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The Roughriders are awful! Everyone in SK wants to fire Chris Jones!

Yesterday, I tuned in the Saskatchewan Roughriders inept 30-15 loss to the BC Lions while dining on ribs at the Chances Kelowna casino lounge. Despite the location, the place was filled, absolutely jam packed, with expatriate Riders fans. But they had very little to cheer about all game until backup QB Brandon Bridge fired a couple of nothing touchdowns in the final minutes. 

Honestly, this whole game was a disgrace. Riders QB Kevin Glenn was terrible with his turnovers, and the offence was dull and predictable and did absolutely nothing until the game meant nothing. The only player who seemed to still be giving an A effort was Duron Carter. Everyone else mailed it in for their big CFL paycheques, paid for in full by Riders ticket holders.

The Riders are now two full games back of the final playoff spot, and have started off this critical five-game stretch of games against Western opponents by laying a big, fat, green egg. 

This team has proven it can beat the mediocre and bad teams, like Hamilton or Toronto, but they are also rapidly proving they aren’t in the same class as the good teams in this league. By the time these five games against BC, Edmonton and Winnipeg are over, this Riders squad will be so far out of the playoff race that I’ll have no further reason to watch the remainder of this lousy season — even with the changes the league has made this week to cut down on the amount of coaches’ challenges in the games. The only drama left will be figuring out who will be fired at the end of the season. 

I’ve given coach and GM Chris Jones the benefit of the doubt to this point, but honestly, I’m ready to join the chorus of people in Saskatchewan who think he should go — him and a few other people in the Roughriders organization. Sustained success? Ha! Sustained losing is more like it.

That’s my rant! And now, back to my vacation here in the smoke zone.


Riders fans better not get cocky over the BC Lions “guaranteed win” pledge, there is still a game to play

Everyone in Rider Nation is chortling over the pledge made by BC Lions president Dennis Skulsky that his team would beat the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Sunday. He guaranteed a victory and said if the Lions lose they will give everyone in the building a free ticket to a future home game. Story here.

Consensus in Rider Nation is that this guarantee was a monumentally stupid thing to do and that the Lions will surely lose their shirts over this “promotion” when the Riders go in and clobber the Lions on Sunday.

I suggest members of Rider Nation step back and remember that it was the Lions who came in and made mincemeat of the Riders when they met at Mosaic Stadium earlier this year. Moreover, the Lions are all ticked off and motivated because of a billboard that was put up, that went after the Lions fans by claiming “green is the new orange.” I guess this annoying billboard was the catalyst that motivated the Lions to make their big “guarantee” to begin with.

It reminds me of last year when Premier Brad Wall did that awful banjo-plucking video that absolutely enraged the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and their fans, and led to the Riders’ humiliation in the 2013 Banjo Bowl.

Honestly, the Riders organization and the fans need to dial back on the arrogance, and quit enraging the other football fans and other teams with these stupid billboards and the like — because it just bites us back in the end. Seriously, we could use some humility on our part.

Even though I am convinced we’re doomed this weekend, I still say — go Riders! That’s all for now.