It is Midterm Election Night in America 2018, the moment of truth for Trump

Election results start to roll in this evening from the United States, and we will see whether they are truly the United States or are instead the Upset States based on the votes cast. Of course, I have referred to that place as the Upset States for years. If it is indeed the latter, it promises to be a misery-filled next couple of years for Pres. Donald Trump.

The big prize at stake tonight is House control (see photo above), and I direct you to this Politico article pointing out where some of the battlegrounds are which could flip from the GOP to the Democrats. Sounds like western New York, metro Phoenix and Orange County might be the key places that might flip from the GOP in congressional races.

There are also some interesting Senate races in places like Florida, where Gov. Rick Scott tries to unseat Sen. Bill Nelson, and in Texas where Democrat Beto O’Rourke tries to upset incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz.

This post will be updated as the night unfolds with links to results and to Twitter updates. Stay tuned.


CNN live results

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