Big twister threat down in Tornado Alley into Monday!!

It’s obviously a serious situation when the evening news decides to lead off their broadcasts with, no, not Trump again, but tornado alley coverage.

Yes, apparently there is a major tornado threat down in Oklahoma, Kansas and North Texas on Monday.

This, coming right after the last few harrowing days of tornadoes hitting. A couple of days ago, famed tornado chaser Reed Timmer got caught up in the middle of one of these down in Nebraska, and that made the news.

(Update) It turns out Sask.-based storm chaser Greg Johnson was at the same tornado.

The threat is so high in Oklahoma that they are closing the schools in Oklahoma City and in Moore, Oklahoma out of fear of what could happen tomorrow if a tornado strikes. Good plan.

Well, I guess I am spending my holiday Monday watching tornado coverage online from Oklahoma City. Channel 4, Channel 5, etc. etc.