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College football playoff matchups announced: arguments ensue

The college football playoff final rankings were announced Sunday and it will be No. 1 Alabama versus 4. Washington, and 2. Clemson versus 3. Ohio State. Despite beating Wisconsin in the Big 10 title game yesterday, Penn State was left out. And they deserve to be out; the Nittany Lions have two losses, while these other teams are no worse than one loss. That ought to be that for their chances, but that hasn’t stopped the obnoxious sports-pundit people from inventing all these reasons why Ohio State or Washington should be out instead.

People are now pointing to all this arguing over “who is number 4” as proof the college football playoffs ought to be expanded to eight teams. 

Fine, they’ll do that, and what will happen is people will simply argue about who the eighth seed should be. Then they’ll expand it to 16 teams, and they’ll argue over number 16. And so on. It never stops.

Trust me, no one will be satisfied unless every last one of these Division 1 football teams is in the football playoffs, and I’m convinced that even then there will be people arguing

All this hot air over football playoffs is giving me a headache! Aaargh! 

Also, the bowl schedule has been announced and you can see it here.


It’s Bowl season!!! Watching a lot of football today


I am spending most of this day inside, watching the first of the US college bowl games for this bowl season. 

Some will say these are meaningless football games, but that didn’t stop me from watching the meaningless Saskatchewan Roughriders this season, and it will not stop me watching these games either. Right now, I watching the Utah Utes hold on to defeat BYU 35-28 in the Las Vegas Bowl. 

Basically, what I am doing is trying to make up for not tuning into the Army-Navy football game last week. The full schedule of bowl games is here.

Labour Day weekend is here. Time to relax one last time before the fall hits!

Well, it is here again, Labour Day weekend. A weekend of CFL and U.S. College football, U.S. Open tennis, MLB, and other stuff — including the UFC! But there is no MDA telethon this year of any kind, as I have pointed out before, so I may need to watch some old Jerry Lewis TV shows on YouTube to pass the time late Sunday night, just for nostalgic reasons.

For me personally, this weekend is a last chance to decompress before the stretch run of what has been a boring Canadian federal election campaign so far in my neck of the woods — although that could change if the polls show the Conservatives in any further trouble. As for the never ending American presidential race, I don’t think I’ll do a write up on that until after the long weekend. Maybe by then Donald Trump will have said something else to get people riled up again.

That is it! Time for some football!!

Mississippi State is Number One and on the cover of SI! Which means only one thing: they’re doomed

With major league baseball on hold for a few days until the World Series starts, that frees me up to watch college football all day today. Oh, I could do the Canadian thing and watch hockey, but I’ll leave that for another time since this new-look HNIC is so unwatchable. (George, wear a tie. Please.)

The big story in college football is that thanks to no shortage of upsets this season (such as during the first weekend in October), the field is now wide-open for non-traditional powers to contend. So entering this weekend Mississippi State Bulldogs are Number One for the first time in history, fresh off of beating Auburn last week in the SEC 38-23.

Meanwhile, their traditional rivals Ole Miss Rebels are right behind as Number 3, just behind Florida State.

This is quite something. The Rebels’ glory days were a long time ago, and Mississippi State is better known for its broadcast meteorology program than for its football. But here they both are, undefeated and at the top of the rankings.

As a result of this turn of events, both teams got the full Kate Upton treatment from Sports Illustrated and landed on the cover.

Which means only one thing: the cover curse. That’s right, folks, they’re doomed — as the sports guy at my paper pointed out to me this week.

And just to make sure, SI has put Mississippi State and its QB Dak Prescott on the cover again for thenext week.

I hope all of Mississippi enjoys their 15 minutes of fame in first place, because it can’t last now. All this national media attention will surely go to everyone’s heads. Thanks for nothing, SI.


Bcs_logo_2010The Florida State Seminoles’ 34-31 come from behind win over Auburn in the BCS title game was great for college football.

I was really getting sick and tired of the SEC winning the title all the time; moreover, everyone in all the other conferences was sick of them and sick of the fans’ “SEC!” chants, chanting their superiority. It was as if none of the other programs in the other conferences counted. Fortunately, this result shows there’s hope yet for the rest of them.

It seemed to me like you knew it was not going to be Auburn’s night when Kermit Whitfield ran that kick return back 100 yards for the touchdown. They got a taste of their own medicine with that one, and then Jameis Winston led them back again with only 1:19 left on the clock for the winning touchdown.

The result of this game, plus the other BCS results such as Michigan State’s  24-20 win in the Rose Bowl over Stanford and the Oklahoma 45-31 upset of Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, ends the BCS on a good note. Now the BCS is in the dustbin of history and next year we go to the College Football Playoff, which everyone claims is going to be better — yet it’s likely going to solve nothing.

We’re still likely to see SEC teams bumping other teams out, shafting the other conferences; plus, we’ll get even more arguments and arguing, except this time it’ll be about who should be in the top four instead of the top two! “Stanford should be number four!” “No, Michigan State should be number four!”

Well, look on the bright side — at least we’ll finally have some sort of college football playoffs.


I am currently sitting at home watching college bowl games on TV. Yes, the bowl games have started and the full list of games and times can be found here.

I know that a lot of these sports people in the USA like to rant and rave about how meaningless bowl games are and how nobody cares about them, but I actually look forward to them all. They’re a fun part of the holiday season for me, and I enjoy having more football on TV to be able to watch.

As a total aside — I must say that the move towards naming these bowl games after one sponsor after another is confusing to no end. BEEF ‘O’ BRADY’S BOWL! LITTLE CAESARS BOWL! FIGHT HUNGER BOWL! The AdvoCare V100 BOWL!

There’s something called the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, and take a wild guess where that is. That’s right — it’s not in Buffalo! Instead it’s in Tempe, Arizona! Meanwhile, the Fiesta Bowl, which used to be played at that very same stadium, is being played now in Glendale. Even more confusing is that the Cotton Bowl is being played not at the Cotton Bowl, but at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. The game that is being played at the Cotton Bowl is something called the Heart of Dallas Bowl. And so on.

Even more confusing is there are now bowl games played in such locales such as Boise, Idaho and even New York City. It used to be that getting to a bowl game was meant to be a reward for a great season, so you got to play in some sunny locale somewhere. Some reward this is, folks, playing out in the ice and cold!

Anyway, welcome to bowl season.


Bcs_logo_2010One of the ways I have been able to successfully fight Saskatchewan Roughriders football withdrawal symptoms has been by watching lots of college football. As much fun and just as crazy.

One of the most critical games on the weekend was between number 1 Alabama and number 4 Auburn, the “Iron Bowl”. That ended on the most incredible play imaginable. After one second was put back on the clock by the officials, Alabama missed a 57-yard field goal, only for Auburn’s Chris Davis to run it the entire way back to win the game.

That was the craziest finish I have seen in a football game in a long, long time, and I’ve seen plenty of crazy football over the years.

That result prompted a shakeup in the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) rankings and has put undefeated teams Florida State and Ohio State into the 1-2 spots en route to a possible BCS title matchup in January. Ohio State had barely survived on the weekend themselves, narrowly winning 42-41 over Michigan.

Trying to explain this whole BCS computer ranking system to people around here is pretty much impossible. It’s a combination of voting, strength-of-schedule weighting and computer mumbo-jumbo and it’s meant to all make sense in the end. But a lot of people here have no clue how the BCS rankings work, how the conferences work, which teams get into which bowl games and so on.

Personally, my own confusion stems from the voting portion of the BCS equation. These stupid voters seem to make things up as they go along — it’s almost as if there are no rules.

I remember a couple of years ago when the final BCS ranking put Alabama into the title game against LSU even though Alabama didn’t even win their own conference title. They didn’t even play for their own conference championship and had already lost to LSU, but that didn’t stop the BCS voters from giving ‘Bama a second chance at beating LSU in the title game, which is what they did.

Now you have people talking about putting number 3 Auburn into the BCS title game in next week’s ranking, even though Auburn has already got a loss on their record while the two teams ahead of them are undefeated. To me, this reeks of conspiracy. If they all win next week and Auburn somehow leapfrogs into the BCS title game, I’ll be ranting and raving because that will be proof that this whole BCS setup is rigged in favor of the SEC. Why should anyone else in any other conference even bother playing football? That would be my question.

To those folks who say they don’t understand the BCS, suffice it to say that even people who understand the BCS don’t understand it. Anyway, the final shakedown happens this coming weekend, so be sure to watch out for that. Bowl season awaits!


Actually, I don’t know what I’m more enthused about — the fact it’s Night One of NCAA football, or the final night of the NFL pre-season.

Either way it’s all good, because the real games are BACK. Now it really feels like football season — not like this eight-week head start we had in Canada this summer with the CFL.

Here’s a preview of the opening weekend from ESPN here, and the ESPN scoreboard page is here. One of the games going on tonight is a matchup between the South Carolina Gamecocks and the North Carolina Tarheels. I wonder if any of the locals here in Saskatchewan even care about that game.

Well, they should care, because an alum of North Carolina happens to be the quarterback of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. That’s right, Darian Durant.

See, this is why folks in Saskatchewan ought to care about NCAA football, because you never know which of those players will wind up playing up here. (I get the impression, though, the only football most people care about here only involves the ‘Riders.)

Also, I should note that we finally got a ruling from the NCAA on the whole Johnny Manziel autograph-signing scandal. Apparently he didn’t profit personally from any of the autograph signings, so all he got was a big slap on the wrist. He has to sit out one half of one game for Texas A&M. Big freaking deal — Texas A&M can give their backup QB some reps, and then Manziel can come in and run up the score in the second half. This is like no penalty at all.

Well, at least this story is over and we won’t have to listen to these sports-talk hosts ranting about it any more.


As I write this, I am watching the R and L Carriers New Orleans Bowl on TV, one of many bowl games happening over the holiday season. Football bowl games are among the things I enjoy about the holidays — they keep life interesting during a period that is usually dull and boring for most things, generally.

Last week there was the Idaho Potato Bowl and the Gildan New Mexico Bowl. A few days ago was the Poinsetta Bowl, and last night was something called the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl in St. Petersburg. Later today is the Maaco Bowl from Las Vegas. All this corporate sponsorship nonsense.

Gosh darnit, why don’t they do what they do in Canada and just have playoffs?! Then instead of playing for “bowls” they can play for “Cups” — the Hardy Cup, the Vanier Cup, and so on. (I guess the Mitchell Bowl and the Uteck Bowl are “bowls”, too. Sort of. What they really are are playoff games, which is still a step higher than what these glorified exhibitions are in the USA.)

The full list of bowl games and scores can be found right here at the ESPN website.