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Say goodbye to sexy Carl’s Jr. supermodel ads! Carl Hardee Sr. has returned to clean up Jr.’s mess!!

The era of sexy and politically incorrect Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s commercials is over. Instead, this chain is going back to basics with a new campaign emphasizing their product of charbroiled hamburgers. Their latest ad features a dude named Carl Hardee Sr., who has a strong resemblance to the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World,” coming in to right the ship from that incompetent party animal Carl Hardee Jr. 

I gotta admit, I’m kind of sad to see the supermodels go. Then again, Kendall Jenner was a big help for Pepsi lately so I don’t blame Carl’s Jr. for trying something different.


Links to columns on the Oscars, fast food joints, etc.

I don’t feel like writing much here today. Instead, here are links to some columns of mine that ran this week:

First, my News Watch column on fast food joints, which recounted a notorious trip to a Carl’s Jr. in Los Angeles years ago that went so badly that it was comical. 

(Pictured above: a typical Carl’s Jr. ad.)

Second, my cinema column The Last Word on the Oscars, recounting an Oscar telecast that went about as well as our trip to Carl’s Jr. did. The end of the show was such a train wreck that it was comical.

Finally, my legislature column John Cairns’ Leg Watch, in which I focus on the first day of the legislature’s return earlier this week. Not quite as comical.

Maybe tomorrow I will get around to talking about the WikiLeaks’ CIA leak and other major news of the week, but not right now.

Carl’s Jr. does it again! Their very politically incorrect Tex-Mex Burger ad is another instant classic!

Once again, the ad folks for Carl’s Jr. have come up with yet another classic politically-incorrect commercial to rustle the feathers of all the usual uptight people. This time, they have not only infuriated all the usual feminists and socialist-type people that they usually infuriate with their “sexism”, but also the Republicans and the anti-immigration folks, with this instant-classic ad for their Tex-Mex bacon thickburger! 

In this commercial, it features gorgeous bikini-clad supermodels playing volleyball over a fence at the Mexican border. Funny stuff. 

According to People, the models include Elle Evans, Bryana Holly and Ashley Alexander playing for Team Tex, and Kara Del Toro, Alejandra Guilmant and Brittny Ward for Team Mex — but I thought Ward was an American?! 

Now, of course, people north of the Mexican border are all up in arms claiming this ad “sexualizes” the important issue of Mexican immigration. Carl’s Jr. is claiming the ad is simply sexy and not about politics. Right!!

I personally think it’s fun, and funny. I think its whole point is to poke fun at these people who are getting too worked up about Mexico and the immigration issue, and maybe take them down a notch. 

The real message: people are getting way too wound up over Mexico and about walls-at-the-border. Everyone needs to chill out, because this outrage directed at Mexico is getting to be over the top. Time to relax and eat some burgers.

Not surprised people are now upset at Carl’s Jr. ads, this is the Uptight States we are talking about

Read a piece at CNBC about these two sisters in Utah.

They want to run a hashtag campaign on Twitter to protest fast food chain Carl’s Jr., over their racy tongue-in-cheek ad campaign featuring beautiful people like Paris Hilton, Nina Agdal, Kate Upton, Sara Jean Underwood, Emily Ratajkowski and the like. See example below (featuring the latter two):

I am actually wondering why it took this long. This protest, and for that matter this entire ad campaign, reminds me of the outcry several years ago when Old Milwaukee ran ads featuring the Swedish Bikini Team. Except, the protesters actually succeeded in getting those off the air.

Honestly, don’t people have better things to do than run hashtag campaigns shaming companies and shaming people over trivial matters such as this? There are more important things going on in the world — such as in the Ukraine, or the Middle East! Besides, if people really are offended by these ads, there is an easy solution and that is to simply turn off the TV! Or better yet, throw out your TV! If you’re online, you don’t need to click on their ads! Simple solutions.

Besides, doing this social media backlash campaign only gives Carl’s Jr. exactly the publicity it craves, without them having to pay for the air time! So who wins in the end? Carl’s Jr.! Now I notice there is even a backlash to this backlash.

As someone who has no sympathy for censorious political correctness movements to begin with, I am hoping this anti-Carl’s Jr. effort falls flat and we’ll continue to see fun, sexy commercials featuring fun, smart and talented models.

But this being the Uptight States of America, I will not be surprised in the least if the company caves to the pressure. I fully expect to see more boring efforts, like this one below, in the future. I may be a poker fan, but this truly is a sight for sore eyes.