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Now watching hair-raising British election coverage

I notice the entire British media is already freaking out over the prospect that Prime Minister Theresa May’s early election may produce a total hung parliament now. 


UK election: nobody is believing the exit polls!!!

I am getting a laugh watching these British politicians reacting to the exit polls showing the Conservatives as the largest party at 316, with Labour down to 239.

What is surprising to most people is SNP predicted to get 58 of 59 seats, with UKIP getting 2 and the Lib Dems down to 10! I tuned in to the live BBC election coverage and former Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown was on, and he was totally disbelieving of the exit poll and said he would “eat my hat” if it were right. 

The Labour folks are also spinning, saying the exit poll didn’t feel right. We’ll see. Based on the first result in Houghton and Sunderland South, it sure looks like the Lib Dems, at least, are in for a really bad night, because they lost their deposit there. 

It’s on! British election is called for May 7.

Today, Prime Minister David Cameron met the Queen and called the British general election for May 7, and we shall see what the composition of Parliament is going to be after the votes come in. People are calling this the closest race in years, with the UKIP folks throwing a big wild card into the equation. Bring on the election, I say. This should keep all the political junkies occupied for the next 38 days. 

I should note this is my umpteenth post on news from the UK this week. This is getting to be a trend.