The Nineties are over, man! Blockbuster Video is barely hanging on.

This has been a week of sad Nineties nostalgia. We’ve been remembering John Candy, who died in the Nineties. We’ve been remembering Luke Perry, who died this week, and whose show Beverly Hills 90210 aired in the Nineties. And we’ve just got hit by the bad news about Alex Trebek, whose show Jeopardy! aired throughout the Nineties as well.

A staple of life in the Nineties was Blockbuster Video, whose video rental stores were all over North America. They were everywhere, just like McDonald’s or Starbucks.

They were still everywhere in the early 2000s.

No more. Thanks to the coming of Netflix and online videos (Amazon Prime etc.), that has spelled the final end for Blockbuster and their ilk.

Blockbuster is now down to one remaining video store left in the world, in Bend, Oregon. (I guess all their Alaska stores are finally kaput.) If this isn’t more proof that the Nineties are finally dead, then I don’t know what is.

The reason you are seeing all these Blockbuster Video stories right now is because there is a scene in the retro-90s-themed movie Captain Marvel, opening this weekend, in which the heroine crashes into a Blockbuster Video store.

I don’t know about you, but the fact that the 90s are considered “retro” and “nostalgia” now surely makes everyone in my generation feel old! Time is flying by too fast.