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Miss Universe Pageant goes tonight. In Las Vegas!

Yes, indeed, folks, Steve Harvey has been allowed back to host the Miss Universe Pageant, which is once again back in their favorite city Las Vegas.

Just a reminder to myself to tune in, a reminder I will definitely need as I am interested in the Grey Cup game going on, today, too.


Update: congrats South Africa!


D.C. a fitting location for this year’s politically-charged Miss World pageant

I like to update you with beauty pageant news as you know, so just a reminder to myself that the 2016 Miss World pageant goes this afternoon in Washington, D.C. for the first time.

Here is a piece in the Washington Post about Miss World, calling it the “biggest beauty pageant you never heard of.” And it is true what they say: the Americas, both North and South, are definitely Miss Universe territory while Miss World tends to be more popular in Europe and Asia. 

Interestingly, the next occupant of the White House used to own the rival Miss Universe pageant for a long time — but that was before Trump opened his big mouth and offended all the Latin Americans during the election. Anyway, that is why it is really odd for this pageant to be in Washington D.C. — it’s not traditional Miss World territory.

I plan to rely on live streams from foreign rights-holders and other online ways of following this pageant today. If there’s no feed to be found, follow Global Beauties for news of what happens there.

What’s interesting about this year’s contest is that Miss Canada Anastasia Lin, who is originally of Chinese descent, is getting a second chance at competing in this year’s Miss World contest. She was refused a visa to compete at the pageant in China last year, with people suspecting that the real reason for the refusal was because of her outspoken political views about the government’s policies there. 

Wouldn’t it be lots of fun if she won today? We shall see what happens. 

Update: congrats Miss Puerto Rico!!!

Big weekend for beauty pageants: Miss World, Miss Universe etc. etc.

Just thought I would share that this is a big week for beauty contests.

Today, a new Miss World was crowned in China. Miss Spain won and Miss England didn’t even place in the top 20, and Miss Canada didn’t show up. The story about that is here.

Also, tomorrow night is the Miss Universe pageant, back in glittery Las Vegas, Nevada. And remember, folks — it’s now on FOX.