Canada is refusing to ground the Boeing 737 MAX 8! This is bull***t!!

Get ready for possibly the most outraged post in the history of this blog.

No doubt you have heard by now about the terrible Ethiopian Airlines crash involving a Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, killing everyone on board including numerous Canadians. The exact same make of aircraft was involved in a Lion Air crash last year. In the wake of this latest incident, countries all over the world are grounding 737 MAX 8 aircraft left and right. European countries. Asian countries. African countries.

But guess who hasn’t so far? You guessed it, Canada, the one country in the world where plane crashes never happen, apparently. I guess the USA hasn’t grounded them yet either, but Canada ought to be better than the USA when it comes to stuff like this anyway.

Here in the Great White North, all we’ve gotten so far are BS PR statements from airlines Air Canada and WestJet, standing by their 737 MAX 8 aircraft. Why the hell aren’t they standing by their passengers? Probably because we all know that grounding these planes will cost them money, that is my theory. This is yet another example of our country’s airlines putting the customers’ concerns last again, as they are taking an utterly complacent attitude to all this.

As for our federal government, this scandal-plagued bunch of Liberals seem more preoccupied with trying to save Trudeau instead of showing any leadership on this issue. They are completely dragging their feet. Transport Minister Marc Garneau held a press scrum about the whole situation, which as far as I could tell was a waste of time.

Seriously, this is a disgrace. I’m really angry about this. Among other things, I’m flying more than ever these days, and more often than not I am flying on 737s. I don’t need this worry about whether or not I am setting foot on some death plane every time I go to the airport. And it is not just Canadian passengers who are mad. The flight attendants are even more worried. I notice the flight attendants for Air Canada are really upset and their union has been expressing its discontent.

If there is any doubt at all about the safety of the 737 MAX 8, then ground these planes now and do a complete investigation. Make passenger safety a priority for once, Canadian airline companies!

That’s my rant!

Update: it looks like at least one major Canadian carrier has grounded their 737 MAX 8 aircraft, and that carrier is Sunwing.

My understanding is this is in response to the growing customer backlash, so maybe Air Canada and WestJet will follow suit, eventually.