If you’re desperate for football, the Alliance of American Football is for you!

How do you like the football off-season? Guess what, folks: there is no off-season.

Just when you thought last week’s bad and boring “Super Bore” game in Atlanta was the merciful end of football for a while, along comes yet another launch of a spring football league.

Did any of you watch the Alliance of American Football last night on CBS? I didn’t, I had other commitments. It sounds like nobody cares anyway. Still, their launch went a heck of a lot better than the disastrous UFC 234 which saw its main event go down the drain before it even began when Robert Whittaker landed in the hospital.

That is what the AAF is up against with their schedule of games: the fights. Score one for them, so far.

This effort sure looks to me like the latest reincarnation of the old United States Football League. They even have teams in that league’s former cities: Birmingham, Memphis, San Antonio and Orlando!

We’ve seen so many attempts at a second league: the World League, the XFL, the UFL, even American expansion in the Canadian Football League. But all those attempts ended in similar fashion and I expect the Alliance will be no different. The initials may spell AAF, but a better one would be LFPDF. “League for People Desperate for Football.”

(I likely qualify for being in this category of people, so I might actually be interested in following this league.)

Anyway, good luck with this effort, but I’ve got my doubts. I think the folks who run the Alliance are going to find out real fast that a lot of fans just aren’t that desperate.

(As an aside: based on the TV schedules for TSN and Sportsnet here in Canada, they aren’t desperate in the least. They aren’t showing any Alliance games here at all.)


Update: Wow, Americans are more desperate for football than I thought.