Good riddance to 2018 and Trump’s tirades in this edition of News from Nowhere

Welcome to the final News from Nowhere for this year. It is almost over for 2018 in the North American time zones. In many parts of the world 2019 is here already, which means they have already bid farewell to the year of President Donald Trump’s tirades.

Yes, indeed, the US government is still shut down and Trump remains crazy, now threatening to close the southern border if his demands for “the Wall” are not met. What a looneytune, folks. This shutdown nonsense may last a while.

Meanwhile, I notice the Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign has more or less started. Expect more challengers to Trump to emerge this coming year. The 2020 political fun has already begun.

In other news, it has been a bad last few weeks for journalists dying. In Detroit, Fox 2 TV’s Jessica Starr killed herself following botched LASIK eye surgery. Then we hear news about Chris Burrous, popular KTLA weekend anchor, who died of a drug overdose.

The saddest story of all is Bre Payton, conservative writer for the Federalist and a Fox News pundit, who died suddenly at age 26 of an infection. H1N1 flu and possibly meningitis suspected. Unbelievable. Sad and scary times.

And closer to home, Cam Fuller of the Star-Phoenix passed away.

As if all this was not enough, this was also the year of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. I notice TIME named Khashoggi and the “Guardians” in the “War on Truth” as their Persons of the Year. But count on Canada’s Rex Murphy to point out in his column that Khashoggi was actually a “Qatar stooge.” So much for the truth.

In a sure sign the apocalypse is coming soon, New York’s sky lit up bright blue due to a transformer explosion.

Let’s try and end the old year on a more upbeat note. Yes, those two College Football Playoff Games were blowouts on the weekend, but there was a fun moment at the Cotton Bowl when a bald eagle “went rogue” and landed on a fan in the stands.

On that note, I intend to spend the next couple of days welcoming the New Year the same way I usually welcome it — by gorging on US college football games on TV. See you in 2019, folks.