Who cares about Trump! Fires burning out of control around Malibu

I do not want to see any more news coverage of crazy Donald Trump today. Instead, I want to see real news coverage about these horrible fires raging around Malibu and environs!

This is terrible! I was transfixed watching the live coverage from LA this afternoon about these wildfires. The entire city of Malibu is being evacuated. 95,000 people have been ordered to evacuate Ventura County and there are evacuations in Los Angeles county, too. The blaze known as the Woolsey fire has so far burned 14,000-plus acres and is zero percent contained.

There all kinds of harrowing escapes being reported. Also, there are reports of celebrity homes being threatened, and that Caitlin Jenner’s home has actually burned to the ground. (UPDATE: now the word is it hasn’t.)

I’m familiar with wildfires because of my own family’s proximity to the fire zone in BC, which seems to burn every summer, but this is way worse than any of that. Good grief!