Getting caught up on the poker news and that big Mike Postle cheating scandal

I have had a rare afternoon off this week (to make up for all the nights and weekends I have spent working) and spent part of the day watching the World Poker Tour on TV. Tonight, I plan to watch some old poker videos online, since there is little in the way of interesting sports on the tube. That is what happens when playoff baseball gets rained out.

Speaking of poker, the entire poker world was rocked this month by the Mike Postle cheating scandal.

I would have posted about it earlier, but I was too preoccupied with the other stuff happening in my life. What happened was this guy Postle had an incredible win streak going at the Stones Gambling Hall in northern California, on the “Stones Live” poker livestream shown on Twitch. It seemed like Postle won every time he was on the air.

Well, he won one too many times recently and got busted by other poker players, who investigated all his live-streamed hands and determined that he, ahem, couldn’t have made so many of his winning moves without some major inside information going on. Even the commentator on the Stones stream Veronica Brill was calling this guy out and saying something fishy was going on.

Now there are lawsuits flying from poker players who got cleaned out on the Stones stream. We shall see how it all plays out.

The thing that is so bizarre about all of this is the manner of Postle’s alleged cheating. I mean, if you are winning at poker at such an insane rate all the time, at 99 percent or whatever it was, you’re basically announcing to the world that you are cheating. If you truly wanted to get away with it, you’d lose at least some of the time, just to throw people off. But no, he just went ahead and cleaned his opponents out, as if he figured everyone was a bunch of fools and he wouldn’t be caught. Pretty brazen.

Anyway, there are also people out there defending Postle and claiming this guy might not have cheated, that he was simply incredibly lucky. Right.

This is a massive story in the poker community and exactly the type of thing that major motion pictures are based on. A real modern-day Eight Men Out.

The one good thing about this whole mess is it has brought all the honest poker players out of the woodwork — the ones interested in maintaining the integrity of the game. There’s more of them out there than you know.