which he endorsed Hillary) ended up going over time, which meant that The Bachelorette show did not get started on time in several markets in the Pacific time zone! Oh, the horrors. 

Anyway, for Bachelorette fans who want to know what happened on the show, here it is. 

Tonight, Hillary will be officially nominated in the roll call vote and her hilarious husband Bill will be speaking, too. Makes me almost wish I PVRed The Bachelorette. Just kidding; actually, I never watch that show anyway.

Finally, while still on politics, here is a link to a pessimistic Huff Post article from a very depressed-sounding film director Michael Moore on why he thinks Trump will win. Frankly, he makes a lot of good points, particularly about the mood in these rust-belt states.

So that is the news on goings on in Philadelphia, now here is more in the News from Nowhere.

  • The big news in business is that Verizon is taking over Yahoo!. The former tech giant was acquired for a puny $5 billion — a far cry from what it was worth before.
  • We have more news about deadly massacres going on in the world. The latest was in Japan where 19 people were killed by a knife wielding lunatic.
  • In box office news, the winner at the domestic box office this weekend ($59 mil) was Star Trek Beyond. But over in China the winner was Jackie Chan in Skiptrace ($60 mil.)
  • In Olympics news, the IOC chickened out and decided not to kick out the entire Russian team from the Olympics in Rio. Instead, 37 of the athletes are being banned. Strangely enough, I actually feel this was the right decision — a lot of innocent people would have been impacted if the whole country was banned.
  • Zika is still running amuck. Not only is it amuck in Brazil, but now you way want to reconsider your vacation plans for the Dominican Republic.
  • And in local news, there was a huge oil spill into the North Saskatchewan River that has impacted the water supply for a number of communities in Saskatchewan including North Battleford and Prince Albert. A big headache for officials to say the least. 

That is it for the moment.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz booed by Sanders supporters; won’t be banging the gavel

So the story of the hour is that Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is due to step down later this week as DNC chair over those hacked DNC emails, will not be gavelling in the convention because the Bernie Sanders supporters are still raging mad at her over the DNC’s sandbagging of their candidate. Earlier today, in a meeting of the Florida delegation, Wasserman Schultz was angrily booed by pro-Sanders supporters. 

So she’s not gavelling in this convention, simply to avoid a repeat of this scene. What a gong show this is. This is the first time anyone remembers a DNC chair being removed right before the convention.

Bernie Sanders is due to go up on stage later tonight to endorse Hillary Clinton. That should be interesting.

Hillary names Tim Kaine running mate, and last thoughts on Trump

We are done with the Republicans in Cleveland and are almost set to get inundated by the Democrats in Philadelphia. Before we move on, some news from the campaign: Hillary Clinton has tapped Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate. Politically, it looks good because Virginia is very much a “swing” state. But the Bernie Sanders supporters can’t be happy that Clinton picked such a big moderate. 

In other news Donald Trump, in an obvious play for Bernie supporters, has slammed the Democratic National Committee upon revelations of their underhanded tactics against Bernie and in favor of Hillary. 

Still with Trump, he held one of his usual press conferences on Friday in which he declared the Republican convention a success. And despite what the mainstream media will have you believe, this convention in Cleveland really was successful in a lot of ways. Violence didn’t erupt in the streets to any great extent, and the party seemed remarkably united inside the hall — thanks mainly to Ted Cruz, whose negative attitude towards the nominee simply served to galvanize and unite everyone in the GOP rank-and-file behind Trump.

Trump really nailed home a lot of the issues in his acceptance speech, which ran a very long 75 minutes. It had a law and order, anti-terrorism type of theme to it, and whether you agree with Trump or not, he came across as a guy who’s serious and means business. He was not his usual buffoon self. And the speech by his daughter Ivanka cast Donald in the most positive light. His address got a very positive response from most people watching.

Of course, the usual media folks were panning the speech afterwards by saying it painted a very dark picture of America. There were criticisms that Trump painted a negative portrayal of an America nobody would recognize. President Barack Obama said something on those lines the other day, saying Trump’s doom and gloom doesn’t match reality

If this is going to be the Democrats’ party line in this campaign, that Trump is too gloomy, they are going to be in serious trouble. 

Voters know what’s going on in America. They see the layoffs going on, they see the plant closings! They see these shootings going on, they see the protests, and they see the terrorism on American soil and abroad. Just this week there was yet another tragedy, this time at a mall in Munich, Germany, where nine people were shot and killed in a mass shooting. 

So when Donald Trump is going up there on the stump saying the world is going to hell, people nod their heads and say “yeah”. I’m convinced that every time something terrible like this happens, it’s more votes for Trump.

Democrats need to get their heads out of the sand and realize these are exactly the issues everyone is concerned about right now. Hurling accusations at Trump of promoting doom and gloom will not fly with the electorate — not in this election.


This post will serve as my last comment on the Democratic National Convention which I thoroughly failed to cover last week. As it turned out, I was gone on assignment most of the day Thursday on a trip to Moose Jaw, so I was busy with that and missed out most of the final night of the convention, though I did manage to catch the end of President Barack Obama’s speech.

From the sounds of it, I didn’t miss much — a lot of people were comparing it to four years ago and thinking it didn’t measure up. In fact, a lot of people thought it didn’t measure up to Bill Clinton’s nominating speech the previous night.

Peter Worthington went so far as to wonder whether it was so bad a speech that it could cost Obama the election, and I kind of doubt that — people’s attention spans are kind of short these days anyway.

I did notice more people like the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank were picking up on all the problems the Democrats were having in sticking to the script, what with moving Obama’s speech out of that football stadium by claiming there was bad weather, and then it turned out there wasn’t such bad weather after all.

Anyway, convention season is over, and it’s now on to the official campaign season again with two full months of attack ads coming your way.

Of course, around where I am in frozen Canada, I won’t be missing out on any of the fun, as I am busy covering a campaign here — a municipal election campaign. Ho hum.


Welcome to my live continuing convention coverage, this time of the Democratic National Convention. Right now former President Bill Clinton is speaking and placing President Barack Obama’s name in nomination, and later tonight is the roll call of the states to put him over the top.  Right now Clinton is making fun of Romney’s job creation plans.

First of all, here is a link to a column I wrote on the conventions, where I basically say it’s just all a big scripted TV show and that there are no decisions made by the delegates, that the VP is selected ahead of time, that the platform is written ahead of time, and so forth.

Anyway, there was a wrench thrown into the DNC proceedings today: the delegates had to amend the platform, in order to put the word “God” into the platform and also to affirm that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. So, anyway, that was a big example of the DNC being thrown off the script, which is usually pretty difficult to do when you are re-nominating a President. So much for my big article, then, ranting about scripted conventions.

The second wrench is that tomorrow night’s outdoor acceptance speech by Obama, to be held in that stadium where the Carolina Panthers play football, has been rained out and will be held inside that convention hall where the Charlotte Bobcats usually play basketball.

So a lot of folks who had tickets to see Obama speak are disappointed. Well, the way I see it is that it’s only right for Obama to make an acceptance speech inside the convention anyway. I don’t like this business of accepting nominations outside the hall or making speeches at football stadiums — it makes candidates look too full of themselves. Besides, I like the balloon drops better than fireworks.

Clinton is still going on and on and on bashing Republicans, with his speech running right into the time allotment for the local news. I am going to sit back and relax and listen to his speech.


It promises to be a very interesting night for political watchers both north and south of the 49th parallel tonight, as the Democrats take to their convention tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina to renominate President Barack Obama.

Again, like last week at the GOP convention, Tuesday night promises to be “Ladies’ Night” as First Lady Michelle Obama is set to speak.

Up here in frozen Canada, nervous federalists wonder if it will be “Ladies’ Night” in Quebec, too, as separatist Pauline Marois tries to wrest the premiership of Quebec from Jean Charest in the election today and become the first female premier in Quebec history.

What a dubious result that would be — history could end up being made by someone wanting to tear the country right up.

It’s a very tight, race, though, and the prospect of a minority “hung assembly” result looms large with Francois Legault and the CAQ very much in the race and threatening to split the vote.

Even though the result is far from certain there tonight  — and Charest still has a reputation for having more political lives than your average cat — this has not stopped the entire press outside Quebec from freaking out in print over the prospect of a Parti Quebecois victory, and the prospect of more fights with the federal government. more ridiculous and repressive language laws and of course, the thought of holding yet another referendum on breaking the country up.

All I have to say is God help us all if the PQ wins. But they’ve been in power before and Canada still managed to survive, in spite of their efforts. So I won’t be freaking out if they win. In my view the Parti Quebecois is like an annoying bug that keeps on coming back into your house. You have to keep on swatting it all the time.

Election coverage starts at 8pm EST, or about an hour from now. In the meantime, I am watching the fair and balanced Democratic convention coverage and all the speeches from Charlotte praising President Obama. I’ll be back later.