Media takes a hit after latest anti-Trump piece gets slammed by Mueller

Folks in the news media, next time you accuse Pres. Donald Trump of something in print, would you please get it right?! For a change?

On Friday, BuzzFeed ran this story citing law enforcement people, claiming Pres. Donald Trump had ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Trump Tower project in Russia. This made the news rounds and everyone in the anti-Trump portion of the media went berserk, saying this was an impeachable offence.

But then Robert Mueller’s office issued a statement saying the description of specific statements to his office was “inaccurate”.

Well, so much for that. It’s another win for Trump, and now his supporters get to go around denouncing the “fake news media” again for a few days — until the next story, at least.

The President now plans a “major announcement” today, likely having to do with the “wall” again. Never a dull moment in the Shut-down States of America.