Oh, brother. One day after the election, Trump eats the press!

What a display today, folks. Just one day after the GOP lost the House to the Democrats in the midterms, a diminished-looking Pres. Donald Trump, supposedly the leader of the free world, once again acted like some third-rate hick town politician by giving a dressing down to CNN’s Jim Acosta at a wild news conference today. And a Trump aide even tried forcibly taking Acosta’s microphone away!

Sadly, based on yesterday’s returns, there are lots of Americans out there who think it is A-OK to treat reporters like this, and who think the free press in America should be muzzled. No way, folks. You do not treat the press this disrespectfully as a public official, not even when it is Acosta with his usual unpleasant and stupid questions.

Just stay above the fray and answer these unreasonable hit-job types of questions with grace, and move on. This is what real politicians do, as opposed to rank amateurs like Trump. But that approach is clearly too hard for this particular President.

I’m glad to see there are still some GOP folks out there who still regard the media with some sense of decency:

And on a related note, Trump fired attorney general Jeff Sessions today.


UPDATE: Breaking News tonight. Holy crap!! Trump administration has revoked Jim Acosta’s press pass!!