Trump loses one round in his ongoing never-ending war with the media

Well, it was yet another crazy week in the Upset States of America. The war between Pres. Donald Trump and the media took another turn this week as lawyers for CNN tried to get Jim Acosta’s White House press pass restored in court. On Friday they won their court fight, so Acosta is now back in the press gallery whether Trump likes it or not.

The reality is, this ongoing feud between Trump and Acosta is good for both sides. CNN thinks its ratings will go up by keeping up their fights with Trump. As for Trump, he continues to have an easy target to bash on a regular basis to fire up his legion of voters at his rallies.

All in all, this acrimony is taking away from all the rest of the real news going on — like these wildfires in California, in which over a thousand people are now missing. I’d like to see the media concentrate on the life and death stuff that really impacts people, such as that.

Maybe they are starting to, but it sure seems like it is still all about Trump. In fact, a little while back I saw Larry King do an interview on RT (yes, the Russians) in which he basically said CNN had become the “Trump Channel.” And that is exactly what it is, it is all about CNN going off the deep end opposing Trump and criticizing his every move on TV all the time. They really do need to go back to covering the news again. Trust me, some day the rest of the public will get tired of all this nonstop Trump BS on TV, and demand something else.

That is all I have to say today; now it is time to tune in to the NASCAR finale from Homestead-Miami.