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On CBS Sunday night: The Dick Van Dyke Show. IN COLOR!!!

Tonight on CBS at 8pm/7 Central, they are showing two classic episodes back-to-back of The Dick Van Dyke Show. What’s remarkable is these are being shown in color. “For the first time!”, says the promo.

This whole series ran from 1961 to 1966 and was one of the last prime-time TV series on American television to air entirely in black and white. It ended its run right before all the prime time schedules on all three networks switched entirely to color. Had it lasted another year, this series surely would have had color episodes, just as The Andy Griffith Show and other classic B&W series did from 1966 on. 

So this really is a novelty, seeing these old episodes “colorized” — just as they did when they showed that old Christmas episode of I Love Lucy colorized.

In fact, it really is a novelty to see The Dick Van Dyke Show anywhere on TV at all these days, so this is great. What’s really remarkable is that even though this series is 50-plus years old, a large portion of the show’s main cast is still alive (unlike many other Sixties TV shows). Yes, Rose Marie and even Carl Reiner’s still here.

The episodes being shown tonight are “That’s My Boy??” and “Coast to Coast Big Mouth,” and you can read more about it in this Vanity Fair piece here.


Oh, by the way, happy 60th anniversary to CBS’ Face the Nation!

And a big congratulations to Bob Schieffer for being around for all of them!

What, he’s actually the eighth host of the show? Well, Schieffer sure looks like he was around for all of them, ha ha ha.

Calm down, you uptight folks, I was only joking. Story on the anniversary here.

Big “Late Show” news — David Letterman is retiring

I am currently watching the Late Show with David Letterman on a night when it’s been reported that Letterman announced his retirement. He says this will likely happen sometime in 2015.

All in all, this is a sad but not surprising piece of news for Letterman fans. Nothing lasts forever, and now seems a good time to wrap things up with all the changes going on everywhere else. When he leaves, Letterman will have had the longest overall tenure hosting in late night TV, going on 33 years. So if you still want to see the Letterman show live in the audience you probably will want to make some plans to go to NYC to the Ed Sullivan Theater soon.

Yes, I’m watching that Beatles 50th anniversary-Ed Sullivan appearance special like everyone else

The entire reason why I am watching that Beatles special on CBS is out of total boredom due to no football to watch on TV! I am suffering from terminal boredom!

Surely there is an NBA game on somewhere, or something.



You may have heard by now about the big dispute between CBS and Time Warner Cable in several major markets including New York, LA, Dallas and elsewhere.


CBS was pulled by Time Warner on Friday in those markets, leaving the cable-subscribers frustrated, no doubt. That means the local station plus a bunch of their cable channels — including TMC and SHOWTIME — are now gone from cable in those markets.

The stalemate has impacted on programming such as this weekend’s big Tiger Woods victory at the Bridgestone Invitational. It also impacts viewers hoping to see Big Brother and other summer programming on CBS.

There has been a lot of fingerpointing, with people screaming about extortion and so on. Unfortunately, there is no sign of progress.

Now, I know a lot of the pro-Internet people will say viewers have these other alternatives and so on, but if you are a dedicated TV viewer this is really annoying. This dispute is one more reason for ordinary people to be mad at all the cable and broadcasting companies, all of whom are thinking only about how to line their own pockets instead of how to serve the viewing public. I would not blame people if this prompts them to “cut the cord” and go with rabbit ears or online options to get their beloved CBS programming. Heck, you don’t even need cable TV in a place like New York, with its number of over-the-air channels.

But if you cut cable, you are also cutting off your beloved HBO, AMC, TCM, ESPN and all the rest of them, too. In short, the viewers are getting squeezed no matter what happens.

It stinks to be a Time Warner Cable customer, and a CBS viewer, right now. The viewers are being treated with contempt.



This is UPFRONTS week down in the USA, with the various TV networks rolling out their show pickups for the coming season. Variety has the complete rundown of what is happening.

The news that interests me the most this week is NBC”s announcement that Seth Meyers of SNL fame will be replacing Jimmy Fallon when Fallon heads earlier to take over from Jay Leno. Meanwhile, I notice his late-night rival Jimmy Kimmel did his usual routine, ridiculing ABC’s programming again.

“The reason we’re here is because you are about to invest billions of dollars in a network that rolled a 400-lb. comedian off a diving board last week,” Kimmel said, referring to Splash. He also called The Bachelor “a show based on the theory that one in 25 hairstylists is your soulmate.”

Here’s the full transcript of Kimmel’s hilarious presentation — though looking at it closer he seems to go after EVERYONE, and in particular NBC. “NBC is on a roll – oh wait, not a roll. What do you call it? A spiral.” Ha ha.

That was on May 14 . NBC’s upfront was Monday, and here’s what happened with CBS, and FOX. The CW announces their lineup tomorrow.

To be honest with you, I could care less about any of these proposed efforts. It seems increasingly obvious to me that the best shows on TV are the ones on cable. At least, that’s where the shows I am most interested in are being shown.

The major networks still have too many junk reality/talent shows, though I notice the fans are increasingly fed up with them. On FOX, their ex-biggest show American Idol is in chaos, with Randy Jackson now officially gone and the whole rest of the judges also rumored to be on their way out with him. Idol stopped being good the moment Simon Cowell left. They should just cancel that show already.

Speaking of which: here’s a list of all the shows that got the axe.


I never did get around to doing my annual predictions for what show I thought would be the first one cancelled. I figured I’d have at least another week, or at least, one more day to make a prediction before a show got yanked. But CBS proved especially too trigger-happy this season.

I’m not surprised, though, that the first show cancelled of this TV season is Made in Jersey. Surely though, I thought it would last longer than this: CBS pulled the plug earlier today  after just two episodes!! 

Not two years, not two months — two shows!! That’s it! Talk about a swift dismissal.

It never looked exciting to me. My reaction was : just what the world needs! Another lawyer show! America has too many lawyers and too many lawyer shows. And apparently America agrees with me, because they didn’t watch.

People were just not interested in seeing any positive portrayals of New Jersey on TV. Instead, they just want Snooki, JWoww and The Situation — although their monumentally state-embarrassing Jersey Shore show will be over soon, too.

Still, it takes a lot of doing to pull a new show after two episodes. When a show gets the hook this fast, it means it REALLY bombed in the ratings. For the cast and crew involved, it’s really shocking to be cancelled so swiftly, but that is life in TV land.


Here is some big news from the world of late night TV. Jimmy Kimmel Live, after spending years following Nightline at 12 midnight and 11 Central on ABC, has been moved 25 minutes earlier to 11:35 and 10:35, going head to head with Jay Leno on NBC and David Letterman on CBS.

All in all, I think this is well-deserved for Kimmel, who absolutely killed it in his Leno impersonations during that big Conangate scandal a while ago. In fact, it has been a good last few days for Kimmel, who just got engaged to his head writer. 

I guess the reason Kimmel got 11:35pm was because he threatened to quit the network if he did not get the time slot he demanded. Needless to say, Kimmel has more clout than folks at Nightline, who get the shaft from ABC in all of this.

Meanwhile, while there is good news all around at the Kimmel show, it is sad times at NBC as competitor Jay Leno has been forced to take a pay cut, so that the layoffs at his show were not worse than they were.

As for Nightline being bumped back an hour to follow Jimmy now, tough luck, but that is life in TV news. The folks there got the bad news today and they are all devastated. This was exactly the kind of thing Ted Koppel would have quit the network over back in the day. Now, the dreaded move of the show to the darkest reaches of late night has finally happened. I would have thought that given their good ratings as of late that the show would have been safe in its time period. I guess not, and now the fans of Nightline rightfully worry this could be the beginning of the end.

In fact, it seems to be a situation where the misery is being spread everywhere in the TV news business. We had the debacle with the Today Show giving the boot to Ann Curry, and now this Nightline business. But we are also hearing stories that CNN, yes, CNN, might be forced to run reality TV shows in order to boost their terrible ratings.

All I will say about that development is that the day CNN runs reality TV is the day CNN hits rock bottom. That is all for now.