Interesting article on Savannah Guthrie’s commencement address

Today, I thought I would share this link to the commencement address given over the weekend at George Washington University by Today Show host Savannah Guthrie.

The reason I provide it is because you may not know that she is another one of these lawyers turned reporters, which resonates with me personally since I basically did the exact same thing.

So she shared some insight about that whole transition, although I guess in her case she went back to TV after taking a detour through law school. Guthrie had then worked for a major law firm and was going to clerk for a judge when she quit (!) to follow her passion for news.

Anyway, I thought that was interesting. You probably also didn’t know she’s from Arizona. There are more news reporters out there with lawyer backgrounds than you think. In fact, I notice Shannon Bream of Fox News fame has a new book out and she’s another one of these recovered lawyers turned TV journalists.

The other thing you probably did not know about Savannah Guthrie or perhaps forgotten about is that she did time at, surprise, Court TV back in the old days. I found that interesting and timely since the “new” Court TV is now back on the air. This week, they are covering the Kellen Winslow II rape trial gavel to gavel, with all their lawyers-turned-TV-reporters on the air. But enough of that.