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My TV is inundated with March Madness games!

I am burnt out and exhausted after the last couple of weeks of running around working, and now I have three days off. I think I am going to pause the posting at this blog for the weekend while I tune in to the NCAA basketball coverage that is littering CBS, and also TSN here in thawing-out Canada. Updates here. The live bracket here.

The real reason this tournament exists is so bored American sports fans can keep their sanity while waiting for baseball season to arrive. Shouldn’t be long now. 


More TSN recovery news: deal inked for 90 MLS games

TSNKeeping you updated on TSN’s ongoing efforts to fill the void now that national NHL rights are gone to Rogers — they have announced they will air 90 MLS soccer games this season. 34 Whitecaps, 23 Toronto FC, 12 Montreal Impact, and 25 US matchups.

Keeping in mind the games featuring two Canadian teams head to head, and it adds up to 90 games, which is a little more than their entire schedule of CFL games (81, plus five playoff games).

Good. The soccer fans should be happy. Besides, TSN should be happy, because soccer is growing in popularity in this country and the MLS continues to grow as a league as well.

As an aside — I am tuning into the Kansas-Kansas State hoops game tonight. I think TSN ought to do this every year — air the entire Kansas season, regardless of whether Andrew Wiggins is on the team or not.

Seriously, that is how starved we basketball fans in Canada are for content. We want hoops on TV, we shouldn’t have to hop on flights to Vegas to get a basketball fix. Every time I go down to Vegas, it’s a breath of fresh air just being able to watch basketball on multiple TVs in the sports books, coming from a country where you’re struggling to find a channel that will just air one game.

Besides, look how many Canadians are prominent in the sport, like Wiggins, and Steve Nash, and other people.  We have to get more college hoops and NBA on TV  in our country — especially now that football is done, and especially since the NHL is shut down for two weeks for the Olympics. So give us more basketball, right now! We need something to keep us going until baseball season. There, that’s my rant for tonight.