Brexit deal done with EU; who knows whether it will get past Parliament

Got news today that the Brexit deal between Britain and the leaders of the EU is agreed to. Now the real fun begins as Prime Minister Theresa May tries to sell this deal — which they are calling the “only deal possible” — to her MPs.

Good luck with that.

Already, we are hearing lots of grumbling from the likes of Boris Johnson and other hardliners, who want a much cleaner break. Of course the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and Tony Blair don’t like it either, and Labour MPs will vote to oppose it! We’ll see.

For more about the whole issue here is what the BBC has on their news site that sort of explains Brexit and what is happening. All in all, I can’t say I’m impressed with the provisions going forward under which UK nationals could continue to live and work in the rest of the EU post-Brexit, because it still means they have to give up EU citizenship rights. I guess it’s still better than a hard Brexit, which would toss everyone’s rights in the trash. All I know is this entire issue is giving me a big headache.