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My “Cairns on Cinema” column about Cars 3 is up!


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Cars 3 races to $53.5 million on Father’s Day weekend!

Box office news: Cars 3 has halted Wonder Woman’s two-week reign atop the domestic box office. Lightning McQueen and the rest of the race cars finished with $53.5 million to the DC superheroine’s $40.8 million.

You’d think Disney would be pleased. Unfortunately, this is the worst opening ever for a Cars movie. The first Cars opened to a little over $60 million and then the sequel Cars 2 got $66 million! Maybe people are finally believing the many critics of this series, who have continually showed little enthusiasm for this Pixar line of animated movies compared to others from the studio. Then again, maybe people are simply bored with sequels in general. Or maybe people are bored with all things NASCAR. I dunno what the deal is. 

Anyway, it could’ve been better. That’s all for the moment.


I was interested in finding out the big grand prize that Hope Dworaczyk got for winning the 2010 Playmate of the Year title. Traditionally, the winner gets a fancy new set of wheels to go along with all that prize money, and over the years the vehicles awarded have been as cool and interesting as the women who’ve won the title.

This year, though, Hope isn’t getting a car. Instead, she is getting… a motorcycle. (!) (?)

Not just any motorcycle. A BMW S1000RR superbike with 193 horsepower and top speed of 192 mph. Holy moley! Hope looks like she’s channelling Marianne Faithfull.   

Fans interested in the vehicles that have been awarded to the Playmate of the Year winners can check out this piece at, which runs down the list of cars the Playmates have gotten over the years. It’s a fun list of fast cars for even faster women. Enjoy, guys.