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Say goodbye to sexy Carl’s Jr. supermodel ads! Carl Hardee Sr. has returned to clean up Jr.’s mess!!

The era of sexy and politically incorrect Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s commercials is over. Instead, this chain is going back to basics with a new campaign emphasizing their product of charbroiled hamburgers. Their latest ad features a dude named Carl Hardee Sr., who has a strong resemblance to the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World,” coming in to right the ship from that incompetent party animal Carl Hardee Jr. 

I gotta admit, I’m kind of sad to see the supermodels go. Then again, Kendall Jenner was a big help for Pepsi lately so I don’t blame Carl’s Jr. for trying something different.


The angry social media crowd sinks Pepsi’s bizarre protest commercial starring Kendall Jenner!

What a farce. Pepsi-Cola thought it was promoting peace, love and harmony by rolling out an ad featuring Kendall Jenner handing a Pepsi to a cop during a protest. Instead, all the uptight protest people, and others on social media, were all upset that this ad seemed to be trivializing their important issues. So, the ad has been pulled. 

Clearly, no one in Donald Trump’s America is in any mood for peace and harmony right now. Pepsi learned that the hard way.

Our Mad Men post for this Sunday pays tribute to Stan Freberg


We are into the final six weeks of retro commercials on Mad Men Sunday. This week I thought I would pay tribute to the well-known humorist and satirist Stan Freberg, who passed away earlier this week at age 88. Freberg had his own radio show and also voiced a bunch of Warner Bros. cartoons from the Fifties, but he is best known for his work in advertising and for his satiric and humorous commercials. Among his clients were Sunsweet Pitted Prunes, Contadina Tomato Paste, Chun King, Esskay Quality Meats, Cheerios, and a whole bunch of others.

The commercials had a distinct style to them, but the reason why Freberg is considered such a legend in the industry is because these ads moved the product, and that’s the important thing.

I’m going to put up three of these ads — one for Esskay featuring Jesse White, one for Great American Soup featuring Ann Miller, and the last one is for Sunsweet Prunes featuring Ray Bradbury.


It’s Sunday night again, and that means it’s time to bring back our regular feature featuring classic ads from the Sixties here at the blog. I’m posting an automobile ad, and no, this isn’t Volkswagen. Volkswagen was just one of many car companies with memorable campaigns in the Sixties. Automobile accounts always were the prestige accounts for the ad agencies, so they always knocked themselves out coming up with interesting tag lines and campaigns throughout that decade.

Oldsmobile was “Where the Action Is,” Plymouth had some memorable ads featuring the Road Runner and Coyote, and you could “See the USA in your Chevrolet” (although I guess that one was for the early 60s.)

Not to be outdone, Dodge had a memorable campaign from 1966. This is the “Dodge Rebellion” of 1966, where Dodge tried to attract young people to buy exciting cars like the Dodge Charger.

This commercial gives you a good idea about not only that whole campaign, but also about automobile advertising in the 60s in general and how much fun those ads were at the time for the folks at home. The girl in the ad is Pamela Austin who fronted that whole campaign for Dodge around this time.

“The Dodge Rebellion wants you!” I hope to put up some more classic auto ads from the Sixties in the next few weeks. Enjoy, folks.