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Mayweather v. McGregor. Dana White thinks it will happen!

Well, the rumors have been flying for a while about a potential multimillion dollar boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the UFC’s star, Conor McGregor (pictured). 

This could turn out to be the next big superfight on the horizon, after that last sorry borefest of a superfight in which Mayweather spent the entire night running laps around Manny Pacquiao. Lately, though, there have been rumors UFC boss Dana White might block the fight and that it may never happen. The problem is McGregor is contractually bound to UFC and would need their clearance to go ahead with the superfight — something White has expressed reluctance about doing.

Things may have changed in that regard. White went on Conan last night and he said he believed a deal would get done. So that has got the Twitterati and social media people all excited, with this news that White won’t block such a superfight. White is trending on Twitter and Facebook! 

Now, the question is how to actually get this fight deal done, where and when would it be, etc. etc. Of course, the deal for Mayweather’s superfight with Pacquiao took years to transpire and looked for a while like it might never happen.

It would be a heck of a spectacle, let me tell you that. Mayweather vs. McGregor. We shall see if it happens.

Update: Stephen A. Smith thinks it will happen, too.



Lucky for me, I did not bother to plunk down good money on this lousy UFC 149 fight night in Calgary.

I gotta say, though — I respect Dana White for going up there and telling it like it is with respect to this fight card at the post-fight press conference. He went up there and basically said the whole main card sucked, with the exception of the main Bareo-Faber event which he thought didn’t deserve the boos that it got. But the other main card fights were a disgrace, and White was dead on in saying it wasn’t the Ultimate Clenching Championship, it was the Ultimate FIGHTING Championship. 

Anyway, good on him for admitting the obvious and not resorting to the usual BS we have come to expect from the other sports. The UFC will come back and rise again. Better luck next time.